Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R5

This is The Canon EOS R5, the highly anticipated much discussed rumoured all the buzz, and for a very good reason.

and this camera is exceptional and there’s not a whole lot of things that I don’t like about.


  • Experimental and laboratory form factor
  • A powerful set of video features
  • Improve battery life
  • Promising IBIS system


  • Not cheap
  • Dual memory cards require investment

Canon EOS R5 Features

  • Megapixels 45.0
  • Sensor Size 36.0 x 24.0mm
  • Pixel Dimensions 8192 x 5464
  • Sensor Cleaning EOS integrated cleaning system
  • Lens Mount RF (EF or EF-S lenses when using Mount Adapter EF-EOS R)
  • Type Phase-difference detection system with image sensor (Dual Pixel CMOS AF)
  • Points 1,053 AF Areas covering approx. 100% of the frame, 5,940
  • individually selectable AF points with 90% horizontal and 100% vertical coverage
  • Working Range EV -6 to 20 (f/1.2, at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100, One-Shot AF, Center AF Point)
  • Modes One Shot

Canon EOS R5 Design

there’s the top down angle, you’ve got your flip out screen. the body’s a little bit thicker than the eos r not by a whole lot but that’s obviously accounting for the new in body image stabilization. 

The wheel is back, the joystick is back, the functionality that a lot of us are used to coming from the dslr,

side of things it makes it faster and easier to use. it just feels right. 

There’s something that would make a lot of people happy, dual card slots. 

you’ve got a spot for a cf express which is the new type of high-speed car that this thing’s taking and then you have an sd card slot. 


it takes the same lp e6 batteries that we’ve all have like 100 of, so that is a massive benefit. 

they’ve got this little sticker on them, that’s kind of how you’re able to differentiate the new ones from the old once.

and apparently it’s just the software and the camera is able to use this battery to just distribute the power in a more efficient way. 

it’s not necessarily that the battery’s bigger and giving you more battery life. 

but the camera and the software now is smarter, and it’s using these batteries better than the old ones’ same charger, and that’s good.

Canon’s menus

Canon EOS R5 Menu

Canon’s menus have always been good, but the UI within how to get to different frame rates and resolutions has been improved even more.

now they’ve just broken it down into three menu options.

basically it’s very clearly broken down which makes it a breeze to just go. 

Now to get that high frame rate you’re still going to go over to the other menu hit high,

frame rate enabled, that’s going to go into 4k 120.

photographers 45 megapixels, I’ve been shooting on 20 megapixels with the 1dx mark ii for like a good quarter plus. 

Canon EOS R5 Photography Experience

Canon EOS R5 Photography Experience

Canon EOS R5 is the first R Series camera that feels manufactured from start to finish with precision components completely customized for use,

starting with the 45MP sensor frame, and this, unlike all previous R Series cameras, was not previously used in Canon DSLR.

But the highlight of this camera is auto focus, as it uses the EOS R5 Dual Pixel Autofocus II, which is one of the latest technologies on the phase detection on chip from Canon that puts 1.053 focus points on the entire frame.

It also includes updated face and eye tracking for both people and animals, and in my experience it works exceptionally well.

Video Experience

canon eos r5 video modes

RAW 8K video consumes 2,600Mbps (325Mbps), far exceeding what the average customer needs.

But behind this popularity of the camera the game does not end in exclusivity, 8K is very simply the result of the request of both the 45-megapixel sensor and RAW video.

As the sensor was required to put the R5 in league with other high-resolution mirrorless cameras,

but such a high number of pixels posed a problem for video.

As for 4K video, having about 8 megapixels is very necessary with a 12-megapixel

feeling like a sweet, solid spot, and the company was distinguished this year as Sony, Nikon and Panasonic tackled

this problem as they made less accurate cameras the most focused models of video and vice versa

Canon EOS R5 Performance

I got this camera in the thick of the lockdown, I didn’t get a chance to use it as much as I wanted to. 

a lot of the use that i got from the r5 at the beginning for like the bulk of the time

that i had in my possession was stuff at home. 

it felt so good to shoot 120 frames per second again. used it all the time on the 1dx mark ii. 

got used to shooting 60p on the eos r but it was really good to shoot in 120, and it was insane. 

Now the version I have is a prototype version; it’s not a finished production version. That’s why it has the word sample on it. 

This is the one I’ve had for a few months, so there were some quirks and things to it that I think will be ironed out when the launch version comes. 

and there were also a couple things that I was unsure of. if you’re shooting a lot of 4k 120 sometimes.

the camera starts to overheat and gives you that overheat warning. so that the things inside don’t melt and it doesn’t get destroyed. 

This is very small, and it doesn’t have two giant fans cooling, it down the entire time so it gets hot.


On the things I love the shutter sound and click of this camera, that’s a big thing if it’s just like a nasty shutter sound and click. 

with this you’re not even sure if you shot the frame, it’s so silent.

so that is amazing you’re shooting live events weddings any type of things where people are talking and the focus is not on you, it’s on someone else. 

and you’re needing to photograph that without being a distraction. this thing is fast.

you’re going to get 12 frames per second mechanical, you’re going to get 20 frames per second when you’re in live view.



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