Amazon Care
Amazon Care

Amazon officially announced the provision of its health program, which is called Amazon Care, to some other companies and their employees residing outside Washington state, with the aim of providing constructive services to them.

The platform includes some virtual meetings with doctors, through the application and personal care in the patient’s home.

Also, through the health program (Amazon Care), you can send nurses to someone’s door to draw blood or perform a physical examination,

as Amazon launched the program for its employees in the Seattle area and this was in 2019.

It will now open this program to some other companies, which are based in Washington state.

This summer, the virtual piece of Amazon Care will be available to other companies and Amazon employees anywhere in the United States,

plus it will eventually open personal care in Washington, DC, Baltimore, and other cities.

As for the features offered by the Amazon Care app, for example, there is immediate access to a range of urgent and primary care services,

including COVID-19, influenza testing, vaccinations, injuries, preventive care, sexual health, disease treatment, prescription requests, refilling and delivery, among others.

The company also cooperates with Washington-based Care Medical on the Amazon Care program.

Over the past few months, Amazon Care has applied to do business in more than a dozen states.

Insider reports that the company has offered Care Medical to Zillow. And based in Seattle last year.

And the Amazon company aspires to expand, as this is the latest step in health care in Amazon.

Given that earlier, the company acquired PillPack internet pharmacy and is working on Alexa health functions.

Amazon Care

started a healthcare initiative with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway, which disbanded in January.

And as we said, Care employs Washington state employees

through an app with medical service providers for underlying health problems like cough or fever.

Users can communicate with the doctor via video calls or text messages within the app,

in addition to that there is the possibility for workers in the Greater Seattle area to access personal care or deliver prescriptions.

Amazon Care has been separated from other health-related sectors of the company,

which includes Amazon Web Services, Amazon Pharmacy, and Amazon Healthcare Business.

All services will be available to workers who live near the headquarters,

as those who live in other cities or states will have access to virtual components,

and Amazon will charge employers a fee based on the number of employees who use the service per month, and that’s all the information we have on the topic.

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