Audio Pro BT5
Audio Pro BT5

Audio Pro BT5-There are no doubt already more speakers shoved in the corners of spare rooms than we could possibly need, let alone those in everyday use.

constructed from ‘high quality materials’. Despite its compact size, hi-fi specialist Audio Pro promises ‘big sound’ and ‘robust’ build quality designed to last. So is the sound quality worth the money, or are there better choices out there? Our professionals put it to the test in our full review of this Audio Pro smart speaker.

Audio Pro BT5 Bluetooth Speaker Details

For it is simply just another Bluetooth speaker. Mainly because Audio Pro has an excellent recent record when it comes to wireless speakers of this size. And keeping it simple might just set it apart.

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality speaker that doesn’t use a boring bookshelf design but also doesn’t look like it belongs on the starship enterprise… then you might just fall in love with minimalist Audio Pro BT5 Bluetooth speaker.

Audio Pro BT5 Speaker Colors
Audio Pro BT5 Speaker Colors

Available in Walnut and Black for the outer shell, and then wrapped across 3 sides in a dark grey Nordic weave, this is contemporary speaker-design at its best. The BT5 is a box speaker that’s anything

With such a simplistic design, you can proudly display the BT5 almost anywhere. Whether on your kitchen counter, coffee or side table, the versatility of this minimal speaker is fantastic.

Audio Pro BT5 Features

the feature set of a Bluetooth speaker might be as important as the sound. While the Audio Pro BT5 is very much a Bluetooth (4.0) speaker, it isn’t a multi-room speaker.

It doesn’t talk to Audio Pro’s Award-winning multi-room range, and there’s no AirPlay, Spotify Connect, or voice control. There is a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connecting non-Bluetooth devices, but that’s about it.

There’s no remote control, but as you’ll be using your phone or computer as a music source, that’s where you’re likely to be doing the controlling. 

Pairing works easily as we switch between a MacBook and an Android phone, and move around different rooms. The connectivity works seamlessly, the connection appears robust. It’s mains-powered, not portable, so this isn’t one for the great outdoors (unless you have a long cable for the garden). So far, so good.

Build Audio Pro BT5

Audio Pro BT5 buttons

 it’s straight out of a Scandinavian design book, which makes sense for a brand that bills itself as the ‘Sound of Scandinavia’. It would look perfectly at home on your favourite Instagram page.

But while we’re nothing but positive about the size and style, the buttons feel a little cheap and clunky. However, once up and running, you will probably barely use them.

Inside is a digital Class D amplifier, sending 10W of power to a 20mm textile dome tweeter and 30W to a 10cm woofer.

The BT5 comes in three finishes, which Audio Pro calls drift-wood (light brown), walnut (our preference) and black, and all three feature a grey fabric grill.

Audio Pro BT5 Sound Quality

Audio Pro BT5 Connectivity
Audio Pro BT5 Connectivity

The sound is neither bright nor lightweight. Listening to Masters at Work’s I Can’t Get No Sleep, the fidgety trumpet riff and shuffling drums are rendered clearly and with detail. There’s weight to the kick drums and bass notes, too.

Dr. Dre’s Still D.R.E. should always cause a solid head nod and the BT5 delivers the goods, offering up a well-rounded sound as Dre’s trademark glossy production levels are handled confidently. The thud of the drums is there, though could perhaps do with a little tightening up, we’re just happy there’s some decent bottom end on a show for a speaker of this size and price.

Audio Pro BT5 is perhaps most at home with pop, rock, speech radio, and podcasts, its balanced delivery working well with vocals, and having no problem making the most of tracks with limited dynamic range. Timing can slip a touch when given a more demanding rhythm, whether a thundering electronic track or a complex orchestral work, but we can forgive it at this price.

Listening for an extended period of time, and to a range of sources, it’s clear that while the Audio Pro BT5 isn’t perfect, it is a solid speaker for the size and money. Put this one in the ‘does what it says on the tin’ category.


Despite the mountain of Bluetooth speakers on the market, we haven’t reviewed a huge number of this size and style – they’re normally more portable, and a little cheaper and smaller, or bigger, and packing more features and multi-room.

So you may well be thinking the Audio Pro BT5 could fill a gap and look rather nice on a shelf somewhere. It’s simple, stylish, and effective – maybe there was room for one more Bluetooth speaker after all.


  • Stylish design
  • Simple to use
  • Clear, full sound


  • Buttons feel basic
  • Timing isn’t perfect



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