Amazon Echo Show 8
Amazon Echo Show 8

Featuring an 8-inch screen, the Amazon Echo Show 8 is neither too big nor too small – for nearly any space.

It also has clear audio and has much better video call quality than the ones on the younger brother.

Just a glance

Is this the best Echo yet! It has a good sized screen, it’s a great price, it has stereo speakers. 

Last year Amazon brought out the Echo show 2nd generation,

it was a huge improvement with a larger screen, great sound, and a better looking design. 

In May Amazon followed up with a smaller and significantly cheaper version with the Echo show 5. It makes a great bedside or desktop Echo show. 

The Echo show 5 has been my favourite Echo, and best valued Echo with the screen at $89.99. 

but it sounds just okay and five inches is a bit small.

but the Echo show 8 falls in the middle with size and has improved sound over the show 5. 

could this be the best Echo yet, is a screen big enough does it sound good enough? let’s know more about it.


  • The perfect size
  • reasonable price
  • Sharp and responsive screen
  • Easy step


  • Lacks YouTube support
  • There is no full screen clock option
  • It is not possible to turn off the Alexa suggestions on the screen


Screen size8 inches
Resolution1280 x 800 px
Camera1MP, front-facing
Sound2 x 2-inch 10W speakers
Dimensions200 x 136 x 99 mm
Specifications Table


Amazon Echo Show 8 set up for one of the Echo show devices with the video screen is a bit different than a traditional screen. 

you will do the bulk of the set up on the device using the responsive touch screen. 

and in fact when i tried to use the app to search for the device and set it up using the app, it wouldn’t even find the show. 

Amazon Echo Show 8 Display Setting

so here’s how to do it, let the show power up and you’ll choose your location

and language, then connect your home’s Wi-fi network. 

you do need to enter your Amazon account information on the screen then follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the rest of the process.

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The Echo show 8 was announced at $99.99, the Amazon Echo Show 8 inch screen is HD with 1280 by 800 resolution that is the same as the echo show 10. 

it’s also an improvement over the non HD Echo show 5 with its 960 by 480 resolution. 

For the sound you have stereo sound with 210 watt 2 inch speakers, and that is close to the size of the tube 2.2 inch speakers of the Echo show second generation. 

Amazon Echo Show 8 Alexa Features

The echo show second generation does have a passive bass radiator for deeper bass, the Echo show 5 has a single 1.65 inch speaker in it, which is about the same side as the Echo third generation.

It has a privacy shutter on the front facing camera, so you can keep the camera off or turn it on for video. 

so why add a screen to a device like this, not only live-ins the device up with colourful screen savers, it’ll also display the time and other information. 

but it also lets you watch videos as well from places like Amazon prime or YouTube.

you can make video calls, check your video doorbell or security cameras and even watch Canadian newscasts.

Design : larger echo show

If you have watched or used the second generation of the Echo Show or the Echo Show 5, the new sibling of the 8-inch Amazon Echo Show 8 will be familiar to you.

In terms of design it looks exactly like the Echo Show 5, as it has the shutter and camera, but the only difference is with an 8-inch screen instead of a smaller 5-5 inch screen.

For the screen, the Amazon Echo Show 8 provides a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels from the 10-inch echo show device.

That means the same number of pixels but on a smaller screen, you’ll get sharper and clearer picture quality with Echo Show 8.

Up front, there is a 1-megapixel camera that is identical in shape and resolution like its younger sister, and it also has a physical camera shutter that you can turn off if you care about privacy.

In fact, if you’re okay with Alexa listening to anything you’re saying, you can keep the voice activation turned off by pressing the button on the far left at the top of the device.

As for the other two buttons next to it, as the icons indicate, are intended for adjusting the volume and range you want.


The corner screen is held in place by a fabric wrapped base which makes it look like a speaker on the back.

As for the ports, there is also a power port for the smart screen located on the back,

amazon echo show 8 Back Ports

and you will need to keep it connected at all times like its previous releases.

Also on the back is a microUSB port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack if you want to keep your listening enjoyment private or open with a connected Hi-Fi system.

Audio and Video

at times like these when we’re all trying our best to stay connected virtually.

It also gives you an easy and convenient way to video chat with other family and friends who also have a video enabled Alexa device.

The Amazon Echo show 8 speaker is pretty good sounding, each of its two internal speakers has 10 watts per channel of power. 

amazon echo show 8 Ports
amazon echo show 8 Ports

that’s the same as the show 10 but Dolby processing even so you’re not really trading off audio power for a smaller size at all. 

The sound is clear and good and the bass is surprisingly strong too. 

You can also link a Spotify or Apple Music account, and Echo Show 8 is equipped with Bluetooth technology, so you can pair it with your phone or tablet and play tunes that you saved in a library on your mobile device.

And with Prime Video taking center stage, video streaming is also available, a click or voice command, at least in theory.

Unfortunately this is the only service that we were unable to access, even when we reset the device.

But during testing we were able to ask Alexa to play trailers or news clips, but the voice assistant kept saying, “Sorry, over and over, as there was a problem” every time we tried to access Amazon’s video streaming service, despite the Echo pairing. Amazon Echo Show 8 on our phone and appeared online on the app.


Amazon Echo Show 8 has a list of things that will display on screen, you can choose your screensaver and display options. 

but you can also now turn off some of the more annoying Amazon stock features, like birthdays on this day and some of the Alexa tips.

to do it, tap on the screen when you see one of those options pop up, there’s gonna be three little dots that appear beside the title. 

you can choose to hide this item or otherwise manage what you’ll be shown on-screen. 

This is a nice option for customers, there’s a lot of people who felt very annoyed by being what they thought of as force-fed Amazon content. and pushes that they deemed to be ads for Amazon. 

so with these changes you’re now more in control of your device.

so what’s it like using an Amazon Echo show or the show 8 on a daily basis. 

I found myself using it in a few ways: settings, timers and alarms, also for daily news briefing

as I was using ready in the morning. I was watching videos on Amazon Prime.

i was cooking, i could also ask Alexa for smart-home commands like turning lights on and off or viewing my ring video doorbell cameras.

Our Verdict

The Amazon Echo Show 8 has a low-end look than the previous version, and it also has a better set of features than the Echo Show 5, as it has 8 inches of the best screen experience among the current group of Echo Show devices, and it also has a large sound to accompany the sharp screen. In fact.

As for the settings, the Amazon Echo Show 8 is also remarkably easy to set up, and it only needs the Alexa app if you want to connect it to smart home devices that the smart screen cannot identify or link to streaming services other than Amazon.

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