SoundLink Color II
SoundLink Color II


SoundLink Color II

Good Stuff

  • Good sound quality for size
  • Multipoint Bluetooth
  • Works with voice assistants

    Bad Stuff

  • Average battery life
  • Only splash proof
  • no mounting solution

    The new Bose SoundLink Color II speaker has many features, for example it has good sound quality, and elegant design in a compact and splashproof body.

    Fast Talk (SoundLink Color II)

    Bose is a company known for its excellent brand of noise canceling headphones,

    so if you’re looking for something from Bose to take it anywhere, the company insists on a new product, SoundLink Color II,

    which is the company’s only splash-proof speaker that can stand up to The items have an IPX4 rating,

    but despite that it is not waterproof, you can actually submerge it in water, for example.

    Having a speaker that is used outdoors is always very beneficial,

    as it is a compromise between size, resistance to various weather factors, battery life and form factor.

    And that this new release of Bose SoundLink Color II offers you very little sound to get good and distinct sound,

    this device is a great option for those looking for a wireless speaker to use on the beach or on a picnic.

    This speaker also features an extremely low price, you can get it for $ 79

    SoundLink Color II Great design with a good Connection

    The new speaker is closely related to the first generation of SoundLink Color headphones,

    but the Yamais has a soft-touch rubber instead of hard plastic, which is better.

     Carrying the headset is very easy, as you will feel comfortable in the hand

    and strong enough to withstand bumps and scratches on the road.

    SoundLink Color II Design

    The portable speaker also comes in many different colors such as blue, red,

    white and black, and this is very great for more options if you want the speaker to match your outerwear.

    This speaker has many different options and upgrades over the original by adding IPX4 water resistance,

    but this only makes it splashproof and not waterproof.

    You won’t be able to submerge it in the pool like you would with the JBL Charge 3.

    As for the controls, you will find all the speaker buttons at the top,

    which include controls for playback, volume adjustment, and power,

    and there is also Bluetooth pairing that provides Multipoint technology for two devices in conjunction with SoundLink Color II simultaneously, and Aux-In .

    The SoundLink Color II also has a microphone, which allows you to answer calls and use voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.

    Just press and hold the multi-function button on the top to activate your voice assistant to search for information or make calls.

    There is also NFC technology built into the speakerphone, providing fast and easy pairing, which works flawlessly.

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    Performance: Clear and Pure

    Bose products are wonderful and well known in terms of their natural,

    pure and clear sound, in addition to having many advantages.

    The company launched a new loudspeaker called the SoundLink Color II that delivers a good dynamic range for a subwoofer of its size, and gives you a nice stretch and bass effect.

    It has very lush mids and slightly lower heights to prevent the headphone from getting tired.

    SoundLink Color II Ports

    When comparing the SoundLink Color II loudspeaker and the highly portable JBL Clip 2 version,

    we found that the Speaker blows JBL out of the water when it comes to sound quality.

    Even so, while the Soundlink Color II loudspeaker dominates the smaller than JBL woofer, it’s ramping up to the JBL Charge 3 and Bose has struggled.

    The Bose Soundlink Color II is a great choice, as it has strong, natural sound and a lightweight and portable design.


    Choosing your wireless subwoofer always depends on the presence of several things such as portability, sound and water resistance.

    The new Bose SoundLink Color II subwoofer delivers clean, clean sound quality with loads of features in an infinitely portable body.

    Among the advantages it carries is its battery life, it gives you a battery life of about 8 hours average compared to the competitors, but it is not completely waterproof like the rest of the competition.

    The Bose SoundColor II speaker is affordable with portability and performance.

    It is packed with various features and capabilities.

    If you are looking for portability, sound quality and features such as NFC, multi-point bluetooth support and the speakers are important to you,

    this Bose SoundLink Color II speaker is suitable for you. is yours.



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