Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking
Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking
Smartwatch Price Weight Battery Life
Fitbit Charge 3 Check Price 36 gram 7 days
Fitbit Versa Check Price 38 gram 4 days
Fitbit Ionic Check Price 49,89 gram GPS mode: 10 hr. watch mode: 5 days
Fitbit Alta HR Check Price 23 gram 7 days

Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking – Fitbit Health and Fitness smartwatches have the power to help you keep your fitness on the right track.

It is packed with many class-leading features that help you stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals.

These Fitbit smartwatches contain more than 15 additional training modes to see real-time stats during workouts.

It is also distinguished by its ability to track your sleep,

whether it is a quiet, intermittent or deep sleep, and so on

In this article, we will introduce you to the Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking

1- Fitbit Charge 3 – Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking


  • Big Screen
  • Light design
  • Completely waterproof


  • There is no GPS on board
  • Monochrome screen
  • Special charger


The Fitbit charge 3 is based on the design that we’ve seen in the charge 2, but it’s refined.

there’s something about the design on this that I like, I think it’s just there’s nothing sort of dramatically different about it, but it’s just done, very well. 

there are small engagements both from the overall aesthetics. and it’s much better fit on the wrist. 

and it does offer you more information, and that’s because it has a larger display. The larger display does a really good job. 

Fitbit Charge 3
Fitbit Charge 3

The stock screen is large with your steps up top, the time and below is your heart rate reading more on the accuracy of that later. 

The touch area is still quite small though and you have to somewhat exaggerate the movement or distance to ensure a swipe. 

and you have a lot of activities on the home screen like running, biking, swimming, treadmills, and there’s more that you can configure within the app. 

you are able to accept and reject phone calls with a check mark or an X respectively. 

There’s the weather app which gives me both the highs and lows with an icon indicating what’s happening for the day.

As for the Fitbit Charge 3 sleep tracker, you’ll feel comfortable enough while you sleep, but we didn’t always want to wear it to sleep, Fitbit suggests.

It has a very useful and cool feature which is the silent mode, which vibrates the tracker on your wrist to wake you very gently without disturbing anyone else near you.

2- Fitbit Versa – Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking


  • Lightweight design
  • Fitbit’s most customizable wearable
  • Relatively low price


  • Rounded design won’t suit everyone
  • Battery life not as good as Ionic
  • No GPS


The Fitbit versa comes in a variety of different colours, it’s so beautiful.

The watch face is roughly 4 centimeters by 4 centimetres, this is one of the Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking and thinnest Smartwatches on the market. 

which also makes it quite light is only 38 grams, so you barely feel it on your wrist, it’s super comfortable. 

it also of course has a full-colour LCD touchscreen display. you can change the watch straps if you want.

Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa

and you can also choose from hundreds of different clock faces, so all you do is hop on to the Fitbit App under the clocks section and there are a hundred to choose from. 

The Fitbit versa is first and foremost a fitness tracker, you can easily access the exercise mode by simply swiping left or just simply clicking the top right hand button, and your exercise menu opens. 

In terms of the fitness side of this watch, there is the coach feature. so if you select the coach you then select which workout you’d like to.

and you can receive whatsapp messages, emails and phone calls. The Fitbit versa also has a heart rate monitor, but what I really like about this feature is it has 24/7 heart rate tracking. 

so any time of the day if I look down at my watch I can see my heart rates.

and for the battery life, you get roughly four days of charge.

The watch also has a very nice feature which is sleep tracking, so if you wear Versa to bed, it will automatically track your sleep by identifying your lack of activity, sedation and low heart rate. 

and a summary of your sleep pattern will then be presented within the app after waking up.

3- Fitbit Ionic


  • Fitbit Pay works well
  • Great fitness features
  • Strong battery life


  • Controversial design
  • A little slow
  • Limited music shows


The Fitbit ionic looks very modern, and almost futuristic, for the side profile it does look big. two straps come in a box both small and large.

on the back of the ionic, there’s quick release buttons that work much better and faster than most other watches. 

and the display is one unit, this makes the ionic cumbersome to handle versus the old-school blaze. 

and the battery life average about 5 days with notifications on, this included text messages. 

Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit Ionic

all buttons are very tactile and clicky, also wearing this for the past several weeks. 

The touch base on the display is fantastic, the colours are vibrant, it’s also bright indoors, but more importantly bright is the animations are a little choppy. 

With the display the Fitbit gives you 17 different watch faces, some more vibrant than others. 

the finger response on the touchscreen feels to be improved here a bit more intuitively, and tapping on the screen gives you a quick walk through. 

you do get automatic sleep recording, and they provide some of the best sleep analysis differentiating it’s one of the Best Fitbit for Sleep Tracking, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep even.

4- Fitbit Alta HR


  • Slim and comfortable design
  • Count on one point
  • Accurate heart rate reader


  • Screen is slightly unresponsive
  • Not the most dynamic sport tracker
  • The screen is difficult to read in bright light


The Fitbit Alta HR is a slim tracker that blends into its strap. It has a simple black screen that requires a firm tap to activate and scroll through. 

the Alta HR is comfortable to wear, it doesn’t get in the way much. battery life is fairly middling and although it claims, it can manage seven days. 

The charger is proprietary, so don’t lose it, but it’s easy enough to use and charge very quickly. 

There’s a very basic SmartWatch feature, especially you can receive notifications on your wrist as with most trackers. 

Fitbit Alta HR
Fitbit Alta HR

you do have the option to start a walk hike or run if you wanted to sync with the GPS though. 

specifically the Fitbit Alta HR can automatically identify and track, walks, runs, outdoor, bike, elliptical machine and some others. 

there’s no GPS built in here, there’s no water resistant, this time either unlike the Flex. 

It has the added benefit of a heart rate monitor for even better accuracy, it can successfully auto detect the bike rides and runs which never ceases to amaze. 

you can check your current heart rate at any time during the day, and the heart rate monitor also ensures that users can take advantage of the new and improved sleep tracking. 

and for the software, the Android app remains one of the most intuitive and useful of any fitness tracking solution on the play store.

Featuring your own sleep tracking skills, Fitbit Alta HR gets an accurate and detailed tracking that shows your night’s journey during periods of deep, disturbed sleep.

This Fitbit watch features sleep tracking that combines an accelerometer with heart rate data to monitor your sleep quality with greater accuracy.

Smartwatch Price Weight Battery Life
Fitbit Charge 3 Check Price 36 gram 7 days
Fitbit Versa Check Price 38 gram 4 days
Fitbit Ionic Check Price 49,89 gram GPS mode: 10 hr. watch mode: 5 days
Fitbit Alta HR Check Price 23 gram 7 days



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