Marvel Avengers
Marvel Avengers

A preview of Marvel Avengers – Heroes’ quests are designed to show the unique abilities of each hero as you collect them in your growing heroes list.

War zone missions can be played individually

in a group of up to four players as any hero you choose from your heroes list.

Marvel Avengers players will be able to customize the toughest Earth champions in many ways.

While each superhero adheres to its unique combinations of powers,

Each of them will have the flexibility to play differently based on the equipment they provide and the skills they provide.

 Each hero has lively systems of blending hits,

heroic moves, core abilities and combinations of distinct moves that can be opened and customized.

 You will also be able to customize these superheroes with classic,

fan-favorite and all-new original costumes, inspired by Marvel’s 80-year history.

To ensure a heroic experience for all players,

 The Marvel Avengers story will develop over many years with each time we introduce a new superhero

new region to players during the post-launch phase at no additional cost if you own the basic game.

For more exclusive information about Marvel Avengers,

head to the PlayStation Blog to watch an exclusive interview with Noah Hughes,

 Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics Studio.
Interview link

Finally if you miss this, we revealed earlier this month that Kamala Khan,

known as Miss Marvel,

is a fan favorite and is the latest superhero to play in Marvel Avengers.

Players begin the journey with the character of Kamala Khan and learn about the origins of her extraordinary powers.

 Kamala plays a major role in the story’s passage in reuniting the separated Avengers.

As with every superhero added to the list,

players must master all their unique abilities and rebuild the Avengers team

allocate them to meet the growing threats that only the Avengers can face.

To find out more about Kamala Khan at Marvel Avengers,

The preview admirably squeezed combat sequences in for all of the heroes, starting with Thor. The hammer-wielding god smashed onto the now partially destroyed bridge.

Thor’s combat style is a mix of ranged and close range attacks. From afar,

Thor threw his hammer at masked, black-cloaked enemies, impaling them into walls before calling his trusty weapon back. The mechanic looks quite similar to God of War’s axe throw.

Marvel’s Avengers isn’t a button masher.

The combat has weight to it, making each smack of Thor’s hammer look deliberate and satisfying.

While quick time events occurred periodically throughout the preview, they weren’t core to the combat.

On the lower right-hand corner of the screen,

there were three slots for special abilities that charge over time.

The top slot was always empty but was larger than the others, perhaps indicating an “ultimate” ability. By pressing a trigger,

gameplay director Remi Lacoste unleashed a devastating aerial attack from above that wiped out several enemies.


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