Anonymous Search Engine
Anonymous Search Engine

Anonymous Search Engine is available on a portal that contains all the topics that interest you,

the application will present to you every day important topics that you choose, including the topics that interest you.

Anonymous Search Engine has a great feature which is that it senses the words you are searching for,

which enables it to realize the topics that you love to follow,

which enables you to know the new and be the race for important information.

What distinguishes Anonymous Search Engine is that you can watch the news

when your connection quality is poor and save it to your phone.

Follow all the new sports, technology, and technical topics, all of this is available on the application

Engines in 2020

It’s a deal we all hate, but often feel like we can’t escape:

big search engines like Google, Bing,

Yahoo help us find our way around the web,

while we let them grab as much information about us as they can.

These Anonymous Search Engine. They log your IP address,

your search terms, which results from you click on, how many times you bounce back to the results page

or modify the search, and much, much more.

IP address

All this data allows them to create an summary of your browsing personality.

They sell these maps for billions of dollars a year to advertisers, who then bombard you with targeted ads.

So how can you find what you need online without a company turning you into an Anonymous Search Enginethey sell? 

Using smaller search engines that don’t log your activity is a good start.

We’ve researched the best search engines that protect your privacy,

while they may not be household names, they can certainly do the job if you know how to use them.

Protecting Your Anonymous Search Engine Network (VPN)

Anonymous Search doesn’t keep, sell, or otherwise use your information.

Unfortunately, that won’t stop the sites you visit from doing it.

In many countries, your internet service provider (Anonymous Search ) tracks your activity

and sells the data they gather. That means you’re being watched before you even enter a search term.

As most private search engines point out in their terms of service, once you click on an Anonymous Search Engine,

they can’t protect you anymore. Sites you visit can record your IP and track your use.

Somewhere, most sites have a privacy policy,

but by the time you find it, your data may already be compromised.

VPNs protect

An Anonymous Search Engine is truly your best line of defense against corporations, hackers, scammers,

and government agencies, tracking your Anonymous Search Engine location or using your browsing data.

By concealing your true location and replacing it with an IP from its own server array,

a VPN prevents third parties from tracking your activity.

The best VPNs protect your data with military-grade encryption

and anonymous Search Engine that give you complete anonymity online.

Features like IP cloaking, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, ad blockers,

and kill switches, are important to protect your anonymity, location, and online data.

Startpage does exceptionally well in the area of user privacy. 

It does not track, log any user data, or share information with third parties.

Theirs headquarter office and main servers are based in the Netherlands,

meaning all global users are protected by Dutch and EU privacy laws which are some of the most stringent in the world.

Additionally, Startpage has passed independent (EuroPrise organization) audits of their privacy and data-handling practices.

Anonymous Search

Startpage can be set as your default search engine on leading browsers or can be installed as an extension add-on.

They offer multiple ways to personalize your settings to make it your own and search the way you want.

Finally, Startpage offers a very useful private browsing feature called “Anonymous Search Engine.

” With this proxy feature, users can view images, videos, news, and entire websites with no tracking or trace.

Every time you search on Startpage, link will appear next to your search results,

by clicking this link they will hide your IP address and a user agent to other sites.


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