Brook Power Bay Nintendo Switch dock
Brook Power Bay Nintendo Switch dock
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The official Nintendo Switch Dock has many great features, with quality design and outstanding performance, and we will talk about Brook Power Bay Nintendo Switch.

Fast Talk

The Nintendo Switch has achieved great success especially through its distinctive style of mobility and at home, obtaining special Nintendo accessories can be difficult, either due to the inventory or the high price that Nintendo devices have.

But you can get the Brook Power Bay Nintendo Switch now from the maker of Brook games, as it looks a lot like a Nintendo GameCube mini console.

A great feature of the Brook Power Bay Nintendo Switch is that you can charge your console and output its video via HDMI to a large screen TV without fear of crashing your console.

Brook Power Bay also has two integrated GameCube controllers, ports for Super Smash Bros fans, as well as support for Bluetooth headphone audio, and power-on when you’re away from the TV as well.

The Brook Power Bay console is extremely affordable, at $ 50 (about £ 38).

And if you want something for a lower price, the Crimson version that doesn’t have Bluetooth technology is a little cheaper at $ 40.


  • Integrated GameCube Ports
  • Bluetooth audio support by two devices
  • Affordable and safe


  • No power supply included
  • The power connector feels confused
  • It would actually be better if it was bigger!

Brook Power Bay Design: Very Lightweight and easy to use

The Power Bay console is similar to the Nintendo GameCub, as it looks exactly like the older Nintendo console.

Brook Power Bay measures just 80mm – about half the length of a regular Nintendo Switch dock, is small enough to fit in a pocket, and comes with a detachable GameCube small carrying handle that can be placed on the underside of the Power Bay to adjust the angle you want.

You will get an HDMI connection and power supply attached to the back of Brook Power Bay and it will function just like a regular dock.

And you can place your console under the purple plastic cover, and the Switch screen will radiate upward on your TV, but that’s provided you use an official Nintendo power supply for the Switch.

Brook has the advantage that its dock will not cause any serious power fluctuations in some third-party Switch Docks – it constantly changes its voltage source based on what your console needs.

Brook Power Bay offers two easy-to-access USB ports with two built-in ports for controlling the GameCube. And you have to hold down the button on the left side of the dock to make sure it is recognized as a GameCube board and not a regular keyboard.

There is also support for Bluetooth audio, so with Brook Power Bay, you can connect two Bluetooth audio devices for wireless audio without requiring an additional Bluetooth adapter to lose one of the USB ports in the dock.

Overall, Brook Power Bay has a great design but we wanted to add more weight and weight to it a bit,

as with rigid cables coming out of the back we Find the Power Bay to be lightweight away from a flat surface, which could cause the transformer to become unstable.

Features: Ethernet Switch Dock

With the original Brook Switch Dock available, the company released a revised version of the Switch accessory that features an Ethernet port on the back of the design.

The Ethernet port is completely identical to its predecessor, including again with the dock slot, two USB ports, and the all-important integrated GameCube ports.

The main purpose is really to reduce ping in online matches, for example if you are a big online Switch player, having a stable connection is important,

as Brook alternative provides complete stability via its wired connection, providing your console in a position that can Ethernet cable operation with ease.

But until there isn’t a release for Brook Power Bay Ethernet Switch on a large scale, just expect to see it go for sale by April 2021.

Performance: Full of Features

Brook Power Bay console performs well, but lacks the premium feel of a Nintendo console.

It has a comfortable fit for a larger anchorage platform, but its lack of polishing makes up for it in functionality.

Brook Power Bay features

During tests, we tried all of its advertised features, and they worked incredibly well, only a few elements were a bit lackluster

like recognizing GameCube controllers and pointing the switch to the power point, but that’s it.

The more you use the Brook Power Bay console, the more you discover that it has some hidden features as well.

You can remove the HDMI cable from the back of Brook Power Bay, and then leave it on,

so you can then use the Switch with its own screen turned on while standing without losing the other useful features of Brook Power Bay.

This is actually useful for those who own a Nintendo Switch Lite, as they can use it as a powered stand.

There is also an advantage in the Brook Power Ba device, which is that if you have a portable device that has a USB-C port,

and it can support a mode called DP Alt-Mode to transfer video data over a USB-C connection, then the docking will also output video from this device as well.

All you have to do is connect your phone to the slot, and it will automatically mirror its output to a large screen.


The Brook console is a great device, with which you can connect old controllers and use them very easily, and this saves you the trouble of needing an additional accessory.

Brook Power Bay also provides an instant Bluetooth audio connection, and it works great too.

But there is no power supply in the box here, so unfortunately if you don’t have a spare key on hand,

you’ll need to purchase another, and as an unofficial accessory, it doesn’t come with a Nintendo seal of approval.

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Games Buying Link Price Store
Brook Power Bay Check Price $85.00 Amazon


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