SoundLink Around-Ear II
SoundLink Around-Ear II


Around-Ear II

Good Stuff

  • Powerful audio performance
  • incredibly comfortable
  • cable for wired listening
  • two devices simultaneously

    Bad Stuff

  • DSP Sculpts sound
  • not for professionals
  • cable lacks a remote

    The new Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II headphones have a beautifully lightweight, comfortable design, powerful sound and rich bass.

    Fast Talk (SoundLink Around-Ear II)

    Bose products are well known, and are unmatched for the sound quality of their products,

    Especially when it comes to noise canceling headphones.

    Although these headphones do not have active noise cancellation,

    they still do a surprisingly good job of isolating ambient sound through the “surround” earphones,

    they are great for use in all environments and are extremely easy to use.

    In front of us now are the new Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II headphones,

    which are a follow-up to last year’s SoundLink On-Ear headphones, with a price of about $ 279.95.

    The SoundLink Around-Ear II are completely wireless, and the only way to connect to your audio device is via Bluetooth,

    and at no time can your headphones break down while you are on a modem street, for example.

    These headphones have exceptional weight and a comfortable fit,

    the SoundLink Around-Ear II is charged with an audio cable for passive wired use,

    and of course it has powerful audio performance.

    SoundLink Around-Ear II Simple Design and very comfort 

    The new SoundLink AE II headphones feature a typical Bose design,

    have matte surfaces, no real trims, and a Bose logo embossed on each earpiece.

    As we are accustomed to from Bose products, it is known for its simple design

    that is not about appearance but more about functionality.

    Its design is also characterized by comfort, as it has luxurious leather ear cushions and a foam-cushioned underside to the headband,

    this makes you feel very comfortable when wearing and it is light like a feather.

    SoundLink Around-Ear II Design
    SoundLink Around-Ear II Design

    Each ear piece has “L” and “R” meshes stitched into large letters that are difficult to miss,

    the headband is precisely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, and the pair can be folded flat for easy storage – shipped with an ultra-thin, zip-top box.

    In terms of colors, the new SoundLink AE II headphones come in two typical colors, black or white.

    As for charging, the charging time is only 15 minutes, which will save you approximately two hours of battery life,

    while a full charge of an empty battery will take about two hours,

    and it also allows you up to 15 hours of playback, but that stops depending on At the volume levels you listen to.

    The headphones have a feature that you can listen to the headphones in passive wired mode,

    but the sound performance will not be the same, for example it will not get the

    digital signal processing (DSP) that is applied when the headphones are turned on.

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    SoundLink Around-Ear II Controls and connection

    As for the controls in the SoundLink AE II headphones, on the right earphone,

    you will find a volume button, and a multi-function central button that controls playback,

    navigation tracking and call management, but this is done depending on the number of times it is pressed.

    The power is also controlled by a switch on the outer face of the earpiece,

    and on each earbud there are dual microphones that give you better clarity for calls.

    soundlink around-ear ii connection

    As for pairing the SoundLink AE II, it’s a quick and simple process, as the pairing between the headphones is automatically switched on and your Bluetooth device is in range.

    But if your phone or device is equipped with NFC technology, you can use this feature to pair your device more quickly.

    soundlink around-ear ii ports

    And after about 20 minutes of inactivity (upon pairing) or 5 minutes of inactivity it goes into hibernation mode,

    so it is recommended that you press any other button from the power switch,

    which you will have to turn off, and then back on, to wake up the headphones.

    The headphones also allow you to connect to both a tablet and a smartphone –

    to listen to music from one, and receive calls from the other.

    Performance: Clear Audio and rich bass

    The new SoundLink AE II headphones deliver a low frequency response that will satisfy bass enthusiasts.

    We all know the problems with the bass in so many different speakers,

    but here it’s not so much boosted that it’ll push others away, it uses the DSP feature for low level management.

    soundlink around-ear ii Headphone

    You won’t see the bass distorted, just as at moderate levels, the DSP manages the bass levels so the lows always seem a little strong.

    We tested the bass on the SoundLink AE II headphones and played the Focus song,

    as it has a track that has a little deep bass in the mix, as we found it delivered in natural balance,

    and the baritone sounds have a gentle presence in the middle of the low.

    As for the drum sounds, it often gets loudly over the headphones,

    increasing the lows too much, but the SoundLink Around-Ear II is neither too fragile nor too big.

    As for his guitar playing, it was awesome as he is not forced to fight a battle with the drums to highlight.

    During testing, we also saw the popular series The 100, and the speakers performed superb by all accounts,

    as the kick drum ring attack had a high enough center in the middle

    to retain its sharp edge and slit through the dense layers of the mixture.

    As for sub-bass delivery, it penetrated the beat so deeply, that we found it not quite as buoyant as low-bass headphones.

    As for the sounds, we found that they float cleanly on this track over the entire mix,

    with a noticeable brightness level without sounding too whistling and annoying to your ear.

    As for the orchestral tracks, we noticed that there is an interesting richness of the tracks’ sounds when they occur,

    but for the middle and upper voices the stage is owned by SoundLink Around-Ear II when it comes to most of the orchestral music in general.


    In the end, we can say that the SoundLink Around-Ear II headphones look very good

    Especially when used in passive wired mode, when the volume is slightly lower

    and the bass response at medium volumes is a little less vibrant.

    The price of these headphones is about $ 280, quite expensive,

    but it has many advantages such as strong sound performance,

    great bass and not letting DSP get out of control, but if you need a remote control

    included with your cable, you can buy Skullcandy Hesh headphones 2 Wireless.


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