Alienware laptop

Alienware laptop-With the size and inconvenience of desktop gaming computers, laptops are getting more interesting

But most laptops focus on being “portable” (i.e. small, light, and slim) more than gaming, so if you want a gaming laptop in 2019

 I will nominate you for the new Alienware Area-51m laptop,

which was unveiled at CES 2019 as the most powerful laptop in the world.

Area-51m is designed to start a new era for Dell, both computer gaming PCs and the PC world as a whole.

The co-founder of the company said: “Our engineers told us; build a monster for us

 And we’ll see what you can do, ”and they came back with the new Alienware 2019 laptop.

Area-51m is at the same time an answer to two problems:

 The first

 This trend I mentioned about manufacturers tends to lean towards less powerful and more capable gaming computers on the go like Razer Blade or Asus Zephyrus p.

 But it is not bad for some

 It strikes a great balance between working and playing the latest games

 But it also offers long battery life, great design and adequate performance for your daily home or work programs.

Another problem is the basic problem with all gaming laptops: unlike desktop computers, no matter how powerful they are.

 It is an obsolescence problem from the moment you buy it, without the ability to upgrade critical parts like the CPU and graphics card

 There will come a day when you will not be able to play the latest games.

The Area-51m laptop is looking to solve these two problems by borrowing heavily from the rules of the game in the desktop PC market.

In fact,

it is basically a desktop computer, due to the support of the same Intel Core desktop processors, but only with a built-in battery, screen and keyboard, and most importantly

 Unlike almost every other gaming laptop that exists now, the Alienware Laptop 2019 is designed to allow you to swap not just the hard drive.

 RAM, battery, and even CPU and GPU as well.

It is not just a marketing trick

 Alienware is serious about allowing users to change parts separately as they do with a desktop computer

 With easy-to-remove screws and the printed guide detail in the laptop frame to help you disassemble or reassemble (including specifications for each nail present).

Alienware 2019 specifications

Alienware 2019 laptop comes with the ninth generation of Intel i7-8700, i7-9700K,

 Or i9-9900K, which is the fastest CPU you can buy for games;

 Together with GeForce RTX 2080,

 It is the best graphics processor for laptops.

Although the newly announced GeForce RTX portable graphics card from Nvidia is not as strong as the desktop graphics card versions

 The company says that the Area-51m laptop uses a full version that can also be overclocked, with a frame rate of approximately 5 to 10% lower than desktop graphics cards.

If this is not enough a year from now,

 We go back to the very interesting idea that you can switch these parts,

 And because this laptop is customizable however you like, you can technically add any Intel processor compatible with the Intel Z390 chipset,

 The graphics card is also updateable.

You should be aware that the battery life is not expected to be great,

 The company states that it can work for a few hours of regular use,

 Area-51m has a 90Wh battery, and it is one of the biggest batteries you can put in a laptop.

The battery will need two power adapters to run at full speed: a smaller 180W adapter,

 Specially designed to be more portable if you want to take your laptop on the move and don’t need maximum performance,

 The second option is either a 180-watt charger and a 240-watt charger, or a 330-watt charger, depending on your choice of the graphics card.

There are a lot of options for the Alienware 2019 laptop screen that comes with 1080p resolution and 17.3 inches

 Ranging from a refresh rate of 60Hz to a choice of 144Hz with the Nvidia G-Sync and Tobii integrated eye-tracking.

A large number of options also applies to storage with two PCIe M.2 SSD slots and the location of hard drives. There are plenty of options available to configure your storage size.

 Area-51m also offers four random access memory (RAM) slots, with support for up to 24GB memory at 24GHz.

There are two DC power sockets,

the Thunderbolt 3 port,

 Three USB 3.1 ports, HDMI 2.0,

 Mini DisplayPort, Ethernet,

and Alienware Graphics Amplifier. Area-51m weight is 3.9 kg in fully equipped laptops.

 It is not completely light,

 Although its magnesium alloy body makes it a little lighter than its predecessor, Alienware 17.

The Alienware laptop 2019 will be available on January 29th, at a price of $ 2549 per device, with the following specifications:

Intel Core YH-8700 processor
 Graphics processor (Graphics) RTX 2070
 1 TB storage disk
 8 GB of DDR 4 memory
 1080 screen at 60Hz refresh rate

 As noted, it does not possess the full potential of the internal hardware specifications, but it remains a winning deal.


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