Beats Studio 3
Beats Studio 3


Studio 3

Good Stuff

  • Great wireless performance
  • Solid voice
  • Maximum battery life

    Bad Stuff

  • Mendy meads
  • Doesn’t deliver the power of sub bass you might want

    The Beats Studio 3 headphones have many wonderful specifications, they provide you with great battery life, and connecting them to your phone is very easy.

    Fast Talk (Beats Studio 3)

    The Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are Beats headphones, they are full-size wireless headphones from Apple, they have many features that make them stand out among the many types in the market.

    For example, these headphones provide you with good comfort, as they have a wonderful design that provides you with complete comfort while listening to songs or playing games.

    It is also characterized by great wireless connectivity and excellent long-lasting battery life,

    but if you want to get good noise cancellation and great sound quality, these are not the right headphones for you,

    as you can go to headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM3, which provide excellent noise isolation.

    Beats Studio 3 headphones come in at $ 349 / £ 299.

    Beats Studio 3: Comfortable design

    We found Studio 3 Wireless headphones very similar in design to the previous generation of Studio Wireless headphones,

    they have a durable design, with these Beats headphones sticking somewhat close to your head.

    They are great for those looking for a more steady or flashy look to get it in other finishes including classic red with silver accents and white with gold trim.

    Beats Studio 3 Designs

    As for the construction, it is fairly traditional, for example most of the Beats Studio 3 wireless frame is made of plastic,

    plus the pads use synthetic leather that looks fake, but is soft to the touch nonetheless.

    But we can say that the Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are well-designed compared to previous versions,

    as Beats has been criticized for its design of headphones over the years.

    Beats Studio 3 Ports

    Plastic isn’t the best thing, but it does have a measure of resistance that is well judged on the folded hinge of the headband that prevents the shanks from flapping.

    The Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones feature a very ergonomic design,

    as the oval snips in the pads provide enough room for most ears.

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    Beats Studio 3 Features: Noise cancellation 

    Another great feature of the Beats Studio 3 headphones is its Active Noise Canceling feature

    Pure ANC, it is considered another modified feature in the headphones,

    as the company stated that this release puts an additional layer of intelligence between the noise and your ears.

    This feature is designed to avoid the distortion caused by canceling the loudest sources,

    yet Pure ANC also doesn’t solve one of the biggest problems with ANC headphones in the real world – wind noise.

    Beats Studio 3 Apple pairs

    So that’s where the wind whistles around the pinhole microphone, which the noise cancellation tries to correct, by just doing so creates more noise.

    The Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are considered slightly more susceptible to air noise than some,

    but they affect almost all ANC headphones to some degree.

    But the noise cancellation on these headphones is reasonably effective,

    providing the main benefits of making cities less stressful and cutting off the noise from damaging your music.

    Amazing battery life with great connection

    One of the major changes in the Studio 3 Wireless headphones is the Apple W1 chip, which is a dedicated wireless chipset that removes wrinkles from the communication process when connected to an iPhone or iPad.

    For example, when you launch Studio 3 headphones, a pop-up window will appear on the iPhone with a 3D rotating model of the headphones, all you have to do is click a button in this pop-up window to call.

    Beats Studio 3 Charge

    And iOS 13 already contains a great interface to reconnect with regular Bluetooth headsets, but the W1 chip makes the interaction look more direct, and much easier.

    Apple has improved its wireless technology to bring us the H1 headphone chip,

    and we’ve seen that in the new AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro.

    But also the H1 chip is very good; It lets you see the battery percentage of the headphones remaining from the app you are using for streaming, which is easy to use.

    As for the battery life, it is very impressive as it is one of the main features that distinguish Beats Studio 3 headphones,

    you will get 22 hours with wireless connectivity and ANC or 20 hours from Bose.

    And if you turn off Active Noise Cancellation and Beats Studio 3 will last up to 40 hours, that’s cool by all accounts

    The headphones have a small 5-LED indicator via the power button

    to allow you to see a rough guide of how much juice is left even before you put them in.

    We have found that the wireless performance is pretty much ideal whether you are using an iPhone or Android,

    since the controls in the left cup can also use for Android and iPhone devices.

    For example, the central Beats logo button pauses playback,

    changing tracks with multiple clicks, and the up and down buttons change the volume.

    Performance: Good sound

    When it comes to sound, the Beats Studio 3 headphones are good but for music lovers, they will be very disappointed.

    Beats Studio 3 is no longer the embodiment of headphones for people who often speak in TV slang.

    During testing, we found that the headphones have a sound display similar to some of the best travel-friendly headphones, and they provide a perfectly forward presentation, which makes the main parts of the mix seem close to your ears.

    Beats Studio 3 headphones have relatively low bass, not as good as the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2, where the bass makes the kick drums stand out and sound more powerful.

    But these headphones nonetheless enjoyed another kind of focus on the bass

    as we noticed thickening in the upper and mid-low bass rather than the perforation of the gut sub.

    You might think of it as a greasy, warm, or full tone, which leaves a certain strong aftertaste despite

    The Beats Studio 3 Wireless isn’t really loaded with low frequencies, but when playing a soft tone,

    it will leave you with a strong aftertaste, and this works well in a lot of situations.

    As for podcasts, there is no support with bass, but the voices are still strong.

    Certain parts of the Beats Studio 3 headphones end up being low on saturation, which should fill in the volume, and stop the music from separating properly.

    Another negative point about the headphones is that the sound stage appears to be restrain, although the problem is only in the middle.

    We also found that the Beats Studio 3 headphones had a fairly safe triple that lacked a bit of a sting compared to some in price.


    The Beats Studio 3 headphones look good, they have a very comfortable design as they are elegant and modern,

    and if you are not picky about the sound you will find that they provide decent

    sound while releasing the pressure valve for city life with active noise cancellation.

    In addition to the impressive long-lasting battery life, and with the Apple W1 chip,

    you will get easy-to-use headphones, especially if you own an iPhone.

    But despite this we found that there are audio issues that you do not hear in other good headphones for the price,

    as we found that the sound is not a booming bass but a leather frame that sits

    between the bass and the center that makes Beats Studio 3 less clear and open sound than most alternatives.



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