Apple says iMessage on Android wont work

Apple sees the blue iMessage on Android bubbles as a big barrier to people switching to Android,

which is why the service never appear on Google’s mobile operating system, and this came according to testimonies and emails from Apple employees, as well as some high-ranking executives.

The concerns were reveal in a lawsuit from Epic Games as part of its legal dispute with the iPhone manufacturer.

Overall, Epic Games argues that Apple is consciously trying to lock customers into its hardware ecosystem, and that iMessage is one of the main services that helps it do so.

Some of the comments were accompanied by Eddie Q, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services,

and senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, made.

The first reason was the difficulty leaving the Apple universe application is iMessage, as iMessage is a dangerous lock.

”At first it was how a former Apple employee who did not mention his name in an email in 2016, prompting Schiller to respond to that.

Transferring iMessage to Android will do us more harm than help us.

In general: iMessage on Android

the IMESSAGE service on Android would remove any obstacle for IPHONE families who give their children Android phones.

The iMessage service on Android will simply remove any obstacles that iPhone families may face in giving their kids Android phones. ”

According to Epic’s classification, Apple decided not to develop iMessage for Android as early as 2013,

and Cue admits that Apple “could have created a version on Android that works with iOS”

so that users of both systems could seamlessly exchange messages with each other.

Also, Epic will witness a series of other Apple services that could contribute to the installation, including the FaceTime video chat service,

which Steve Jobs announced that it will be an open industry standard again at WWDC 2010.

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