AirPods Max
AirPods Max

The headphones Apple AirPods Max are the first over-ear headphones from Apple, they have amazing sound quality and feature noise cancellation, but the price is somewhat fantastic.


  • Fantastically spacious sound system
  • Balanced sound
  • Slick controls


  • There is no 3.5mm audio port
  • The Smart Case does not feel very protected
  • very expensive

Fast Talk (AirPods Max)

The Apple AirPods Max is finally here, quietly announced in a press release published in Apple’s newsroom.

AirPods Max features “incredibly impressive, high-fidelity audio and adaptive equalizer, plus active noise cancellation and spatial audio,” like the AirPods Pro.

Design-wise, the Apple AirPods Max are an interesting mix of classic Apple design and strange contrasts, and it also has a stainless steel headband.

Apple AirPods Max are priced at $ 549 / £ 549 / AU $ 899, and they have a very fantastic price, which leaves us with this question. They deserve the capabilities of this huge amount! And, they are much more expensive than our favorite Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones.

AirPods Max: Elegant Design with Amazing Details

The Apple AirPods Max has a nice design, they do look really nice in this space gray colour, and there are five colours versions available.

AirPods Max Pink Design
Credit: Apple

you got space grey, which is personally my favourite, then we’ve got the silver, a green, a sky blue as well as a pink, so plenty of colour options. 

they are super super premium, and they do feel very premium as well. so we’ve got a stainless steel frame and this is covered in soft touch material. 

AirPods Max Cover
Credit: Apple

and then we’ve got this knitted mesh which is supposed to make things a lot more breathable, and also distribute the weight to reduce on-head pressure. 

and then we’ve got these telescoping arms, so you can adjust these and there’s no clicks.

it’s just smooth and they will stay in place, that’s so Apple not having the conversational clicks to readjust, you can just smoothly put these up and down.  

in this case it really snaps the headphone close with the magnets. Now when the Apple AirPods Max are within the case, they are going to go into an ultra low power mode, so that’s going to persevere the battery. 

Apple Max Ports
Credit: Apple

but if you decide not to use the case, then they will eventually go into a low power mode, but it’s going to take much longer.

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AirPods Max: Nice and clean Cups

Moving down to the cups, we have anodized aluminium, just plain clean, i think maybe an Apple logo would have looked nice in the cups, a mirror finish Apple logo, but overall it’s very clean and nice look.

and there’s a mechanism to rotate these independently to balance the pressure. 

and they’re also spring loaded to keep the pressure even. and the cushions, they do feel very nice, these are using an acoustic memory foam, and then we have embroidered, basically we have an R and an L. 

Apple Max Headphone custom designed mesh textile
Credit: Apple

The Apple AirPods Max also have a vent insight and this is to reduce pressure buildup and they are magnetically detachable. 

so you can just pop them off, and the reason for doing that, i mean if you want to pop them off and give them a clean. 

but generally, the ear cushions are what will have the most wear and tear after a couple of years of use. 

so you can go ahead and buy these separately, they are available on the Apple website, and if you do want to mix up things and maybe get a different colour, then you can also do that.

Smart Controls with Digital Crown, and Good Connection with H1 Chips

now the controls in The Apple AirPods Max are on the right-hand side, and we have a digital crown, which is quite a bit bigger compared to the Apple watch crown, so it’s going to be very easy to adjust this. 

Rotating is going to put your volume up and down, pressing is going to play or pause or answer a phone call. 

pressing twice is going to skip a track, pressing three times is going to go back a track. and if you press and hold, you can activate Siri, but you can also activate Siri by saying hey Siri. 

Apple Airpods Digital Crown
Apple Airpods Digital Crown

there’s also another button at the top, which is for the noise cancellation, you can switch between the active noise cancellation as well as transparency mode. 

so if you do need to listen to somebody, or if somebody’s saying something, then you can just thin button. 

under the bottom, we have the lightning port, so that’s a detailed overview of the hardware. 

and we’ve got two H1 chips in either cup and that means a few things, firstly, it means that you’re going to get seamless connectivity.

you just have to bring them close to your iPhone and then you’ll get a little animation, and then you can just connect. 

Noise Cancellation, Battery Life

In terms of noise cancellation, we tested it and activated the noise cancellation, and i could barely hear myself, but then if i press the button, and we’ve got transparency mode, and even though the music is on, i can very clearly hear myself. 

Now , The Apple AirPods Max listens to your surroundings, and also what you’re listening to and then they create anti-noise to cancel all of that out. This actually happens 200 times a second

and noise cancellation in the Apple AirPods Max is amazing and it’s even better than AirPods pro, because you get more of a seal around your ears. 

Noise Cancellation with apple headphone
Credit: Apple

As for battery life, the AirPods Max provide up to 20 hours of high-resolution audio, talk time or movie playback, and with active noise cancellation enabled, this is really impressive.

But ANC tends to shorten the battery life of your headphones, so you can squeeze in a slightly longer runtime than the AirPods Max if you use them without enabling this.

AirPods Max: Sound Performance

And we tested the headphones, and wow, The Apple AirPods Max sound really really good, crisp highs, deep base and there’s no distortion, like even if i max out the volume, I can’t hear any distortion, very impressive.

there’s a few more things to talk about, so we do have a 40 millimeter dynamic driver, and we have computational audio, so there’s actually a total of nice mics on the Apple AirPods Max. 

there’s three outward facing on both cups, one inward facing on both cups, and then there’s one for your voice. 

some people wear glasses, ear shapes are different, so the H1 chips are going to be adjusting the frequencies of the sound to give you the best audio listening experience. 

we also have on-head detection, so the AirPods Max know when they are on your head, so if i do put them on, then the music that was playing does continue to play and then when i take them off, then the music is paused automatically.

However, you can also just lift up one ear cup, and the music is playing, and if I lift up, it’s paused.  

and we also have spatial audio, so if you have a compatible device and you’re viewing compatible content.

then it’s going to give you an immersive three dimensional audio experience, so we’ve got a bit of a demo that we can try out. 

and because these are Apple AirPods, they do have all of the features that you have on the regular AirPods, so you do have automatic device switching. 

if you pair once with one device, then it’s going to automatically sync across all of your other devices and you also have audio sharing.


We found it somewhat difficult to finally evaluate the Apple AirPods Max headphones, and we cannot provide the full performance experience of the headphones until we justify their high price.

But so far we have been impressed by the sound quality, with a wide and balanced sound range, rich bass and detailed triples, and the noise canceling feature was very effective.

As for the design, it was of great quality, as the mugs have a very smooth feel, and the mesh headband feels very comfortable.


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