Austrian Audio Hi-X55 headphone review
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The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 is the right choice for you if you are looking for a pair of professional analytical headphones, it has amazing sound performance with a solid build.

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The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 is the second pair of headphones we’ve seen from a brand known for its high-quality microphones.

These headphones and its sibling Hi-X50 are a five-star on-ear headphone that delivers Austrian sound with amazing quality, as it is a leap from other audio technologies to headphones.

This time the company tried to achieve the goal comprehensively, thanks to the team behind these headphones made up of long-serving experts from AKG, who made up the Austrian voice and AKG moved its headquarters from Vienna to California three years ago.

These headphones have a simple and clear design where “form follows function” is the overriding principle.

It provides a wide frequency range, in addition to a toroidal magnet system coupled to an audio coil made of copper clad aluminum.

In general, the Austrian Hi-X55 is a closed studio headphone and surround sound with high manufacturing quality, timeless design and high wearing comfort.

It is a detailed recording aid for those who record and mix high frequency material, so it is suitable for working in a studio due to its great sound with lots of bass reserves.


  • Accurate voice analytical
  • Excellent build and finish
  • Detachable and replaceable lead


  • Shorter bullets are optional extra

Key Specifically

Frequency range5Hz – 28 kHz
Impedance25 ohms
Cable length3m
Dimensions20 x 17 x 8.5cm

Durable metal design

The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 has a slightly better design than the Hi-X50 on-ear, the Hi-X55 comes beautifully crafted and is definitely around for every penny of that hefty spend.

It also has a lot of metal in this case, but you won’t feel too heavy for this type of headphone.

All the “important” parts – from the hinges, a large part of the headband, to the ear cups – are made of metal, which ultimately results in a quality product for you.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 headphone design

The Hi-X55 has an in-ear cutout to make the unit size more reasonable during transport, and these headphones are designed with portability in mind. They are not only intended for home use but you can take them with you anywhere.

All in all, the Austrian Audio Hi-X55 has a strong character; Like Austrian audio mics, in that they are built for extended use in a business environment, they are built to last.

You can easily replace the earbuds and headband pad if they become worn out with use, so these headphones should provide service for many years.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 has a cable that is also detachable and replaceable

and it comes with a height of 3 meters so the supplied cable is suitable for all practical purposes for home listening only.

A shorter 1.2m cable is also available, but it costs a little extra; It would have been nice if it was included in the price, but a 6.3mm adapter for at least 3.5mm jack is included.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 cable

The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 comes with a good fit, it’s comfortable for extended listening, the memory foam earpads sit well above the ears.

Do not worry that the pressure on these ears will cause any discomfort or anxiety, even though our ears will warm after a long time.

It has a closed design with a good seal. The memory foam earbuds are effective in blocking out an adequate amount of outside noise.


The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 has a very good sound performance, on the headphones we found the tempo and rhythms to be perfectly sound, but the bass is fast in no way – a mistake that some closed-back headphones can be charged with.

 Take what you want is a regular test of bass that fires at intervals across the path, where each bass beat is clearly rendered, with clean edges for the notes and almost no blurring. Overall it is an impressive performance.

Austrian Audio Hi-X55 high sound quality
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The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 really does stand out for accuracy elsewhere in the audio range, for example the treble and midrange are clean, clear and detailed, and everything is pretty equal across the spectrum.

However, we only observed a slight tendency towards brightness in the upper midrange range; This brings out the sounds up front, but doesn’t detract from the rest of the piece.

And this personal trait is where the premium Austrian acoustics differ from its more obvious competitors, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless or the Philips Fidelio X3. All in all, the Austrian Audio Hi-X55 headphones provide warm and comfortable listening.

Austrian acoustics are more analytical and “professional” in their presentation, but it is up to you to decide which one suits you – but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.


The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 had a great soundtrack, as we liked it very much with its Austrian sound.

It is also well built and extremely sturdy, and moves the track honestly.

But to be honest, it’s not as easy to listen as some of the competitors, and you’ll definitely be unforgiving with some recordings.

But if you want to hear what’s really in the track or recording you can’t find better than the Austrian Audio Hi-X55 at this price.

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Headphone Buying Link Price Store
Audio Hi-X55 Check Price $389.00 Amazon


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