Apple is Removing Thousands of Games from Chinese App Store

Chinese App Store – Tensions and differences increase every day from the day before it

between the United States and China, since the Corona pandemic

and the President of the United States Trump blaming China for being the main cause of that pandemic.

And those differences may affect Apple’s operations in China,

which include millions of Apple customers and many of the company’s manufacturing operations,

as those operations are in real danger.

 Where a new report in The Information indicated that China may indeed close loopholes that Apple exploited in previous years.

This has already started from the recent removal of thousands of apps from the Chinese app store.

Indeed, Apple pulled more than about 47,000 apps from the Chinese App Store around the time this month,

but it was an expected move, as Apple recently made a major change in policy,

and the reason for that was the elimination of a loophole

that previously allowed the sale of paid games and games with in-purchases. The application.

And it wasn’t the first time that Apple was so powerful to make major changes to its services in China as well.

Earlier, Chinese organizers forced Apple to close iTunes Movies

 And iBookstore in China, and that was April 2016, just six months after Apple launched those stores in the country.

But the entire Apple App Store operation in China also relies on a loophole of its own, the report claims.

Foreign app stores in China are usually required to be joint ventures with a Chinese partner who is a majority owner and operator, according to the report, but Apple runs the app store on its own.

It’s also clear that Apple’s sharing of iOS source code with China has faded to this day,

and that’s after it negotiated an exemption with the Chinese government so you don’t have to do so.

Recently, the Trump administration cracked down on Chinese technology companies due to tension and differences between the two countries,

which made it difficult to do business in the United States.

President Trump issued executive orders earlier this month that would ban TikTok and WeChat,

which are owned by Chinese tech giants Tencent and ByteDance, in the United States.

The Trump administration also tightened restrictions imposed on the Chinese phone maker Huawei, as we mentioned in previous news.



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