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The Bose S1 Pro offers a lot of provisions and usefulness, so you realize you’re getting a very good quality speaker for this cash. 

As one of the most incredible all-around speakers out there, the Bose S1 Pro offers receiver and instrument inputs, Bluetooth capacity, and other top notch sensors.

So regardless of whether you’re a versatile DJ, a party organizer, or simply need a convenient speaker added to your assortment, the Bose S1 Pro is an amazing decision.

Pros and cons

The Bose S1 Pro can rapidly adjust to almost any circumstance to give you superb sound quality, first off. You can put it on a remnant, on a table, on the floor, or slant it back, you’ll in any case get an extraordinary sound. Intense to find different speakers who can say something similar. 

Additionally, some portion of the unit is a three-channel blender. With this component, clients can upgrade the exhibition of electric and acoustic guitars, or vocals, all done through the speaker. 
In conclusion, the Bose S2 Pro has an element it calls ToneMatch.
With this, the speaker will advance the sound of any instruments or peripherals you’re utilizing, including mics, guitars, or pianos. 
Bose doesn’t offer data about its speaker yields, and it needs execution information, which numerous clients would consider indispensable. Furthermore, while the Bose S1 Pro conveys great high and mids, the low-end yield could be better. 

Finally, in case you’re not close to an outlet, you might find the battery life lacking. The battery doesn’t keep going long all alone, and it depletes rapidly, in any event, when it’s on backup.

Bose S1 Pro Features

The Bose S1 Pro is smooth and complex and looks proficient regardless of the kind of setting or instrument you’re utilizing. Bose put its identification on the speaker’s front, simply over the barbecue, which you can turn depending on the situation. The speaker additionally accompanies a satchel, which supports securing the speaker while on the way. 

You’ll likewise appreciate different elements like sound system mode, which are available through the Bose cell phone application. The application is allowed to download and is accessible on both Android and iOS. 

One extra element I need to guide out is the capacity toward update the firmware of the unit. It’s basic and clear. Simply associate your cell phone by means of a miniature USB port on the gadget and burden the new programming.

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Bose S1 Pro speaker
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The Bose S1 Pro is made of great materials, which gives it a powerful and strong design. To shield the speakers from harm and keep them secure, a solid barbecue made of metal dwells before them.

This versatile speaker is lightweight and minimal, which makes it simple to move around absent a lot of exertion from you. 

Estimating 11.1 by 9.4 by 13.1, the Bose S1 Pro is not difficult to store. You ought to experience no difficulty finding space for it in your carport, vehicle, RV, or home.

Besides, since it’s just 11 inches long and 13 inches high, it’s position is safe. Accordingly, you’re getting a lot of sound from a speaker that is somewhat concealed. 

Something I like with regards to the Bose S1 Pro is you can put it in different positions and points to get only the sound you need.

You can lay it on its back, put it on its side, or stand it straight up. The Bose S1 Pro is designed so well; it will stay in any situation without wobbling. 


Under the foundation of the speaker is a stand attachment that permits you to embed a stand. With a stand embedded into the attachment, you can raise the speaker to the specific tallness you need.

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Controls on the rear of the speaker are easy to use and slow down into the speaker a piece, so nothing stands out. This lessens the danger that something may break while the speaker is on the way. 

The Bose S1 Pro speaker incorporates the actual speaker, a rope to supply capacity to the unit, and the working directions. This makes utilizing the speaker basic and simple, in any event, for those that aren’t happy with innovation.

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Additionally included with the Bose S1 Pro is a blender you can use to improve the sound yourself. There are a couple of data sources you can use, alongside a pre-select switch. With these elements, you can set up your speaker to give you better vocals and signs from an acoustic guitar. 

With the unit’s interface, you can handle both the high pitch and the bass also. Furthermore, you utilize the Bose Reverb control to make a reverb impact.

Bose S1 Pro speaker ports
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With the reverb include, you can handle the sound yield regardless of the size room you’re in. Regardless of whether you’re in a little restricted space, it’ll sound like you’re in an arena. 

The Bose S1 Pro additionally has LEDs that convey the situation with the speaker. This component assists clients with knowing precisely what’s new with the speaker.

For instance, a green LED demonstrates that all is great, while a red one implies that an over-burden is impending. 

At approximately 600 Hertz, the hybrid recurrence between the woofer and the mid-high speakers is low, which brings about superb sound quality.

You’ll encounter incredible clearness, discourse, and vocals with your Bose S1 Pro.

Bose S1 Pro Sound

Bose is quite possibly the most unmistakable brand with regards to sound and speakers. That is the reason it’s nothing unexpected that the Bose S1 Pro gives an amazing and strong sound from a little, lightweight, and smaller gadget. 

You’ll hear an awesome sound and great playback quality. Regardless of whether you decide to utilize Bluetooth or a link, you’ll get a sound that is both unmistakable and clear. 

The unit likewise offers a mechanized equalizer in case you’re not all that into changing the sound physically. With this component, your unit will react to the sound the unit delivers and make changes likewise.

This kind of component is extraordinary to the Bose S1 Pro in light of the fact that each side of the unit offers a fluctuating interface. 

Along these lines, the unit decides the bar points, then, at that point, changes the sound depending on its position. Bose does this through a position sensor that you introduce on your cell phone or tablet.

At the point when the speaker’s position or area changes, the sensor is told, which then, at that point, consequently makes acclimations to the sound by means of the equalizer.

Bose 1 pro vs Sonos Move Portable Speaker

The Sonos Move Speaker is a fantastic compact speaker option in contrast to the Bose S1 Pro. There’s a lot to like with regards to this unit, to such an extent that you may choose to make the Sonos Move your essential in-home remote speaker. 

There are a lot of components accessible with this speaker, including a versatile application that gives admittance to numerous remote capacities, two significant level drivers, and keen, robotized tuning that changes the sound dependent on your environmental elements. These provisions and more make the Sonos Move one of the most mind-blowing versatile speakers available. 

There are a lot of compact speakers in the present portable market, yet the Sonos Move stands apart by making itself flexible and simple to utilize.

There are downsides to the unit – it’s somewhat heavier than its rivals, however it is include rich and offers extraordinary sound quality.


In case you’re on the lookout for a lightweight, versatile, and compacted speaker, the Bose S1 Pro could very well be the unit you wanted.

It’s perhaps the most ideal choice in the business. There are a lot of adaptable choices accessible with the S1 Pro, which implies that regardless of how you set it up, you’ll get astounding sound quality.

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