Adjustable Mount Clip Phone Holder
Adjustable Mount Clip Phone Holder

Phone Holder

Adjustable Mount Clip

Good Stuff

  • Dual Screen Experience
  • Easy to install on laptops
  • 4-8 inches for all phones

    Bad Stuff

    With the adjustable mount clip you will enjoy a dual screen experience by easily installing your phone beside the laptop.

    MaterialAluminum alloy
    ColorSilver Gray
    BrandDK 177

    About The adjustable mount clip

    The adjustable mount clip is a new improved mobile phone holder, as it is considered one of the smartest stands for laptop or desktop screen devices, providing you with a dual screen with ease.

    Adjustable Mount Clip Phone Holder Design
    Adjustable Mount Clip Phone Holder Design

    It is also suitable for all types of flat computer screens of all shapes and sizes,

    and one of its main advantages is the display of text messages that are sent to you easily or the ability to answer calls at work, in addition to enjoying a double screen at the same time.

    Adjustable Mount Clip Phone Holder Design Preview

    Easy to install on laptops, and it is also easy to use, as it uses a magnetic holder

    for the computer screen, and this magnet can firmly absorb the mobile phone next to the laptop or your screen.

    It is also easy to install or carry and use, so you will be able to multitask with ease between the phone and the laptop without the need to pick up the phone every time a message or notification comes to you.

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    Adjustable Mount Clip: Easy to use, full of features

    • One of the advantages also is if your phone is in silent mode, you will not miss any important information or message, as you are with the holder, you will not have to carry your cell phone for monitoring or a laptop computer to get a multi-screen computing experience, through it you can expand your screen, and increase your productivity, in addition To perform multiple tasks.
    • The clamp is used for lateral fixation of the dual screen by magnetic fixation, and it will remain stable, you will not be bothered by wrapping the phone for any reason, just make sure to tear off the protective film before use.
    • Also, this magnetic phone holder can be used with 4-8 inches for all smartphones, and you can also use it as a headphone hook to get rid of your office clutter.
    • You will get a two-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
    • It is lightweight and portable to travel, and is durable, so it is easy to carry in your bag while traveling.



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