Beats Powerbeats 4 Earbuds
Beats Powerbeats 4 Earbuds
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The Beats Powerbeats 4 Earphones offer better aesthetics, battery life and sound than the Powerbeats 3, with a significantly ergonomic design.

Fast Talk

The Beats Powerbeats 4 in-ear headphones resemble the popular wireless model, the Powerbeats Pro, and the Powerbeats 4 exquisitely blends fashion, functionality and convenience, making these headphones comfortably entering the competition for the best playback headphones you can buy.

The Beats Powerbeats 4 has a very ergonomic design that is suitable for people who are interested in fitness exercises,

it provides a very comfortable fit, but unfortunately, a cable behind the neck may get tangle in your clothes or make you feel some itch if you suffer from allergies.

As for the sound quality of the Beats 4, it is superb, as it produces very clear and clear sound.

However, it is not without its flaws, as it lacks the features you expected standard in other earphones under $ 200, for example it lacks ear detection and charging status.

Beats Powerbeats 4 comes at $ 149.95 and is available in three colors: white, black and red.

Powerbeats comes with a carrying case, a Lightning to USB-A charging cable, a quick start guide, and four pairs of ear tips in various sizes.


  • Very secure fit
  • Great sound and call quality
  • Consistent battery life when fully charged
  • Elegant and durable craftsmanship
  • Apple H1 chip with performance benefits


  • The wire is not functional anymore
  • Less features
  • Feel uncomfortable after a while

Powerbeats 4 Key Specifically

ConnectivityApple H1 chip
Battery life15 hours
ColorsWhite, Black, Red
Size2.2 inches tall
Weight0.9 ounces

Sleek and Colorful Design 

The Beats 4 earphones are essentially the Powerbeats Pro, but they’re not wireless, they come with a wire running between the headphones, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Beats design is available with some bold and vibrant colors and even the B logo embosses on the buttons, which flow and blend beautifully into the overall look giving a decent design at the end.

Beats Powerbeats 4 Earbuds Design

But now the company has also gone with its traditional colors like the white / gray and red / white variants.

Learns the Beats Powerbeats 4 from the previous version and solves design issues, including high-impact plastic housing, rubber ear hooks, and IPX4 certification for sweat and water resistance.

These materials are well designed to protect against intense sweat during training,

and the hooks have a stiff and flexible feel so that they do not explode no matter how many times you adjust them.

The most distinctive design change between the Powerbeats 4 from the Powerbeats Pro version is the cord, and this time Beats used a silicone round wire instead of the flat wire used in the Powerbeats 3.

Thanks to Beats’ distinctive ear hooks, each version provided excellent in-ear stability by staying intact around the ears during workouts, and interchangeable tips provide a decent seal to keep them closed when properly adjusted.

Unfortunately, the Beats 4 does not have the same freedom of ventilation as the Powerbeats Pro due to its slightly heavier shape and, of course, the cord.

Good Controls

Beats Powerbeats 4 Earbuds Controls

As for the controls, they are somewhat different from the Powerbeats Pro.

Where Beats has switched things up a bit, they remove the MF button and the volume control button on the left earphone’s power / pairing button, and this helps to simplify the functions.

But we noticed that in this way, you will exert an unwanted pressure on your ears, meaning that pressing the MF button several times will cause pain in the shell after a while.

But the controls are generally very good, as they produce a nice click effect that guarantees the intended commands.

Great Battery Life , High quality calls

Beats Powerbeats 4 has an extremely impressive battery life, you will get a 15-hour battery life, which is equivalent to realistically 14 hours, and this is very cool, as it is about 3 hours more than the Powerbeats 3 when fully charge.

The only real advantage the Powerbeats Pro has over its wired sibling is

Unfortunately, the Powerbeats Pro 4 Beats doesn’t have the same charging case as its Powerbeats Pro sibling, but it’s not a huge deal, especially since Powerbeats shares the same Fast Fuel charging technology to get one hour of gaming for a 5-minute charge.

Beats Powerbeats 4 boasts superb call quality, as it is a powerful communication headphone that picks up sounds with perfect clarity.

And when I did the tests to find out how good the headphones were at reducing the ambient sound, the result was very impressive, as I was able to easily hear my friend despite the surrounding noise, and he also understood every sentence I spoke about, which indicates that Powerbeats can handle itself in Noisy environments.

Impressive features

One of the great features of the Beats Powerbeats 4 is the H1 processor from Apple.

These headphones have lots of special tricks and wireless features that can be offered to users.

Connectivity remains one of Apple’s greatest strengths, and Powerbeats is its benefactor, as the H1 chip provides seamless pairing capabilities with all Apple devices.

It is known that Apple audio products are not compatible with the Android system, but when we conducted tests, Beats Powerbeats 4 agreed with the Google Pixel 2XL, and I found that it is easier to pair through the Beats app, which you can download from Google Play.

Beats Powerbeats 4 also has voice-activated ‘Hey Siri’ support, allowing you to execute tasks in a hands-free manner; Powerbeats also supports Google Assistant, which also responds greatly to voice commands.

We also noticed how much Powerbeats improved in recognizing different connections. For example, headphones were connected via Bluetooth on my MacBook, along with another pair of wired headphones, and the result was that Powerbeats was the primary audio source.

Detailed and powerful audio performance

In terms of sound quality, the Beats Powerbeats 4 produces some powerful sounds that come through its speakers. It maintains the same audio profile as the Powerbeats Pro with its 12mm linear piston motors that pump out an active and clear sound.

During the auditions, we heard the song ‘Take What You Want’ and the bass was extremely powerful, resulting in a nice echo that creates a lasting effect during the recording.

Then we moved on to rock with Lucid dreams, and I was surprised how well these headphones could handle the song, as they accurately reproduced the rumbling bass line with enough room for the high hats and sounds to shine.

We also heard “Never Love Again,” which sounded fun when entering recovery mode, as the piano keys were so lively, but I had to turn the volume up to hear each instrument clearly.

The Beats Powerbeats 4 is neither too loud nor too low, which means it won’t damage your hearing.


The Beats Powerbeats 4 In-Ear Headphones are an ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want a great sound to boost their excitement while doing various exercises.

The Beats Company has been able to incorporate all the distinctive features that have made the Powerbeats Pro a huge success, for example possessing great dynamic sound in addition to the H1 performance franchises.

Beats Powerbeats 4 also has a steady battery life, giving you around 15 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for about a week.

But due to the extended wire it may easily tangle in your gym bag and may feel irritation on your skin, depending on your sensitivity.

There is no charging case, which means you should have one of the best portable chargers or a Lightning cable to recharge when traveling.

But the Beats Powerbeats 4 is easily still among the best sports headphones in its class, but they are not the best overall.

Earbuds Buying Link Price Store
Powerbeats 4 Check Price $119.00 Amazon
Powerbeats Pro Check Price $199.95 Amazon
Powerbeats3 Check Price $47.99 Amazon


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