Amazon Prime Day
Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day – A news was confirmed through a confirmed email from within the Amazon company and headquarters,

and this message contains that the Prime Day shopping event will take place on October 13 and 14,

and that Amazon will issue an official announcement on the day corresponding to September 27.

This message issue from inside the headquarters about some information separately,

as all the warehouse workers of the Amazon have inform that no new leave requests will be accepted from the beginning of October 13 to October 20,

and this information indicates that the company needs all hands on Deck on Prime Day.

A spokesperson for Amazon said in an email that the company has not yet announced any dates for Amazon Prime Day

An Amazon spokesperson said, “Stay tuned for more details about Prime Day,”

adding that customers can ask Alexa devices to keep them informed about Prime Day.

Until that time, it keeps a tight cover on any leaks related to Prime Day this year,

which from July due to the Coronavirus pandemic

and the circumstances the world has gone through. Where a promotional poster

from Braun personal care company appeared last week displaying Prime Day deals “in mid-October next”,

and Amazon confirmed only that Prime Day will be in the fourth quarter, which means sometime after the first of October.

But whatever the date the event will take place,

Amazon will likely want to prevent Prime Day and Black Friday sales from overlapping as their dates are so close.

According to Tamebay, a post for third-party Amazon sellers,

in its content the Black Friday offers are expected to start appearing on Amazon

somewhere around October 26 and will last for several weeks.

Prime Day kicked off Monday; The honoring of consumerism last year lasted two days in a row.

Analysts estimated that Prime Day 2019 brought in somewhere around $ 6 billion,

and that led to warehouse workers staging a strike on Prime Day last year to protest the company’s working conditions.


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