Amazon Halo tracker with many features
Amazon Halo tracker with many features
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Amazon Halo Check Price $99.99 Amazon

Amazon Halo Watch cares more about your health than you might want to know, with a super cool app and the essential features out there.

Fast Talk

The new Amazon Halo watch provides you with many new and different features, for example its tone analysis feature seemed to me a little creepy as I was a little hesitant about the idea of ​​a 3D scan of body fat.

But overall, the Amazon Halo Watch is a $ 99 activity tracker that has a service of $ 3.99 per month with a comprehensive catalog of health metrics and “labs” to help you reach your wellness goals.

But she was a little surprised when she was sure of the sudden absence of Alexa, she would only listen to the band’s built-in microphones to the way you speak and measure the emotions you convey based on the tone of your voice. There are also basic features in Amazon Halo, such as measuring your heart rate, measuring how well you sleep and the number of activity points you do, all of these through the Halo connected app.

Speaking of the Amazon Halo application, it is very useful, as it enables you to take 3D pictures of your body using artificial intelligence, which provides you with knowledge of your body fat percentage and shows you through the shape slider.

The Amazon Halo Watch is now available for $ 99.99, and includes a 6-month Halo Membership (usually $ 3.99 per month).


  • There is hardly a fit and feel
  • An excellent companion app
  • Tone analysis can be great


  • Tone decomposition is also crawler, and it kicks off from the battery
  • Body fat checks raise concerns

Key Specifically

Water resistance5 ATM
Battery life7 days (1-2 days with tone analysis)
Weight0.83 ounces

Amazon Halo Design: Simple , Lightweight

The Amazon Halo watch looks a lot like the Fitbit Charge 4 in a fabric that lacks the screen, or like an extra-long nylon sport band for the Apple Watch, but overall it has a very elegant and simple design.

It has the sensors in a stainless steel curved unit underneath the fabric, and features one side of the water resistance sensor unit with an LED indicator light, two microphones and one button.

Amazon Halo tracker Design
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And overall it has an extremely ergonomic and lightweight design, it sits well enough on my skin not to bother me on my opposite wrist.

Amazon Halo watch has basic features such as activity, sleep, harmony, body, and heart rate measurement, and you can also obtain these tools from third-party services in the form of videos or audio clips.

It has a safe design for showering, the fabric straps that come with the wearable are also good in the water, and the fitness belt sold separately is silicone fabric with perforations and the tang buckle system is more popular.

Amazon Halo does not contain any haptic vibration and there is no way for Halo to direct you to reminders or notifications, directing all interactions via the smartphone app.

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Amazon Halo Fitness Features: Including all the basics, a measure of body fat

The watch covers all the basics, providing you with a feature to measure your heart rate, steps and calories burned, and it applies a score system similar to Fitbit Activity Zone minutes.

measure your heart rate, steps and calories burned
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On tests, I took long walks and the results are extremely accurate, although in most other exercises I had to manually enter my activity type and duration.

In terms of fitness, the Amazon Halo watch gives you access to guided exercise videos from a variety of groups like Orangethoery and P.volve, and we tested the popular Pvolve’s workout although not perfect, but at least I found Amazon Halo sends a reminder at the same time. Every day for an hour-long semester.

And speaking of that, there are 8 only two-minute fitness classes and two-week yoga excursions from Openfit, plus a month-long walking initiative from Mayo Clinic as well.

The Amazon Halo watch has a Halo app that uses your phone’s cameras to perform a 3D scan of your body and determine your body fat percentage.

Amazon Halo App and Features
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Amazon has found a way to measure it using artificial intelligence, but it will need good lighting, a suitable angle for the phone, and limited clothing.

The results are very impressive, as it is considered one of the best smart scales that I have tested recently.

And with the Halo app, you can also use the slider tool to see what my body will look like with more or less body fat.

Halo suggests not checking yourself for more than two weeks, and the slider will not show you what you look like with less than 12% body fat.

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Amazon Halo Other Features: Sleep Tracking 

it has microphones that listen to your voice, and the app will analyze trends based on the different tones of your communication.

And that the audio analysis is fully processed on the user’s smartphone and you can delete it after that, but nothing will be recorded for playback.

Measure your sleep quality
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We tested the live analysis feature, and noticed that Amazon Halo uses adjectives such as stress, anger, disappointment, and anxiety to describe the voice of my speech.

Amazon Halo also provides timestamps for these “notable moments,” which means I can think about the conversations I’ve had throughout the day and see what causes me to be upset.

You can turn off the microphones if you want to save battery life so that they stay with you for longer.

As for Amazon Halo watch sleep tracking, the app provides sleep analysis, and it upgrades to Fitbit’s sleep tracking.

Amazon Halo sleep tracking feature can identify different stages of sleep and assign sleep score based on your sleep quality.

It also tracks your body temperature using a sensor similar to the one found on Fitbit Sense, along with movement and heart rate, to help you monitor the factors that may be affecting your sleep.

Amazon Halo sleep test results

it were pretty impressive, as it sounds more accurate than Apple Watch sleep tracking, as the Halo app provides lots of relevant reading material and actionable data as well.

As for the battery life in the Amazon Halo watch, it provides you with a period of up to seven days and two days with the microphone turned on, but Hind conducted some tests and found that the battery lasted for only a day.

But when I turned off the microphones, Amazon Halo lasted for about 5 and 6 days.

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The Amazon Halo watch comes at a very affordable price with a lot of great features, such as discreet design, data accuracy, and an extensive companion app that make Amazon Halo one of the most surprising wearables we’ve seen this year.

It also carries the feature of voice analysis and scanning the percentage of body fat in order to get to know your body more, and this is in addition to the good battery life.

Fitness Tracker Buying Link Price Store
Amazon Halo Check Price $99.99 Amazon


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