Best Laptops for College
Best Laptops for College

Best Laptops for College – The school and university season is at the door,

and each student will start arranging his priorities in needs, one of the most important things that students must have is the laptop computer,

it is necessary like textbooks, through which you can listen to educational lessons

and do homework and other tasks, as well as the computer Mobile phones are not limited to schoolwork only,

but you can do anything with it and watch movies, listen to music, post pictures,

games, and video chat with the rents at home.

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We will show you the Best Laptops For College

1- HP Envy 13 (2019)


  • Excellent value
  • Elegant design
  • Strong Ultrabook performance
  • Poppy, tactile keyboard
  • Marathon battery


  • Inconsistent multi-core performance
  • Hinge design poor for laps
  • Display could be brighter


The HP ENVY 2019 is really suited to the premium ultrabook class, it’s nice and light, has great build quality, has pretty good specs,

and for the most part can cover the general user of an everyday student, it’s consider as one of the Best Laptops for College.

you have a 13.3 inch display that has options to update into a touchscreen,

as well as 4k, you have an i7 processor, you have an SSD that is nice and fast. 

as well as Bang & Olufsen speakers in some great IO on the side.

HP Envy 13 (2019)
HP Envy 13 (2019)

and for the design it’s very good, very simplistic, well made out of the aluminium,

overall just feels like a very premium built computer. 

This definitely allows  for a much nicer typing experience being on a natural angle as opposed to completely flat, but it also allows for airflow to float down, the bottom gives you better performance through ventilation. 

and in terms of the keyboard; this is essentially a full-size keyboard and it goes all the way to the edge of the computer which is a pretty good use of space with the speakers on the top. 

and the trackpad built-in has a decent size and for the most part navigates nicely. 

next to the keyboard you also gonna find a fingerprint sensor, which is great for security. 

The awesome thing about this computer is the security features, that it has a privacy screen built in. 

it has good specs and can handle all of your everyday tasks and a little bit of production, but it definitely isn’t made specifically for gaming. 

and the battery life on this computer is pretty good, you will get through an entire day,  they claimed up to 14 hours on like optimal settings.

2- HP Spectre x360 (Late 2019)


  • Stylish and high quality finish
  • Great overall performance
  • The built-in security features are helpful


  • New components mean battery life is affected
  • It can be hot at times


The HP Spectre is made from anodized aluminium, and it is very rigid.

screen assembly has a little bit of flex when you twist it, but it’s very minimal. 

The top face has zero flex but the keyboard itself has a little bit of flex.

tension is perfect, it’s a one hand open, but stiff enough to not move at all. 

and for the screen, you have a 1080p screen, a 1080p with a privacy filter, and a 4k AMOLED withoya privacy filter. 

colour gamut and colour accuracy are both good, perfect for most content creators, but not quite professional level. 

HP Spectre x360
HP Spectre x360

the keyboard uses a 65 percent layout with an extra column on the right,

and the key travel feels just a little bit short, but it’s very tactile it’s one of Best Laptops for College.

The trackpad uses a smooth frosted glass surface with accurate tracking and acceleration curves. 

on the bottom you have your two speakers, they’re not very good to be honest, but they’re fine for YouTube videos. 

The RAM and the Wi-fi card are both soldered on unfortunately. There’s a 61 watt IRA battery inside, and it has really really solid battery life here.

and for $900 i think this is an excellent value, particularly for students.

3- Lenovo Yoga C940


  • Excellent design
  • Great performance
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • Expensive
  • Battery life
  • Speakers gave us hope


Lenovo Yoga C940 is a really good laptop, especially the speakers grille on the hinge, and even at low volumes it sounds pretty good. 

The hinge houses double-sided speaker grilles that handle mostly mid-range and trouble with two bottom firing drivers. 

it’s made entirely out of aluminium, and all the painted aluminium laptops sort of felt, this is among one of the nicer feeling finishes. 

The structural rigidity is excellent, there’s very little flex on the screen and on the keyboard deck. 

Lenovo Yoga C940
Lenovo Yoga C940

contrast is excellent, but the colour gamut and colour accuracy are not very impressive, and they have a 4k options if you want better colour accuracy, higher brightness and HDR 400 support. 

This laptop has a pen, but it’s not comfortable, it’s thin, and short . It’s got a really nice keyboard with the exception of the short key travel.

There’s also a fingerprint sensor located on the bottom right of the keyboard. 

the trackpad on this is pretty good, the only area it’s lacking in is tracking accuracy when you’re making very small movements. The thermals are pretty good, there two fans inside. 

in terms of battery life, they claimed 15 hours with the 1080p model, and you get closer to 10 hours with light use and screen brightness at 90%.

4- Google Pixelbook Go Best Laptops for College


  • Unbelievable battery life
  • An amazing keyboard
  • Rare 1080p webcam
  • Excellent design


  • No biometric login
  • Iffy’s pricing is from mid to high


The pixelbook Go comes in multiple models. In terms of design of the Pixelbook Go, it looks a little plain, and the original Google Pixelbook is a little more flash and has amazing design. 

at the bottom Goggle decided to add some ridges, it also has two long strips which are rubberized grips. 

on the left side you do have a USBC slot, a headphone jack. and on the right side another USB slot. 

They also pass the one-handed lid opening test with ease. there’s no face unlock integration, there’s also no fingerprint scanner, so you’re gonna have to type in your PIN or pads. 

Google Pixelbook Go
Google Pixelbook Go

Pixelbook Go has a 13.3 inch 1080 touchscreen display, and it’s pretty bright. the trackpad is very okay, it’s a pretty standard trackpad. 

The keyboard is pretty good, and the keys have a pretty good sound, and it’s super satisfying to type in. 

The keyboard is not crazy clicky and there’s not too much travel. The picks up what goes battery life has been good at Google says you’re gonna get around a 12 hour average. 

The Pixelbook Go does have two front firing speakers next to the keyboard. 

and when it comes to volume it actually gets really loud, and when it comes to quality, it does lack some bass. 

The Pixelbook Go has a chroma OS, it satisfies a lot of people’s needs.

5- HP Chromebook 14 Best Laptops for College


  • Excellent keyboard and trackpad
  • Chrome OS is fast and responsive
  • Clear, vibrant screen


  • Not as powerful as some high-end Chromebooks
  • Average battery life


The HP Chromebook 14 with its price, the build is not good enough, it’s plastic, so there’s no aluminium, no real metal, but it doesn’t mean it feels terrible, it’s actually pretty firm. The hinge feels really good.

The design kind of feels young and fresh, it looks great on the table. The keyboard deck has this kind of brushed, translucent, white looking, ivory finish. 

The keyboard is pretty good, travels well, and the click mechanism feels good. The trackpad is nice and smooth, it’s plastic but it’s not trying to be this nice smooth plastic. 

HP Chromebook 14
HP Chromebook 14

and the port selection is very good in this device, you actually get a USB type A on both sides, and a USB type-c on both sides. 

the speakers on this were kind of surprising, they’re just like every other HD device marked with a B&O, they’re loud, and a little bit too heavy in the mid-range. 

This device comes with 32 gigs of storage, four gigs of ram, and the AMD A4 processor. 

In terms of the battery life, in general every Chomabook gets that kind of eight to 10 hour battery life, and this is no exception, and that’s pretty good when you look at the price.

6- Acer Spin 5 (2020) Best Laptops for College


  • Great battery life
  • Powerful 10th generation Intel CPU
  • Very portable
  • 3: 2 screen is ideal for taking notes
  • Includes a rich stylus feature


  • The 3: 2 display is not ideal for 16: 9 videos
  • Bloatware includes desktop popup ads
  • The games are not great


Acer Spin 5 has a good design by an all-aluminum chassis keyboard deck and side panels, making this laptop not only durable, but incredibly thin and light. 

weighing in at 2.65 pounds at barely over half an inch thick at 0.59 inches. 

The Acer spin 5 has a 56 watt hour battery, and it lasts about 7 hours and 15 minutes web browsing experience, and a 5 or 6 hour design or drawing or illustration experience. 

Acer Spin 5
Acer Spin 5

The acer spin 5 comes with a surprisingly wide variety of ports.

you have in this device a bright vibrant and colour accurate 13.5 inch 3×3 2k display. 

The slim bezels are subtle making the vibrant screen stand out even more. 

The hinges are strong and secure offering a smooth open and close of the lid. as well as only a slight bit of screen flex between the hinges. 

in terms of the keyboard, I’m really appreciating the spacious key placement, and the large shift key on the right side. 

The trackpad has equipped it with the Windows modern touch gestures drivers, which work nicely and have a strong click and excellent touch sensitivity. 

moving to the pen, it’s stored in the charging dock, on the right side of the keyboard deck, and it’s Acer’s active stylus.

7- Microsoft Surface Go 2


  • Premium design
  • Affordable, affordable, affordable
  • Windows 10 can run fully
  • Very good battery life


  • Touch cap or stylus is not included
  • The basic model specifications are weak
  • The Windows Store is still very exposed


Surface Go 2 is a very affordable new tablet that is well suited for students from Microsoft and runs Windows 10.

Surface Go 2 comes with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a dual-core Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y processor.

As for the Surface Go 2 design, it largely saturates the original Surface Go design, as it is the same as the previous model, and at 1.2 pounds (0.55 kg) it is slightly heavier than the original model.

Microsoft Surface Go 2
Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Type Cover is a very nice set, made of a durable and robust yet attractive material, and the keys are comfortable enough to type on. The touchpad remains small on the small side.

You can easily remove the Type Cover when you’re done using it, but it maintains its grip so you don’t fall out accidentally.

As for battery life, the Surface Go 2 lasted for 7 hours and 40 minutes, which is very good, and means that the Surface Go 2 can last for a full work day or school day without the need for a charge at all.



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