Best wireless headphones for 2021
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Sony WH-1000XM4 Check Price $348.00 Amazon
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Check Price $279.00 Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro Check Price - Amazon
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Check Price $139.95 Amazon
Jabra Elite 45h Check Price $99.99 Amazon

Best wireless headphones for 2021 – There are many wonderful wireless headphones that are full of different features, as there are true wireless headphones that resemble the buds such as AirPods and AirPods Pro, and there are full-size wireless headphones for noise cancellation from Bose and Sony products, and the new AirPods Max.

There are great budget headphones that provide you with great sound in addition to many other capabilities.

And because there are so many options in the market, it becomes difficult to choose from them, so we have recommended a number of complete headphones and earphones so that you can choose what is best for you.

Best wireless headphones for 2021

Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4
Credit: Sony


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Significantly noise cancellation
  • Smart controls
  • Strong battery life
  • Plenty of useful features


  • Call quality still needs to work

Design: The Sony WH-1000XM4 has a premium design, as it features a soft rubber finish that gives the headphones a more durable and luxurious feel than the plastic case, as they are lightweight, scratch-resistant and extremely comfortable.

Features:It features touch panels and gestures that are very fast and responsive, in addition to the presence of Sony’s “Precise Voice Pickup” technology.

There is the Sony Headphones Connect app, along with multiple connection options that allow seamless pairing outside of the app.

Noise Cancellation: The WH-1000XM4 has two front microphones and dual noise sensor technology that works with HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1 to analyze and filter ambient sounds.

Sound: The WH-1000xM3 produces a loud and dynamic sound stage, you’ll be dazzled by the impressive sound full of detail, plus it’s great in wired mode.

Battery Life:Battery life will last you 30 hours with ANC on and 38 hours with ANC off.

Apple AirPods Max – Best wireless headphones for 2021

Apple AirPods Max - Best wireless headphones for 2021
Credit: Apple


  • Great sound and noise cancellation
  • Cinematic spatial sound
  • Exceptional build quality


  • The audio cable is not included
  • Practically only Apple

Design: Apple AirPods Max shine with their elegant and streamlined design, featuring anodized aluminum ear cups made from one-piece finely threaded interconnected, in addition to a stainless steel headband.

Noise Cancellation:It has excellent noise cancellation quality, as it does not allow even a little noise, it works well to reduce the amount of outside noise that reaches your ears.

Sound:With excellent sound, AirPods Max have a high degree of clarity, creating an acoustic stage that combines essence with airiness.

Battery Life:The headphones will provide you about 20 hours of use from a full charge, which is less than the Sony WH-1000XM4, which offers 30 hours.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – Best wireless headphones for 2021

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
Credit: Bose


  • Thrilling entertainment sound
  • A wonderful balance
  • The noise cancellation is impressive


  • Average battery life

Design: The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are an in-ear headphone, featuring a brushed plastic used in the driver’s body that provides you with durability.

Features: These Buds have four microphones to aid in call quality and work well together to keep your voice strong and clear.

Noise Cancellation: Among the cool features present is the ability to set it to cancel noise based on your personal preferences, as there is a sliding scale to cancel the noise.

Sound: QuietComfort gives you great sound quality with lots of detail, as well as full and deep bass.

Battery Life: The battery life is about six hours from a single charge, while the charging case provides two additional charges, making a total of 18 hours, in addition to the availability of charging.

Apple AirPods Pro – Best wireless headphones for 2021

Apple AirPods Pro
Credit: Apple


  • Good noise cancellation
  • Much better fit
  • Good for tracking your hearing health


  • More expensive than better competitors
  • USB-C charging cable in the box
  • It can be lost during training

Design: AirPods Pro has a very light and comfortable design, as well as including silicone ear tips for the first time.

Features: AirPods Pro provides the Siri feature without using hands, which is great even as Apple is working to expand the set of Siri features.

These buds have a mode called Transparency which allows the transfer of ambient noise to the sound stage.

Noise Cancellation:AirPods Pro earbuds have noise cancellation, but they’re not the same as the WF-1000XM3’s noise canceling headphones, but they can suppress the noise as much as possible.

Sound: AirPods Pro are also capable of delivering clean, balanced sound that are very loud and entertaining, but aren’t intended for audiophiles.

Battery Life: AirPods Pro provides 4.5 hours of battery life, and the AirPods Pro case charges wirelessly so you can place it on your Mophie Pad if you don’t have a Lightning cable.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
Credit: Amazon


  • Refined and mature sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Nice to use


  • Relatively pricey
  • Timing could be improved

Design: The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 has a slimmer design and is slimmer in your hand and ears, so you’ll feel more comfortable on use during long listening sessions.

Features: These buds have these touchscreen controls to carry out a range of different functions.

Noise Cancellation: It has an active noise canceling feature, which you can turn on and it will absorb the chatter and chatter in the background to the outside world.

Battery Life: The battery will last for up to 6 hours, in addition to 18 cases, which is pretty much good.

Sound: The Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds have a slightly more neat and composed sound than the Sonys,

plus the noise canceling technology, so there’s an amazing amount of detail.

Jabra Elite 45h – Best wireless headphones for 2021

Jabra Elite 45h
Credit: Amazon


  • Excellent call quality
  • Customizable and balanced sound
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Jabra Sound + app support
  • Slim and elegant design


  • There is no headphone port
  • Zero isolation

Design: The Elite 45h has a slim profile and comes in bold colors and brass accents, which gives an elegant and luxurious look.

Features: Jabra has the traditional controllers, all located in the right ear cup, and supports Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri without any hiccups.

The App: The headphones come with the Jabra Sound app, which gives you the ability to customize your voice and access most of the features in the headphones.

Sound: The Elite 45’s headphones sound well without distorting or diluting the sound signature, and they give you clarity and depth, but they can only handle a lot of bass.

Battery Life: As for the battery life of the Elite 45h, it gives you 50 hours, which is great in all scales, and it will give you 10 hours of play for 15 minutes of charging.

Headphones Buying Link Price Store
Sony WH-1000XM4 Check Price $348.00 Amazon
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Check Price $279.00 Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro Check Price - Amazon
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Check Price $139.95 Amazon
Jabra Elite 45h Check Price $99.99 Amazon



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