Nest Audio
Nest Audio

Google officially announced the release of a new speaker called Nest Audio,

which is the latest in a series of smart speakers supported by Google Assistant.

The new Nest Audio replaces the original Google Home from 2016 as a smart,

pure, mid-range speaker from Google, as it beats the Nest Mini

and is slightly smaller than the Nest Max on the list.

It has also officially announced its price, at $ 99.99, and it will be available from October 5th in about 21 countries.

We all know the beauty of Google Home’s design,

but the new design sparkles with the soft rounded corners and mysterious rectangular shape of Nest Audio,

making it more reminiscent of the shape of the loaf of bread that stands at its end, as it is completely wrapped in fabric.

 This device has many colors according to your taste,

so you can choose between dark gray, light gray, green, blue or pink.

The box is made from 70 percent recycled plastic. In terms of ports,

it is equipped with a 19 mm tweet and a 75 mm average speaker.

 It also has four color LED lights embedded in the fabric that light up when the speaker hears or responds to any voice command.

In terms of the features that Nest Audio has, it does everything other Google Assistant speakers do,

for example play or pause music, control smart home devices,

tell you the weather, etc. You can also pair multiple units in a stereo system for multiple audio settings. the rooms.

Google said that the Nest Audio device is 75 percent more powerful than the Google Home that replaces it,

and has about 50 percent stronger bass response.


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