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AfterShokz OpenComm Earphone deliver extremely decent sound without covering your ears, and are comfortable for extended wear.

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The AfterShokz OpenComm headphones are an alternative to traditional headphones that either include a foam ear cushion or fit inside the ear canal.

Generally speaking, pillows are initially a comfortable option, but they are not pleasant when the weather is warm, and it is possible to feel uncomfortable with prolonged use.

Also, these headphones block local sounds, making them dangerous when situational awareness is vital.

So there is an alternative available, something good and this alternative was discovered long ago, which is bone conduction, which solves the problem of rest and consciousness.

The AfterShokz OpenComm headphones offer extremely ergonomic design and very good fit, along with very good sound quality.

AfterShokz OpenComm is around $ 159.95 for customers in the US and £ 149.95 in the UK, and is available in black, slate gray and light gray.


  • Excellent for long wear
  • Better for situational awareness
  • Easier to sterilize
  • Magnetic charging


  • Does not include Bluetooth adapter
  • Low-frequency sound biased

Design: Comfortable fit

In general the documented use of bone conduction dates back to 2AD or beyond, but this concept became widely popular in the 16th century, and used specifically to treat deafness in the elderly.

He thought the design was useful to continue composing after losing his hearing, as Ludwig von Beethoven would place a rod on his piano cover and hold it in his mouth to allow the sound to spread across the bones of his skull.

AfterShokz OpenComm Earphone design
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However, the AfterShokz OpenComm headphones do not enter the mouth but rather touch the skull in an area directly in front of the ears.

This area is where the skin and muscle coatings are relatively thin, which allows the vibrations to spread to the bones more easily.

For example, while wearing it over the ears, it does not cover the auditory openings, allowing the sound that enters it to be heard along with anything transmitted through the headphones, it does not completely isolate you from the world.

The AfterShokz OpenComm has a flexible tape with a diameter of only 3.2 mm. The two thickest sections are where the electronics and batteries are located and terminates with two components connected to the bone.

The first element is the microphone arm that is short and equally thin, and the controls are locate on the left side panel, and this is also the part where it is ship.

We didn’t like our proprietary connectors so much

AfterShokz OpenComm Earphone features

if you mess up the cable, replacing it could be a big problem, but it’s magnetic, making it not only easy to connect and disconnect, and it’s also less likely to damage OpenComm, however clumsy you are.

Unfortunately, there is one important item missing from the OpenComm box which is the Bluetooth adapter, for example anyone who uses this with a phone, tablet, or most laptops will have this technology already built into their devices, but unfortunately this is not available for desktop computer users.

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Basic Features: Controls , Battery Life

AfterShokz OpenComm has basic features, for example two easy-to-access buttons adjust the volume, in addition to a volume up button that activates Bluetooth pairing if press when OpenComm is turn off.

Upon tests, it paired very quickly with Bluetooth 5.0, and it could be easier because OpenComm has a small NFC chip inside to facilitate this if you bring it closer to a phone with this capability.

AfterShokz OpenComm has all the buttons on the right side, along with a multi-function button that can use to answer calls, or navigate through audio tracks depending on how it is press.

You can charge the headphones via the magnetic port, and a full charge can be achieved within two hours. As for the battery life, this should give you 8 hours of listening and up to 16 hours of talking pleasure.

Listening to music will cause the headphone to drain faster than conversation, twice as fast, to be exact.

AfterShokz OpenComm also comes with an IP55 waterproof feature, which means it can handle a light shower, but we won’t be swimming in it.

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Performance: Great Sound

AfterShokz OpenComm headphones have very good sound performance, they are the Achilles heel of orthopedic headphones, they will never replace any traditional headphones for the frequency range.

AfterShokz OpenComm provides a range that offers far better than we expected, and unless you are a fanatic audiophile, they are more than enough for listening to music.

AfterShokz OpenComm Earphone Quality Sound

The only drawback, however, is that if you take them off and they keep still, music can be heard from them when you place them on any hard surface.

But if you put it on something soft, you hear very little, but any table amplifies the sound and makes OpenComm move with the vibrations.

AfterShokz OpenComm delivers amazing performance especially when used in phone or streaming conversations, where the voice of others is represented very clearly.

It features a boom microphone and dual sensors that it uses to create external noise reduction, making your voice distinct from surrounding background noise.

AfterShokz OpenComm also has noise reduction technology, it works well in these headphones, making them very suitable for calls and conferences.

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AfterShokz OpenComm has a bone conduction design, which comes in a mixed bag in terms of music, as the density of human skulls is suitable for transmitting some frequencies.

This makes the music with wide bass sound good, but the high-end pieces or high-frequencies sound cropped and less dramatic, but in general, adjusting the position of the contact pads produced better results.

But you will not get perfect results if you are running or moving.

Overall, AfterShokz OpenComm is suitable for those who need to hear digital audio for extended periods of time without disturbance and need a microphone to communicate freely.

But if you want a powerful soundtrack, you can head out for some wire-attached boxes.

AfterShokz OpenComm headphones have a great fit, as you can wear them for a long session and are almost completely free of the pain that different designs can generate.

AfterShokz OpenComm is very suitable for people who need to quietly listen to a variety of songs with comfortable fit and battery life.

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Earphone Buying Link Price Store
AfterShokz OpenComm Check Price $159.95 Amazon


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