Boris and the Dark Survival game for Android

Boris and the Dark Survival game

Boris and the Dark Survival-Play the role of Boris The Wolf, the cartoonist for Bendy, as you search the abandoned animation studio for the supplies Boris needs to continue. you are not alone! The fiendish devil ink chases you at every turn. Beware of the sound...

Marvel Strike Force is the best Android games app

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force - one of the most important companies specialized in film production, as the company presented the Marvel World Film series, which deals with the story of many superheroes, and this series has become famous in spite of the difficult competition between them...

Clash Royale app The usual way to download and more

Clash Royale app

"Clash Royale" is the best app-Your favorite characters in Clash of Clans are back, and you have to lead this Clash Royale family to glory and victory. Royale is a real-time multiplayer strategy game from Supercell, featuring dozens of cards that you can upgrade and...

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Review

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Earbuds - Generation Microsoft headphones are announced today alongside the new Surface Book 3  The $ 249 Surface Headphones 2 Headset - $ 100 less than the previous version - features active noise cancellation, you can set the ANC level up or down to your liking by...

Google delays Android 11 by a month

Google delays Android 11 by a month

Google has announced today the date of the event for the launch of the beta version of the Android 11 update on June 3, after the cancellation of the annual major event I / O. Google presents the new features of the new versions of the Android operating system annually during the annual developer...

Steam app for Android and iOS phones

Steam app

Steam app-Valve announced the launch of the Link app for iOS mobile devices, as the app allows users to broadcast video games from the Steam Library to all Apple devices, whether iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, and today the availability of the Steam chat app has been announced.

Medium app freely available for writers and readers

Medium app

The medium app is a blogging platform created by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in August 2012, a mixture of contributions of professional and non-professional writers. Williams' idea behind the Medium app was to go beyond the 140-character limit that Twitter limits a user's tweet so that...

Audible app for Audiobooks in English

Audible app

Audible app-Listening to audiobooks is a lot easier and better because you can listen to what you want whenever you want without holding the book and having to read. Many people suffer from poor vision, or do not have the ability to spend time reading, or...

REDMI launches the REDMI 1A 23.8-inch screen and costs $ 84

REDMI launches the REDMI 1A 23.8-inch screen and costs $ 84

REDMI launches brand unveiled its first screen titled 1A, which is available for pre-booking via Xiaomi Mall for only $ 84. The first screen from REDMI kicks off today at a size of 23.8 inches in the IPS screen, and the resolution of 1080 pixels, with support for a viewing...

Kindle app will support split-screen feature on android

Kindle app

Kindle app is one of the great and important applications for those who use their smartphone or tablet to read books and articles or let us say to read in general, for his part during the next few days the application will become better, as...