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Cambridge Audio Melomania earbuds have a very cool sound with a sleek and modern design, but operability and connectivity are critical themes.

Fast Talk (Cambridge Audio Melomania)

Cambridge Audio has a lot to offer when it comes to the latest in wireless earbuds, and the Melomania Touch earbuds have many advantages, such as great sound quality and very good battery life.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch is very similar to the Melomania 1 in terms of features, which ranks high on our list of the best true wireless earphones.

The Cambridge Audio Melomania earbuds are available for purchase now, which were launched January 1, 2021.

It is priced at $ 149.95 / £ 129.95, which is a bit more expensive than its predecessors, which cost $ 129.99 / £ 119.95 when released in 2019.

But we don’t think Melomania Touch earbuds are expensive, as they provide you with great sound quality in the mid-range. They are cheaper than the Apple AirPods Pro, but they are not as budget friendly as the cheaper models like the JLab Go Air.


  • A graceful, enthusiastic voice
  • Stylish looking app
  • Comfortable new design


  • Persistent connection problems
  • The application crashed during testing
  • Highly sensitive controls

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Key Specifically

Bluetooth version5.0, aptX
Battery life9 hours (50 with charging case)
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions (hd)2.4cm x 2.3cm
Weight5.9g (each)

Cambridge Audio Melomania Build: Comfortable and water resistance

And when it comes to design, the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch earbuds come in a completely different design from their predecessors, which were bullet-shaped, as they were shaped like casings that filled the outer part of your ear, along with ear fins to keep them in place.

This change makes the headphones very elegant, and with the previous design, some people felt insecure.

It is also lightweight, weighing only 6 grams, and the choice of silicone ear tips and ear fins was good, as this means that you should be able to get a comfortable fit.

Melomania Touch comes with a pebble-shaped charging case, which you can charge via the USB-C port.

And Melomania Touch has an IPX4 rating for water resistance,

which means it should withstand very little sweat or rain if you use it for a workout.

Another great feature is the new transparency mode; It works by feeding on surrounding outside noise so you are aware of your surroundings, but it doesn’t look as adept at transmitting the surrounding sound as the Apple AirPods Pro.

There are also two microphones if you want to make calls, plus Qualcomm’s Clear Voice Capture technology means that your voice should sound clear and crisp.

As for the touch controls, they are good as using Cambridge Audio Melomania was easy and they recorded our touch really well, and while there was a very short gap between the touch input and the resulting action, overall it was good.

Features: Great Connectivity and very Impressive Battery Life

The Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch earbuds have a very huge battery life,

up to 50 hours, in addition to nine hours inside the headphones itself

and another 41 hours provided by the charging case, which is remarkable by all accounts.

The Melomania Touch is much longer than most wireless earbuds on the market today.

It also features Bluetooth 5 connectivity, it holds a stable connection with your devices,

while the AAC and aptX codec support means that they shouldn’t have any issues with streaming high-quality audio,

and we didn’t notice any connection issues in our initial tests, where the pairing was The initial is very quick and easy.

One of Melomania Touch’s great features is the new app, which lets you adjust EQ settings and locate lost earbuds, as well as check battery life and download firmware upgrades.

Cambridge Audio Melomania: Sound is Great

As for the audio performance, when we paired the earbuds, and with most of the controls turned off, we found Melomania Touch produces absolutely great sound. Fans of the original Melomania 1 will be very entertained, as there are similar levels of attack and agility.

And for a bass that we’ve long been a fan of the Sony WF-1000XM3, you’ll actually get more dynamic and dynamic design from Melomania Touch’s suggestion.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Earbuds
Credit: Amazon

Although it’s a marginally less refined case, it’s more enthusiastic, as it has the sound of the kind that makes our music exciting.

With Melomania Touch, you can enjoy “more theater sound, less distortion and higher dynamic range than ever before.”

The buds have 7mm drivers “optimized with graphene”, which are a preferred material for their rigidity and strength, and deliver extremely deep and moving bass.


Finally, we can say that the new Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch wireless earphones offer a performance that is potentially leading in its class on the audio level.

But we had issues with the software and the pairing, so unfortunately it was a real shame.

But overall the new design is very comfortable, as the application integration provides a lot of customizable modifications to the originals.

We had to restart the app more than once to complete the promised audio functions, but Cambridge Audio has given us a lot to celebrate in the audio section.

Earbuds Buying Link Price Store
Cambridge Audio Melomania Check Price $149.95 Amazon
Redmin Earphone Check Price $27,88 – $31,64 Cliconstore
Huawei FreeBuds Check Price $94,49 – $100,49 Cliconstore


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