Apple announced the Return of Jon Stewart to TV
Apple announced the Return of Jon Stewart to TV

Apple decided to return Jon Stewart to television, as Apple said in an official press release announcing the series,

and said that John Stewart will host a new series on Apple TV Plus,

and the content of the series will be about the focus of the advocacy work

will focus on the topics that It is currently part of the national conversation.

Through the statement, the program seems to us somewhat like John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight,

where the company explained that each episode will last for about an hour, and the latest series will focus on one topic only.

Apple referred to it as the “current affairs chain”.

The show will also include an accompanying podcast, although Apple has refused to specify who will host the audio.

Apple also signed its first deal with Jon Stewart production company

It is a new Stewart series that has no name or release date at this time

The Hollywood Reporter also stated that the show is expected to start next year,

and said that the episodes will not be shown at night or weekly, and that the show will continue for several seasons,

but it does not say how many episodes will be included in each tour.

Apple has signed the deal at first sight with Stewart and his production company,

and that means that films or other shows that Stewart participates in could come to service in the future in a big and sure way.

This deal is considered one of the big deals for Apple,

as Stewart has now become a political and comedic icon, since the beginning of his career at The Daily Show,

and there is a very high probability that there will be an audience for his return, but he will face a completely different media scene today,

where he will He competes with many of his former classmates

and where the kind of satirical political humor he pioneered is much easier.

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