Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub
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Nowadays a lot of Laptops have Thunderbolt ports or Type-C ports while lacking traditional ordinary ports. Here comes the role of Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub. By giving you more space to connect multiple devices to your laptop. It is very fast while reading and transferring data works on 100W.

Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub Specs

Material:ABS+Aluminum alloy
Craft:Sandblasting and anodizing
Color:Space Gray
Applicable models: For laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices with Type-C ports
USB3.0:5Gbps transmission rate
TF/SD 3.0:Dual disk reading, 104MB/s
4K HD:[email protected]
3.5mm audio: US standard
Type-C: Supports PD 100W
Cable length:Exposed 15cm
Supports systems:Windows, Apple OS, Android


The Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub with Retractable Clip looks pretty norm initially. It is approximately 3 1/2″ wide by 2 1/8″ profound by 5/8″ thick. Space Gray in shading.

The greater part of the shell is produced from an aluminum compound, giving it a pleasant strong — yet light — feel. On one edge, you’ll discover the USB 3.0, SD Card, TF card, HDMI, and USB-C (Power Deliver) ports and spaces.

The face around these ports is a matte dark plastic piece. On the contradicting edge is a gleam dark plastic piece without any ports. When connected, notwithstanding, a dainty blue light sparkles across the center to show it is fueled on. 

Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub Design

One of the short edges of the center has a 3.5mm sound jack. While the other is the place where the short, 6″ USB-C link is associated.

The link closes with an elbow connector. Which is ideally suited for associating with tablets or separable PCs.

And keeping the line clean close by the edge of your gadget. On the external side of the USB-C connector is orange on/off switch. 

The primary selling component of this USB-C center point, as I would like to think, is the retractable clasp. The top third of the front and back of the center point is a level dark piece.

When squeezed forward from the back, the dark piece on the front pushes out and uncovered a clasp. Which would then be able to be connected to the edge or side of your gadget.

Obviously, you can likewise utilize it without the clasp with a standard PC. That being said. If your PC has a dangerous cover or somewhat calculated plan, the clasp may not hold as expected.

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On the performance side of things, the Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub proceeds as one would anticipate. It presents up to 100W Power Delivery. And I had no issues fueling a separable PC that necessary 65W of force with it.

When tried with a USB-C voltage meter, the yield was in accordance with what it ought to be. The HDMI association upholds 4K @ 60Hz, which I additionally had no issues accomplishing when associated with a 4K screen. At last, the USB 3.0, SD card space, and 3.5mm sound earphone jack filled in true form also.

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Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub manual

The Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub is really simple to utilize. As referenced in the past segment. Pushing the clasp out permits you to cut it onto most gadgets more slender than 10.5mm.

Other than that, plug in a USB-C link to the USB-C port to control the center. At that point, plug in your USB gadget, SD card, headset, or HDMI link to interface with different gadgets.


On the off chance that you have a tablet, separable PC. Or slim PC and are hoping to add a couple of additional ports to it. The Baseus Magic Multifunctional Type-C Hub with Retractable Clip performs well. And can be connected to most gadgets to keep your work area clean.

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