Beeline Velo
Beeline Velo

Beeline Velo is a simple and easy to use the route-following device that’s quick to set up and great if you’re doing point-to-point rides and you’re not sure of the way.

The app needs to be a bit more robust, and some of the advertised features don’t work, so at the moment it feels a bit like a work in progress.

The Beeline majors on simplicity. The physical unit is mostly a screen; there’s no GPS chip inside, as the smartphone app (iOS/Android) takes care of that part of the process. The unit does contain an accelerometer, a gyroscope,

a magnetometer though, which it uses to gauge movement to show you accurate information. There are four touch buttons on the front to access the device settings. They’re not great in gloves but you rarely need to do anything while you’re riding.

Lots of beefy data on the app, which can be teamed up with Strava, means you get a comprehensive dataset from each and every journey too.

While some of the controls on the device itself seem a little counter-intuitive, once you’ve got to grips with it the no-nonsense design of the Beeline Velo makes it a really practical solution for on-bike navigation, whether you’re riding a pushbike, electric bike, scooter or motorcycle.

It’s got a few quirks, with no off switch being the main irritation, but overall the design and build of the Beeline Velo leaves you feeling it’ll deliver a good few years of service.

Beeline Velo Design

Beeline Velo Design

Prior to powering it up for the first time the Beeline Velo is a rather nondescript disc-shaped chunk of plastic that’s somewhat reminiscent of a hockey puck,

though seemingly less robust. It feels light, has the potential to be easily dropped and sports a circular screen and no obvious controls that give you any kind of inkling what to expect.

Then Beeline Velo is, in essence, a simplified and very minimalistic bike computer, so once you’ve set up a route via the app on your smartphone,

direction arrows are displayed in the center of the circular screen. Other information,

such as distance traveled, for example, is also displayed. It’s a less-is-more approach that is practical because it doesn’t distract you with too much information.

Beeline Velo Setup

Getting started with the Beeline Velo did take us a while,

not because of the supporting app, but the device itself is a bit confusing until you’ve fathomed how it ticks.

After downloading the very impressive app to your phone, you need to pair it with the device. That bit was easy with no problems at all thanks to Bluetooth doing its job without fuss.

Beeline Velo User

We got ourselves set up and running with the Beeline Velo prior to attaching it to the handlebars of our bike.

The device comes with a rubberized circular protective case,

that you pop the Beeline Velo in and out of if you need to charge it as the cable connector is hidden in the side.

You can use this case to cover the screen

put it in your pocket or bag for safekeeping before, during and after a ride if need be.

To fix it onto your handlebars you’ll need to double-back the rubber strap and push the screen half into the other circular section.

Getting out on the road for the first time with the Beeline strapped to the handlebars took a little bit of getting used to,

but once you’re in harmony with its directional arrows that move on the screen dynamically it becomes invaluable.

incredibly simple

In fact, while the directional aspect of the device was largely faultless, we were more nervous about the Beeline Velo popping out of its rubberized strap and container combination.

It attaches to your bike tightly,

left feeling slightly nervous that the tension around the bars might have been enough to make it pop off.

It didn’t, but the nervousness remained. There’s a bracket in the box though that presumably lets you attach a lanyard, just in case it pops off if you go over a bump.

Beeline Velo handlebars

beeline velo handlebars
beeline velo handlebars

way, it adjusts dynamically to every move of your handlebars means the Beeline Velo is perfect for navigating really tricky routes such as town and city streets.

Out on the open road, meanwhile, it just needs you to give it a cursory glance to check you’re on the right track.

You want to be up and riding

Although the app is great, the device itself seems a little counterintuitive until you discover its charms. Oh, and that rubberized handlebar strap still leaves us feeling a little bit nervous.


you get your head around the device itself Beeline rewards you with simple but effective navigation on your handlebars backed up by an impressive app that can be used in tandem with Strava.

Perfect if you’re fanatical about bike stats, and love clear, no-nonsense directions during your journey. We mostly love it.


  • Crisp and clean navigation
  • Excellent app
  • Great for monitoring cycling stats


  • No off switch
  • Handlebar clasp


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