PowerShot Zoom
PowerShot Zoom


PowerShot Zoom

Good Stuff

  • Small and light
  • Very long zoom

    Bad Stuff

  • Image quality too
  • Difficult to hold stable

    Canon PowerShot Zoom is a neat camera, with a compact and lightweight design.

    Fast Talk (PowerShot Zoom)

    The new Canon PowerShot Zoom camera attracts attention due to its compact, single-lens design.

    But if you were hoping to get a great and perfect image, you will be disappointed

    with the PowerShot Zoom Camera, but if you are looking for an accurate and stable telephoto lens, this is for you.

    The PowerShot Zoom digital single-lens camera can capture 12.1-megapixel photos and can also capture high-resolution videos.

    The screen also has a refresh rate of 60fps and diopter adjustment,

    where you can adjust the screen, and the electronic viewfinder (EVF) is bright and crisp, but being digital it is affected by noise.

    As for the performance of autofocus, it is somewhat disappointing due to the lack of an option for manual focus,

    but despite this there is a choice between tracking face detection or single-point AF,

    as it can easily switch autofocus based on detection of contrast to the background.

    The PowerShot Zoom is around $ 192, so it’s very nice.

    Key Specifically

    Zoom100/400mm optical, 800mm digital
    Size4 x 2 x 1.3 inches
    Weight5.1 ounces with microSD cards
    Sensor12MP CMOS
    Photo size12MP
    Electronic viewfinder0.39-inch 2.3m dot, 60 fps
    Video resolution1080p/30 fps
    WirelessWi-Fi, Bluetooth
    Battery life1:20 (roughly 150 shots)
    Specifications Table

    PowerShot Zoom Design: Light weight

    One of the main features of the PowerShot Zoom is its design.

    It is almost rectangular in shape, and the edges tilt toward the electronic viewfinder.

    It is also very compact, as it measures 4 x 2 x 1.3 inches and weighs 5.1 ounces, it is quite small enough to slip into your coat pocket.

    PowerShot Zoom Design

    The advantage of the light weight of the Powershot Zoom camera is that you can keep it for a period of time and not feel fatigued,

    as it does not include a stand to install the camera, and I think because it is very light and does not need.

    The lower part of the viewfinder contains a dial, and it is used to adjust the diopter

    in addition to one button to capture still images and another to start video recording.

    On the top of the camera there is a Zoom button,

    with which you can switch between 100mm, 400mm and 800mm zoom,

    and on the front there is the power button and the menu button.

    When you use the Powershot Zoom camera, you will find that it is very difficult to handle and use it with only one hand, due to the position of the buttons,

    but it makes sense to use both hands, as this helps to use your second hand to install the camera.

    PowerShot Zoom Ports
    PowerShot Zoom Ports

    The left side of the camera has a small door that hides the microSD card slot, and there is also a USB-C charging port.

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    Image and video quality: not really good

    As for the quality of the images in the PowerShot Zoom, firstly, with this camera,

    you can take pictures with a size of 100 mm and 400 mm and a digital zoom of 800 mm.

    The camera also contains optical image stabilization.

    The camera also has a 12MP PowerShot Zoom CMOS sensor (1/3 inch type),

    which is very similar to the sensor in the PowerShot SX series of cameras.

    PowerShot Zoom image Quality
    PowerShot Zoom image Quality

    There is an aperture of f / 5.6-6.3 and ISO 100-3200.

    Unfortunately this camera does not provide you with manually setting shutter speed, ISO, or f / stop, but there is an exposure compensation in the settings menu.

    When we tested the quality of the camera in terms of images, we photographed a garden full of colorful flowers,

    and we found that the zoom range and the zoom out range are impressive,

    but what really disappointed us is that we found a general lack of clarity and definition throughout the image, as the quality of the images did not impress us at all.

    We took a picture of a distant bird and agreed to a tree, and found that the colors are clear but not pure, but at a setting of 800 mm, you can see the bird’s colors clearly, but we encountered many blurry shots, as the Powershot Zoom had a problem maintaining focus.

    Credit: CanonUSA

    Because there is no camera holder to stabilize the camera, we found it somewhat difficult to shoot video from a distance, especially when using the maximum zoom.

    During testing we repeatedly tried to track an airplane while it was swimming in the sky, but I had trouble keeping it in frame, as the Powershot Zoom autofocus didn’t track the level.

    Conclusion (PowerShot Zoom)

    The new Canon PowerShot Zoom is a good camera for those who want a device that allows them to really get close

    but without concern for the final quality of the images, as the quality of the images is not very good.

    We tested the photos and videos I took with the PowerShot Zoom and found the quality was adequate,

    but it wasn’t great. It was difficult to maintain stability, especially when photographing distant objects.

    If you want a camera with a low price and a light design for family use, then this camera is perfect for you.


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