Amazfit GTR 2
Image Credit: Amazfit
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The Amazfit GTR 2 Watch provides you decent fitness tracking, has longer battery life compared to its competitors and its Sports Tracker is for casual workouts only.

Fast Talk About Amazfit GTR 2

The Amazfit GTR 2 is the second generation of this smartwatch, it features a 10.7 millimeter thick body with a 1.4 inch ammo led colour display. 

The resolution of the screen is 454 by 454 pixels, it features a scratch resistant carbon surface. 

It features internal GPS as well as Bluetooth 5.0. For tracking your health and fitness it features a second generation biotracking heart rate sensor and accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, a gyroscope and air pressure sensor. 

The smartwatch also features a speaker and microphone, for battery life it lasts around about 14 days on a single charge.

The Amazfit GTR 2 is supposed to be a very capable device, on top of that Amazfit promising remarkable battery life, namely somewhere between 14 and 28 days.


  • Stylish and attractive design
  • High quality display
  • Handy Offline Voice Assistant


  • Track Iffy Sports
  • Amazon Alexa support is missing

Key Specifically

Water resistance164 feet
Smartwatch compatibilityAndroid/iPhone
Heart rate sensorYes
Screen size/resolution1.39-inch AMOLED/454×454 resolution
Smartphone notificationsYes
Size1.8 inches x 1.8 inches x 0.4 inches
Weight1.1 ounce (Sport), 1.37 ounce (Classic)
Battery life14 days/48 hours with GPS/38 days with basic use
Watch band width22 mm

Amazfit GTR 2: Very Elegant Design and Lightweight

The design of the watch is one of its strongest features, this is one of the best looking smartwatches i think I’ve ever had. 

It’s super super sleek, it features laser engraved lines for displaying minutes, so you can get away with this looking like a traditional smartwatch if you select the right type of screen. 

Amazfit GTR 2 Design
Image Credit: Amazfit

Previous version has a slightly thicker metal border, so I think the main reason this one looks a bit sleeker is because it does feature that edge to edge display. 

There are two manual buttons for activating the screen and going straight into the sports tracking modes. 

It features a silicon strap which is not my favourite to be honest, i prefer a leather strap, but you can replace the straps quite easily, there are many available you can just pop them out and pop new ones back in. 

The watch is kind of mid-range when it comes to thickness, it’s 10.7 millimeters thick, and I have quite thin wrists and for me it’s still comfortable to wear pretty much all the time every day. 

There are Smartwatches out there that are thinner, so if you are concerned with that may be something you want to think about. 

The smartwatch runs on amazfit’s own operating system

so there is no app store there, you can’t increase the functionality once you have the watch.

In terms of build quality and comfort wise, i never had any issues with wearing this device on my hand,

even when i wear it at night to try my sleeping patterns or something like that. 

It has been very comfortable, so the straps like I said are very slim and it’s just very comfortable to wear on my wrist because there is nothing too fancy about.

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Amazfit GTR 2 Fitness Tracking With a very accurate heart rate

For a start you can track your fitness, your health, it has a heart rate monitor and has a spo2 tracker. 

The heart rate monitor is pretty accurate. I have tested it many times. I’ve used it on many different workouts and bike rides and runs. 

I’ve tested it against other smart watches which I know to be very accurate and against literally any medical device designed to reassure your heart rate. And it does pretty accurately, it matches up pretty much every single time. 

Amazfit GTR 2 Fitness tracking
Image Credit: Michael Sawh

So if you want something to track your heart rate 24 hours a day, all the time then this smart is going to do you pretty well. 

Amazfit GTR 2 has a little health App called PAI, which essentially keeps up with your overall fitness, it gives you a target to reach. 

It essentially encourages you to get your heart rate up over a certain level everyday,

and then gives you points, so that is something good. The watch features 12 sports modes built into the watch. 

So it will track those automatically using all of the sensors, and again pretty accurately it gives you a lot of data, it gives you a lot of information to work with. 

You can track over days, weeks, and mouths and see how you improve.

The screen is very bright, very responsive, the AMOLED display, perfect for this watch. 

Fairly large circular display

is able to show you a lot of information, pretty much everything you need to see. So overall it’s a dream to use, I have no issue using it, there’s no lag, there’s no slow responsiveness. 

The spo2 sensor is a new addition to the smartwatch compared to the previous generation, and it’s something that can be useful sometime.

Useful App And Very Impressive Battery Life

The Amazfit GTR 2 has Huami’s Zepp app for both iOS and Android, and it has a lot of very useful information,

but if you are familiar with Apple or Fitbit apps, you will need a little time to get used to it.

The application displays a snapshot of the step count, PAI, sleep score, and heart rate, as well as an option if you want to delve into the details.

It also has two different main menus. The upper right menu contains all vital data and activity data, while the other menu “Enjoy” at the bottom of the app and watch settings screen.

Amazfit GTR 2  Smartwatch
Image Credit: Michael Sawh

As for battery life, the Amazfit GTR 2 watch has an impressive battery,

it will last for 14 days on a single charge and 48 hours in GPS mode.

Running for 70 minutes on a 100% charge in 30 ° weather resulted in a battery drain of only 2%, which is pretty cool by all accounts.

And if you turn off Bluetooth connections, notifications, and heart rate monitoring, the battery will last 38 days.

Other Features

The Amazfit GTR 2 can display notifications but it does not allow you to answer them, but you can answer phone calls (via Bluetooth connection).

You can also enable notifications for individual smartphone applications,

in addition to having voice controls, which are easy to set up.

Good news is that Amazon Alexa support is coming in a future software update.

You can also store up to 3 GB of music on the Amazfit GTR 2 and listen to it on any Bluetooth-enabled headphones, but first you will need the Zepp app.

This means that you can listen to the songs you downloaded, but you will not be able to stream the music directly.


The Amazfit 2 GTR is for you if you want the basic smart device functions to track activity and receive notifications,

and you don’t feel the need to add third-party apps.

It also has a very ergonomic design, in addition to the fact that the battery life is difficult to beat, and the voice controls are easy to use as well.

The application is also very good and useful, but if you want to use a more intuitive application,

you can look at the Apple Watch SE, which offers a lot of applications but is a little expensive.

Smartwatch Buying Link Price Store
Amazfit GTR 2 Check Price $189.99 Amazon
Nubia Alpha Check Price $190,00 – $285,00 Cliconstore
Kw10 for ladies Check Price $49,84 – $53,84 Cliconstore



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