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Nowadays the vast majority are about obvious wireless earbuds or wireless earphones, and there’s nothing off about that. The Campfire Audio Mammoth falls into the paying attention to music test.

At the point when I initially got them, my thinking was to test them in front of an audience IEMs. At the point when I begin using them, unmistakably these would not serve my necessities as in front of an audience IEMs. 

So I altered course and began testing Mammoth as simply paying attention to music IEMs. In case you’re interested in which IEMs I use for in front of an audience execution, I will guide you toward the FiiO Fh7’s.

The FiiO’s convey a superior equilibrium of frequencies that give you only unadulterated sound with no shading. Be that as it may, assuming you’re hoping to pay attention to currently delivered music, indeed, the Campfire Audio Mammoth unquestionably brings the BOOM.

Campfire Audio Mammoth Specs

  • 5Hz–20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 18.16 mVrms
  • 8.1 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance
  • Machined Aluminum Body
  • ‘Frozen Tundra’ Anodized Finish
  • Single Custom Balanced Armature (High)
  • Balanced Armature (Mid)
  • 10mm Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
  • Black PVD Finished Stainless Steel Spout
  • ‘Smoky Glow’ Silver Plated Copper Litz Cable – 3.5mm Stereo to MMCX connectors


The Campfire Audio Mammoth design isn’t normal for some other IEMs available. They’re exceptionally precise and blocky in their design language. While the organization has decided to avoid any and all risks. By remaining with a natural style. The form quality is exceptional. 

Campfire Audio Mammoth design
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The body of the Mammoth is aluminum, not some modest plastic like a portion of the Amazon purchases you’ll discover. The assortment of ear tips given will likewise guarantee that everybody gets a solid match.

The included conveying pocket is extremely defensive yet additionally exceptionally riotous and happy, which may not engage everybody. My young ladies have effectively guaranteed it for their motivations, LOL. 

Like most IEMs, the links are separable from the earbud lodging. Which is incredible in light of the fact that you can supergiant it efficiently should it break. That saves you from repurchasing the earbuds.

The link included with the Mammoth IEMs accompanies sparkle in obscurity associations, making them somewhat simpler to discover in obscurity. 

The actual link is all around made and seems as though it should face long stretches of utilization effortlessly. The link likewise effectively wraps behind the ear to assist with keeping the IEMs set up. 

With respect to comfort, the Mammoth is entirely agreeable to wear for extensive stretches. There is a wide assortment of ear tips, so tracking down the right fit ought to be simple.

When you have the right ear tips, they slip and seal well overall, and they wait inside your ear.

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As I referenced right off the bat in this survey. I expected to use the Mammoth IEMs as screens in front of an audience use.

The explanation is, Campfire Audio shaded the soundstage on these to be hotter than impartial. That implies the bass frequencies are somewhat climbed in the blend.

Giving the general sound a hotter and more bass result. For my purposes, I need in front of an audience IEMs to be totally unbiased.

The justification for this is on the grounds that I use a huge pedalboard. That adjusts my guitar’s sound as of now.

Campfire Audio Mammoth sound
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What I hear through my IEMs should be equivalent to sound architects. So I realize what I’m giving him, and he realizes how to place it in the blend. 

That doesn’t mean the Campfire Audio Mammoth sounds awful; they don’t. When I moved my testing over to only music tuning in. That is now blended and designed music from Apple Music; they are fabulous! 

The soundstage is definitely inclining towards the bass frequencies yet not wrongly. Pit fire Audio changed the bass to add a touch of body to the general blend. It is good with that. 

I lean toward offset mids and highs with simply a change to the bass. This is definitively what the Mammoth proposes here.

Include the way that the ear tips give a remarkable seal that gives you regular commotion wiping out. You have a couple of IEMs that are flipping fabulous! 

I used the Mammoth IEMs with my iPhone’s Lightning dongle and used them with my FiiO BTR5 DAC. Which I’ve been utilizing with all of my earphone surveys recently.

The Mammoth sounded fabulous with simply the dongle, yet the BTR5 added much greater lucidity, hoisting these considerably higher. 

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Campfire Audio Mammoth verdict

The Campfire Mammoth isn’t the best thing in the world everybody. These IEMs are made in view of audiophiles. Yet that doesn’t mean normie clients aren’t wanted.

In case you’re willing to spend this amount. I promise you that you’re getting more than you pay for, and you will be content with these earphones.

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