Amazon gets FDA approval for the COVID-19 in-home test kit

Amazon has obtained permission from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a COVID-19 in-home test kit conducted by its subsidiary STS Lab Holdco, as it plans to use it in its on-site coronavirus testing programs.

The procedure for testing for COVID-19 is using a self-administer nasal swab

that can be perform either under the supervision of a health care provider

or through part of a home kit where the patient takes his sample and mails it to a central laboratory.

After the statement, Amazon plans to use the Amazon Real-Time RT-PCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2, and consider it as part of the company’s comprehensive preparedness and response program for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”).

Authorization also accurately describes Amazon’s employee screening program,

and some Amazon employees are automatically given test dates approximately every 14 days.

And the tests are completely voluntary

as the mandate said: “Amazon has partnered with a third-party healthcare provider

who will issue prescriptions for the crisis and individual testing orders.”

The letter of authorization was formally address to Cem Sibay, Vice President of Amazon Labs. Last summer,

as Amazon hired Sibay to build its in-house laboratory to test for COVID-19 in-home test kit,

the company said it had the infrastructure to run tens of thousands of tests for employees every day without any problems.

And that the new test is a modification of another COVID-19 test by BGI Genomics,

which the company used at the end of August, and the company also began to use the modified version that will become the Amazon test on August 28, 2020.

Amazon has already start selling home COVID-19 test kits, and the tests were produce by genomic company DxTerity in January.

This test sold for $ 110, and the company continues to expand its efforts in the healthcare field.

For example, last week, it announced that it would start offering its telehealth and home healthcare program to other companies.

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