Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot


Amazon Echo Dot

Good Stuff

  • A space age aesthetic
  • Easy setup and integration
  • 3.5 mm outlet jack

    Bad Stuff

  • Directional, shallow sound
  • no zigbee hub inside
  • No line available

    The Amazon Echo Dot is very impressive, as it offers you great advantages in terms of sound quality and Alexa integration, as well as a very elegant and modern design.

    Fast Talk (Amazon Echo Dot)

    The Echo Dot is the best choice for people who want to try smart home technology for the first time, as it provides a place for Alexa to live in your home, in addition to providing enough audio performance to fill a room.

    We found that the Amazon Echo Dot lives up to the legacy of all previous Echo Dot devices, it has a compact design, loud sound, and thanks to Alexa, it’s very smart too.

    Unfortunately, it also has many negatives, for example it does not have a Zigbee hub inside and an output jack, while it is great for people who have a large volume system, and it also does not meet the needs of the masses who want to use an Amazon Echo Dot as a speaker for the audio player. Their own.

    In terms of design, the Amazon Echo Dot features a new spherical design like the Dot.

    The Amazon Echo Dot is priced, and is available in three colors in three colors – Charcoal (dark gray), Glacier White (white)) and Twilight Blue (blue-gray).

    And the standard Amazon Echo Dot is priced at $ 49.99 / £ 49.99 / AU $ 79, with any precision.

    key specifically

    Dimensions144 x 144 x 133mm
    Connectivitywifi ac, ZigBee, Bluetooth, 3x mics
    Controlstop-mounted volume, action and mic mute
    Speakers76.2mm woofer plus two 20mm tweeters

    Amazon Echo Dot: Design like a hockey ball

    As for the design of the new Echo Dot, it is very different from the previous versions, for example it became a medium ball size with the size of a hand, as it was in the past in the form of a hockey puck like last year.

    This Amazon Echo Dot ball structure is divide into two parts, the first part is a layer of hard mesh and a plastic back piece with rubber feet at the bottom so that it rests on your table smoothly.

    Amazon Echo Dot Design and buttons
    Amazon Echo Dot Design and buttons

    There is also a transparent plastic ring along the bottom, which acts as an LED indicator light, which lights up when Alexa is listening in blue, lights up red when the microphone is mute, and yellow when the speaker loses its internet connection.

    As for the controls, at the top of the urban-looking speaker there are four control buttons, to increase the volume, decrease the volume, turn off or on the microphone and a button that summons Alexa, which can be almost all replaced with voice commands, but nonetheless are wonderful additions.

    In terms of ports, you have a power connector and a 3.5 mm aux jack that can be used as a line-out port to send the audio signal, but this jack does not double as a line into the port as it does on the Amazon Echo full-size.

    The Echo Dot also features a single, full-range 1.6-inch front-facing speaker, which we Find to be powerful and responsible for producing the full range of audio for the speaker and the results, in addition to the array of microphones include inside as well.

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    Amazon Echo Dot: Performance is good

    When it comes to audio quality, the Amazon Echo Dot is really focused on the mid-range, as we found that it delivers clear vocals in songs and emphasizes speech in podcasts. On the contrary, the volume is not particularly wide.

    You get a very focused directional sound that is at its best when you stand in front of it a few feet away, it won’t deliver 360-degree sound.

    We tested Post Malone’s Take for me, as well as some classic funk and rock as well, and found that the vocals were great in that sweet spot of the mid-range but that was at the expense of treble and the bass response seemed muted at nearly any volume.

    Amazon Echo Dot Ports
    Amazon Echo Dot Ports

    We were also able to adjust each of these areas separately by asking Alexa to turn up the bass, medium, or treble.

    We also found the Amazon Echo Dot at the overall volume is great, rising moderately if you raise it to the maximum, but it nevertheless doesn’t seem to be able to maintain this volume for a long period of time.

    The Amazon Echo Dot as a desktop speaker that sits in front of you and plays music for half an hour at a time is very cool, but if you are using it as a home speaker you will use it to play songs during parties, you should look elsewhere.

    Amazon Echo Dot Features: Alexa app

    Setting up the Echo Dot is simple – especially if you have one or more Alexa devices already set up in your home.

    Then all you have to do is head to the Amazon Alexa app, then click the plus icon in the devices section, and then the app will perform a quick scan of nearby devices, but if you don’t have an Alexa or Echo device already installed, you will need to continue downloading. Application and log in to your Amazon account.

    After you finish the setup task, you can ask Alexa to do various tasks, for example setting timers, creating calendar events, connecting to other Echos and mobile phones, reading news, playing music, telling you the weather, in addition to a host of other actions thanks to Alexa Skills. .

    We found a negative point with the Amazon Echo Dot, which is that it cannot pair any devices on its own because it lacks the built-in Zigbee hub, but you can ask Alexa to do everything like turn on your smart lights.

    The device has a great feature for more privacy for young children, the Kids Edition, which allows Alexa to change its responses automatically to be child-friendly when it recognizes the voice of the child talking to him.

    Amazon says children can “ask Alexa questions, set animal alarms, and get help with homework.”

    In addition to a new feature in Alexa called Reading Sidekick that helps your children read, and provides encouragement when they are struggling and this is ideal for learning on the days we are going through and isolation due to the emerging corona virus.


    The Amazon Echo Dot is pretty cool, it has a simple setup and the Alexa app gives you two simultaneous devices seamlessly.

    But if you are a fan of music and expect crystal-clear sound quality from the Amazon Echo Dot, then you will be disappointed, as the Echo Dot really works as a desk speaker for background music, but no more than that, you will not be enjoying smag on it.

    The Amazon Echo Dot can control some devices that come with their own separate hubs, but they are very limited unfortunately without its built-in Zigbee hub.


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