Apple iPad Air (2020)
Image Credit: Apple
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Apple iPad Air (2020) has a great screen, charging, and excellent performance that make it one of the best iPads ever. It is considered an iPad Pro, but at a reasonable price.

Fast Talk Apple iPad Air (2020)

Finally a month after it was announced at that September event, the new iPad Air is finally here,

and it turns out if anything out there is actually an iPad pro killer, it’s this. 

The Apple iPad Air (2020) has a very reasonable price considering the features it offers, as it costs $ 599.

Apple is trying to find a new pricing level between $ 329 for the iPad 10.2 (2020) and $ 799 for the iPad Pro (2020). ).

The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch screen just to impress with its flat design, as it has the brilliant color options of the iPhone 12 in the 11-inch iPad Pro housing).

In addition to the inclusion of Apple Pencil (second generation) and Magic, which provides you with keyboard support that it is more capable of replacing the laptop.

In terms of performance, the device has fast A14 Bionic performance and USB-C charging, two upgrades that I hope the regular iPad will get.


  • Stylish, slim and lightweight design
  • The blazing fast A14 Bionic processor
  • Bright, colorful and sharp screen
  • Excellent webcam
  • USB-C charging
  • Magic Keyboard and 2nd Gen Apple Pencil support


  • There is no face ID
  • RIP headphone jack
  • Expensive accessories

Key Specifically

CPUA14 Bionic
OSiPadOS 14
Storage64GB, 256GB
Display10.9-inch (2360 x 1640 pixels) Liquid Retina
Rear cameras12MP wide (f/1.8)
VideoUp to 4K at up to 60 fps
Front camera7MP True Depth
WirelessWi-Fi 6, optional 4G LTE
Battery28.6 watt-hour
Battery life10:29 (tested)
Size9.7 x 7 x 0.24 inches
Weight1 pound

Apple iPad Air (2020): Very Sleek Design with Quad Speaker and Touch ID security

So the new design of the Apple iPad Air (2020) matches the iPad pro in basically every way, the boxy all-aluminum, shape, feels rock solid. 

The buttons are in the same place, it’s nice, it has the smart connector at the back, so you can drop it in a smart folio or even a magic keyboard case, just like an iPad pro, You wanna know why, because it is the magic keyboard case for the iPad pro and it just fits in the same case because it has the same dimensions. 

Apple iPad Air (2020) Design
Image Credit: Apple

So there’s your trackpad,

there’s your USBC passthrough because guess what, iPad Air also now gets USB type c, and it’s good for everybody.

The quad speaker setup that surrounds the display, also sounds phenomenal for a tablet, and you have basically the exact same bezel thickness all the way around.

thin enough to not be a problem and still look good, but thick enough to actually hold the iPad from any angle and not have accidental screen touches. 

But then one difference about that bezel is inside it you won’t find face id, there’s just a regular 7 megapixel front-facing camera up there. 

And instead of face id, touch id is back and it’s built into that power button up top. 

So kind of like pixel 5 they’ve technically gone backwards as far as biometric authentication methods go.

But in this world of masks that we live in, a fingerprint reader is just as convenient as a face id.

It’s pretty easy and quick to get used to basically the Pro tip is to register multiple fingerprints,

actually that’s not even a pro tip, that’s just common sense but a lot of people don’t do it. 

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Apple iPad Air (2020): Bright Display with Magic Keyboard

The Apple iPad Air (2020) has a brighter, sharp screen, with its 4K resolution, you’ll see a lot of detail and color reproduction is good.

The iPad Air has a maximum brightness of 440 nits, which is a good rating on its own, and the iPad Air has a density of 264 pixels per inch, which is the same as you’d find in a regular iPad.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Display and keyboard
Image Credit: Apple

IPad Air’s screen has some additional perks, like full lamination and anti-reflective coating, so it’s more resistant to glare and fingerprints.

One of the cool things about the iPad Air is that it supports the Magic Keyboard, which means that typing on this iPad is as easy as the iPad Pro.

These keys provide a more comfortable typing experience thanks to the increased vertical travel, and the movement makes them feel like you are using a real keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard has a touchpad, which a smart keyboard has always lacked – making the iPad Air more like a real laptop.

The Magic Keyboard costs a lot $ 300, but if that’s too much, you can choose the Smart Keyboard Folio for $ 179.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Features: Many wonderful ِApps and games

There’s plenty of iPad optimized apps and games which is great, and it’s just kind of the status quo now. 

The iPad Pro is 120 hertz, of course speaks to people like me because I’m personally a fan of high refresh rate the more pixels the better, but I’ve always said in the past and it’s still true here.

Apple iPad Air (2020) Many Features
Image Credit: Apple

Apple also makes some of the smoothest 60 hertz devices and smoothness, of course is not a problem at all here,

it’s standard and actually battery life is also potentially even better on this iPad Air because it never has to hit 120 hertz,

it’s just chilling at 60 hertz and it’s using the more efficient 5 nanometer A14 ship. 

Also it happens to come with the slightly faster 20 watt fast charger in the box instead of the old 18 that comes with the iPad Pro.

The Camera and Apple Pencil

Also most people getting Apple iPad Air (2020) aren’t coming from an iPad pro, so this is a total non-issue. 

From the back iPad Air literally gets the same 12 megapixel primary camera as the iPad pro,

but you’ll note, it’s just a single camera by itself, and a mic, no flash, no ultrawide, no lidar. 

Apple iPad Air Camera
Image Credit: Apple

But I mean if you think about it, how often do you need an ultra wide or a lidar sensor or even a flash for your tablet photography, I’d say pretty much never.

so all of these things missing mean almost nothing to most people.

I maintain that the most common use of iPad cameras should be document scanning and facetime calls. 

And these cameras here are more than good enough for that. And then the iPad Air has the new Apple pencil support it snaps onto the side of 

The Apple Pencil charges by connecting it to the port on the bottom edge, and it’s great to use as it lets you write in text fields and convert that handwriting into legitimate text.

Very Impressive Performance with A14 Bionic

And  inside Apple iPad Air (2020) actually has the even newer five nanometer A14 bionic chip instead of the a12z currently in the pro. 

So you can actually expect very similar sometimes even better benchmark numbers on paper, but the point is despite its slightly lower four gigs of Ram, it’s gonna perform great. 

I’ve had no performance issues and I don’t expect the typical user will run into any performance limits for a long time. 

So on the surface level everything iPad pro does iPad Air basically also does except refresh rate, so iPad Air is of course at the standard 60 hertz that we’re used to on every other apple device except the ones with Pro motion like iPad Pro which are at 120 hertz.

Now if you’ve never seen 120 hertz which if we’re being honest most people users never have, then 60 hertz is gonna look great.

but it’s like every time i review an iPad i always can’t help but have these thoughts like the state of tablets in general and how the entire android tablet ecosystem rose to such great heights.

and then fell so far like there used to be so much conjecture and thoughts and interesting videos about what the tablet OS should look like and how it should multitask and what it should do. 

But now with like four out of the top five tablets available being iPads, they’re all kind of Just the same, performance is fine as expected through iPad OS 14.


IPad Air (2020) was released on Friday 23 October and starts at $ 599 for a 64GB configuration,

and you can also upgrade to 256GB for $ 150 – which gets you up to $ 749.

This is a very great price considering the features in the device, and it is considered a good price next to the iPad Pro.

And there is something wonderful and that there are (secondary) selling prices,

for example Walmart offered the new iPad Air at $ 559, and this is considered a $ 40 discount, and recently Amazon lowered the price to $ 569.


Not only is the Apple iPad Air (2020) faster and more elegant than the regular iPad,

but support for Magic Keyboard means the iPad Air is finally a laptop.

And Magic Keyboard support means the iPad Air is finally a laptop.

you can pick the iPad pro if you want the ultrawide camera, or lidar and if you want a high refresh rate 120 hertz promotion or a bigger iPad because the bigger 13 inch iPad pro is available.

the iPad Air only comes in the 11 inch size or 10.9 inch. but the iPad Air is the tablet you need for way less money.

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