apple ship devices
apple ship devices

apple ship devices – Apple has devised a new way to ship devices to consumers and users of its various devices,

where instead of sending all of its products and devices directly from China

or through local warehouses, the company will now use its network of major Apple stores

as actual execution centers to apple ship devices directly from stores to reach To customers faster,

this step is a very useful step and good news for everyone who uses Apple products.

This is a big change, as to implement this plan,

the company will use approximately 300 Apple stores in both the United States and Canada,

to expedite local delivery to customers within 100 miles of the store.

The company has already started using the new system with many of its own stores earlier this year,

but it will launch the matter officially and on a larger scale soon

and it will be before Apple’s next iPhone launch next week.

The plan is largely an internal shift for the company, as according to Bloomberg,

customers won’t be able to choose which store their devices are shipped from.

As the sole goal of using retail stores is to facilitate fast shipping for customers,

this strategy can also help get new iPhones into people’s hands much faster than ever before,

Especially at a time when these stores are witnessing less personal traffic.

Much, due to COVID-19 (the global pandemic that plagued the whole world and still is).



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