AKG K371-BT Headphone
AKG K371-BT Headphone

The AKG K371-BT headphones deliver impressive sound, having great sound and very pure sound, but the design is not very good and the touch controls are weak.

Fast Talk (AKG K371-BT)

The AKG K371-BT is a great wireless headphone, although it does not have attractive features such as noise cancellation, fast charging of USB-C, auto-off function,

in addition to application support, and EQ adjustment, but it is nonetheless worth buying.

The AKG K371-BT features an impressive frequency response from 5Hz to 40kHz, plus 50mm drivers in its class with copper-free audio coils.

It also has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and amazing cordless listening between charges, providing great long-lasting battery life.

There are also three mini-cables, from XLR to 3.5mm, provided if you want to enjoy wired use.

And for the sound quality, the AKG K371-BT headphones deliver professional, studio-quality sound and design that you can wear for hours on end.


  • Vocals are pure and passionate
  • Bass Extender
  • Class-leading battery life


  • Problematic design
  • Touch controls are unreliable
  • Low features

Key Specifically

TypeOver-ears, closed-back
Bluetooth version5.0
Battery lifeUp to 40 hours
Frequency response5Hz – 40kHz
Impedance32 ohms

AKG K371-BT: Design and Build

The AKG K371-BT headphones have a large design that completely covers your ears, with lots of cushions that provide you with a strong hold on your ears with satisfactory levels of physical noise isolation.

Although it is a fairly stylish design, it still feels comfortable to you.

AKG uses a brushed aluminum sliding mechanism on the headband,

which is great enough to help allow the large, slender ear cups to click up, down and rotate.

AKG K371-BT Design
Image Credit: Amazon

But due to the rotation, we found that the frame almost detaches when wearing headphones, and this is an obvious negative point.

AKG K371-BT Over-Ear, Closed Back
Image Credit: Amazon

The AKG K371-BT has Bluetooth 5.0 and supports SBC and AAC codecs, but unfortunately there’s no aptX or aptX HD here.

AKG K371-BT ports
AKG K371-BT ports

The included microphone is very impressive, through which you can make hands-free calls,

in addition to the wonderful battery, the tab provides you with 40 hours of wireless listening.

But one of the things that I did not like was the gesture controls, which are all made on the left ear piece,

but the performance was unsatisfactory, as it was issuing disorganized and consistent commands.

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AKG K371-BT Performance: Very Impressive and Open Sound

The AKG K371-BT is a tool for professional recording and mixing, as it is characterized by transparency, neutrality, open, detailed and honest sound.

Where every song we’ve listened to we found great audio components and very beautiful details that we were able to focus on, the AKG K371-BT headphones deliver a more open and spacious sound also through the lower end.

AKG K371-BT Headphone Performance
Image Credit: Amazon

And when we switched to wireless, and heard Break my Heart again, we found that emotion is overwhelming, and the bass sound is clean, graceful, heavy, and full of passion.

In Sia’s Chandelier, we noticed some deliberate pressure and noise as the headphones tried to search for more details than they expected.

Unfortunately you won’t get cool features like one-touch Spotify playback or fast USB-C charging, but it does have great sound full of great detail, the K371-BT does a pretty good job.


Although the AKG K371-BT headphones have design flaws, this bulky design helps the earphones to stay firm in your ears, in addition to the ability to isolate human noise.

The fragile body does not meet AKG’s usual high standards, and the touch controls are unreliable.

But the AKG K371-BT headphones have very impressive sound that makes you feel as if you are drowning in melodies.


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