Android 11 Go
Android 11 Go

Recently Android 11 was launched for all Pixel devices and phones of the OnePlus,

Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme, as Google has detailed its counterpart perfectly designed for low-power devices: Android 11

One of the biggest new features in new Android is supposed to work on devices that have a low RAM of 2 GB or less.

This feature represents a rise from Android 10, as it was designed for devices with RAM less than 1.5 GB.

 It is likely that 11 Go will come with new phones only

with this large amount of memory, and not with previous phones.

Google also stated and said that it is up to the OEMs so far whether they will decide to put new android version on a device instead of Android 10 Go,

in contradiction to what was proposed in a document obtained by XDA developers last July.

Google will not provide any examples of devices that can obtain the update though.

But if you have a phone that can upgrade to Android 11 (Go edition) now

you can try many different new features like push notifications from chat apps in your notifications,

such as Android 11, and you can give apps one-time permissions for things like microphone or camera.

He also stated that the apps will also launch 20 percent faster than they were on Android 10, according to Google.

Android 11 also adds an additional feature, which is a gesture-based navigation

system that you can use to scroll around the phone’s user interface.

Update, 6:18 p.m. ET: Clarification added by Google about which types of devices

qualify for Android 11 (Go edition), although we still don’t have any examples for specific phones.


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