Android 11 is coming to Chromebooks

Very good news, Android 11 is coming to Chromebooks which is that an online repository of code has hinted that there are Chromebook models that have been set to receive OS upgrades to Android 11, and there are quite a few on the list.

Generally speaking, all Chromebooks are mainly power by Chrome OS and are update frequently by Google,

but now they will also run Android in the background, and this is very important to keep apps running, along with Chrome browser tabs.

Most Chromebooks currently have Android 9, and these devices will benefit from updates to Android 11 and version 90 of Chrome,

in addition to some new features, including dark mode, while expanding the scope of the unified application.

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The code names of the Chromebooks that will receive these updates have been identified through the Chromium Gerrit online repository and referenced by Android Police to produce a comprehensive list of laptops and tablets that are expected to benefit from this OS upgrade.

Another great feature of the upgrade to Android 11 is that it gives many Chromebook users access to both dark mode and the unified app expansion.

Dark modes have become common color settings for those prone to eyestrain when viewing the screen for an extended period of time.

But a new mode unifies in the Chrome OS beta, with Android Police saying

that Android apps will now take a neat, near-black background color that matches well with the rest of the UI.

The Android settings menu will be characterized by a dark address bar and a distinctive greenish-blue color,

in addition to the fact that notifications will also have a dark appearance.

All in all, the unified app expansion is a welcome upgrade for Chromebook users.

In the past, Android application scaling was poor on Chrome OS, despite numerous repair attempts with previous updates.

But don’t worry, the overall design, font, and interface of Android apps are all much cleaner than before, they’re more readable and less frustrating to use.

But these upgrades are still subject to beta testing, and we don’t know yet when you expect Android 11 to arrive on a Chromebook.

Here is our selection of some models from different manufacturers:

There are also many other devices that will receive the update

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