Best Smart Displays for 2021
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Best Smart Displays for 2021 – There are many smart screens available with various capabilities and features that you may want in your home.

Voice assistants have become one of the most important pieces that must be present in your home, especially after the emerging virus “Corona” crisis, as most people have become committed to sitting at home and avoiding various gatherings.

As these smart screens provide us with video chatting, touch controls, a screen for broadcasting, and many other different and varied features.

Amazon and Google have added some great new products that already have Alexa and Google Assistant.

With the emergence of the Amazon Echo Show 8 and Google Nest Hub, in addition to the new Echo Show 10 program that will soon be on the market, it has a wonderful set of voice assistants that always listen with a touch screen to watch videos, and control smart home devices.

We will show you some different models according to your needs, as there is a device that provides video chatting and video calls, and there is a device that connects to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home app, and other features.

Best Smart Displays for 2021

Google Nest Hub

Google Home is the leading smart home offering from Google, and Google Home Hub has released a device that has unique new features, for example it has a Google Photo Gallery that automatically updates and displays the home page, which displays your entire smart home, as well as It owns the Google Home app on iOS and Android, which you’ll need to pair your smart home devices with.

Google Nest Hub
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It has many improvements and upgrades over previous versions such as Google Home Max and Google Home Mini.

It also has a slightly smaller 7-inch touch screen, which has adaptive brightness that makes the images look particularly impressive.

With Google Nest Hub, you can control your smart home devices as your own smart doorbell, using an intuitively designed control panel.

Unfortunately, Home Hub lacks a camera, and the reason is concern about losing privacy, but some people will be disappoint that they will not be able to have a video chat.

The Google Home Hub was released on October 22, 2018 at a price of $ 149 and £ 139.

Amazon Echo Show 8 – Best Smart Displays for 2021

Amazon Echo Show 8 features an 8-inch smart screen, which is considered to be an ideal size and will not take up much space on the bedside table or kitchen table, through which you can shop online without lifting your finger, or use it to watch videos, listen to music, or even conduct Calls.

One of the great things about Echo Show is that it doesn’t need an app to set it up. It’s easy, comfortable and almost perfect.

Amazon Echo Show 8
Credit: Amazon

In the presenter there is a 1-megapixel camera, as well as a physical shutter that you can turn off if you are concerned about privacy.

The screen is very bright and clear, and it automatically adapts to the surrounding light.

The device also contains a pair of 2-inch speakers with passive bass, and although it is small, it produces a loud sound.

And if you like the bass you can keep it up and you can always adjust it to your liking.

The Echo Show 8 comes in September 2019 for $ 129 / £ 119 / AU $ 229.

Lenovo Smart Display

With its sharp screen and screaming sound, the Lenovo Smart Display is a precursor to Google Assistant’s visual interface.

Lenovo also offers three different models with 10, 8, and 7-inch screens, and the $ 250 smart 10-inch screen has a bamboo back that fits particularly well in the kitchen, as it’s nicely chic.

Lenovo Smart Display
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The Lenovo Smart Display is a smartly and beautifully designed smart screen that takes the Google Assistant to the next level in loud and clear terms with crisp and clear videos.

Setting up the smart screen is very easy, as it is through the Google Home app, but you will have to reset the pairing of the saved audio in Google Home if you want to use Duo video calls.

Smart Displays Buying Link Price Store
Amazon Echo Show 8 Check Price $129 Amazon



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