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The ROG Phone 5 Ultimate offers some upgrades over the base model, with an excellent screen and breakthrough performance, but suffers from the same limitations in camera performance.

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The ROG Phone 5 Ultimate has joined the ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5 Pro, as Asus announced it as a limited edition.

This phone carries great specifications, as it features 512 GB of fast UFS 3.1 storage and a massive 18 GB RAM.

Asus stated that it could be the best gaming smartphone as it is offered on many fronts.

However, ROG Phone 5 Ultimate also shares the same weaknesses as its brethren,

for example the camera’s performance is poor, but it raises the bar for the rest of the experience in marginal ways.

Here we will let you know what is different about this model versus the ROG Phone 5 and what is common between the two Asus phones.

As for the price, it comes at a huge price due to the capabilities it provides,

it is considered one of the best gaming phones available, and its price is 1299 euros.


  • Great performance
  • Beautiful AMOLED screen with 144Hz refresh rate
  • Excellent battery life
  • Powerful front-facing speakers


  • Disappointing night mode
  • Bulky and heavy
  • There is no wireless charging

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Key Specifically

ProcessorSnapdragon 888
Screen6.78-inch AMOLED (2448 x 1080); 60 – 144Hz
Cameras64MP ultrawide (f/1.8), 13MP ultrawide (f/2.4), 5MP macro (f/2.0)Front camera: 24MP (f/2.45)
VideoUp to 8K at 30 fps
Battery6,000 mAh. 13:13 (60Hz) / 11:17 (120Hz) / 10:21 (144Hz)
Size6.1 x 2.7 x 0.4 inches
Weight8.4 ounces

Similarities between ROG Phone 5 Ultimate and the original ROG Phone 5

The ROG 5 Ultimate and the base model ROG Phone 5 are similar in many ways.

Specs : For example, the specifications and features on the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate are the same as on the ROG Phone 5 at a price of 799 pounds / 799 euros.

This includes all charging options, the highest Game Genie for gaming optimization, and other tweaks available in ZenUI’s setups.

Battery performance: it is also a bit similar, as the same gigantic 6000 mAh battery, divided into two 3000 mAh packages,

lasted the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate for 13 hours and 13 minutes. In 120 Hz mode.

Cameras : ROG Phone 5 Ultimate also has the same camera performance as the base model.

It has a 64MP main camera linked to a 13MP Ultra Wide angle lens, as well as a 5MP macro camera.

Unfortunately, the images are flat and devoid of life, and the night mode is not equal to other phones with similar prices.

What is the difference between the Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate and the original release ROG Phone 5?

RAM : The random access memory (RAM) in the Ultimate differs from the basic model, as the additional memory for the first is definitely a bonus,

as the RAM comes in 18 GB, it seems like an exaggeration, as the operating system has not come close to using this amount of memory once One at a time.

Asus stated that the ridiculous amount of RAM will allow you to keep more games in memory,

and this means less load times, and this is a great feature for many people.

But there are also some people who will not find any benefit from this huge amount, in addition to that, ZenUI, Asus’ custom Android theme, remains stuck in RAM for a very long time.

Controls : The 5 Ultimate has an upgrade in controls, as it features two additional touch sensor zones on the back of the phone.

This is along with the ultrasonic air actuators in the frame of the device.

And we found that you can assign actions to sensor regions the same way.

Display : The base model ROG Phone 5 outperforms ROG Phone 5 Ultimate by having a RGB dot matrix screen,

and ROG Phone 5 Pro has a color PMOLED screen that you can customize what it displays, including some great images.

The 5 Ultimate has a PMOLED screen as well, but it is monochrome rather than color, to keep the design language consistent with the rest of Ultimate’s aesthetics.

Accessories : ROG Phone 5 Ultimate comes with a separate AeroActive cooler, and AeroActive also features extra paddles if you want them.


The Phone 5 is designed for games, so you definitely will not buy it because you are interested in photography,

it comes very expensive because it is completely dedicated to games.

One Ultimate, just like the flagship ROG Phone 5, and the new phones from Asus and all other Android devices,

converts as closely as possible to match the strength of the iPhone 12 series. Apple’s A14 Bionic with Snapdragon 888.

The ROG Phone 5 is the most powerful Android device we have tested so far, and the iPhone 12 Pro

or iPhone 12 Pro Max is competing with it, as they are gaming devices of a similar caliber, as they support both mmWave and 6 5G.

The ROG Phone 5 is only limited to GSM and 5GHz sub-carriers.

And if you only care about a premium mobile gaming experience like no other, then the 5 Ultimate is perfect for you,

as it has crazy power, extremely long battery life, and performance that is not to be reckoned with.

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