Cisco 730 Headphones
Cisco 730 Headphones

Cisco 730 Headphones is a multi-purpose solution for business users and audiophiles alike, as it is packed with features, providing exceptional sound quality and active noise cancellation.

Just a Glance

The world is now full of Bluetooth headsets, and there are many headphones that provide balance or lack a balance between sound quality, battery life, and functionality.

Now the use of headphones has become much more comprehensive and widespread, as they are not only used now for listening to songs, but also have become microphones for our phones and noise canceling devices for boarding a plane.

The new Cisco 730 headset has been released and has many new features,

it has a wonderful sound and pure noise cancellation feature

and also contains a battery that provides you with a long life without the need to charge it during use.


  • Great audio experience
  • Powerful noise cancellation
  • Decent battery life


  • pricey
  • One-year warranty


Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Returns PolicyDue to manufacturer restrictions, all sales on this item are final.
Impedance32 Ohm
Wireless Operating Distance213.3 ft
Noise CancelingYes
Sound Pressure Level118 dB(A)
Specifications Table


This headset is designed for mobile or work in an office, its primary connection is the Bluetooth which is Bluetooth 5.0 and the talk time is 18 plus hours. 

it has a wireless range of up to 200 and 13 feet, but it can go a little bit beyond that as well. 

I did some testing with this at home and I was able to get up to about 240 feet and that point is where the audio started cutting out. 

The available colours are carbon black and platinum something that note is that the microphone is built into the ear set itself. 

it’s not it doesn’t have an extension it doesn’t have an arm that comes down to be in front of your Face. 

There are smart sensors built into the headset that will automatically mute calls or pause music when you are removing the headset. 

and there’s also a mute notification that will help prevent people from talking on mute. looking at the buttons on the headset itself if we go. 

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This is Cisco 730 headset which is a wireless headset that also has the option of doing a USB connection or a 3.5 millimeter jack connection as well. 

in the box, we can see that it comes with this little outer piece of paper and we also have the hardcase here as well. 

and the headset itself, it’s built pretty well, it’s a nice and started looking build and it feels the same as well. 

It comes with a USB dongle that is already paired to the headset itself in case you have a device that has a USB port. 

but does not have Bluetooth capabilities. you can see that there’s a left and right indication, so that people can know which ear to put on.

Cisco 730 Design

and we can also see that there are some controls on the right hand side for doing volume skipping forward skipping back and then even a button in the middle. 

and we can also do some audio controls for noise cancellation

or turning off noise cancellation or ambient mode or turning off ambient mode. 

taking a look at the left hand side, we can see the power and the Bluetooth buttons,

and then also we can see where to connect the USB C cable, and the 3.5; millimeter jack. 

There is also the side that has the ability to mute the headset as well.

powering on we get a notification of how many hours of talktime is left

and holding that piece up we will then set it into a pairing mode.

and the headset will let us know that it’s in pairing mode as well.


The primary communication technology for the Cisco 730 headphones is Bluetooth, 5.0,

with a USB port, and this wireless connectivity provides a wide range to handle all situations, for example three-way conversations.

Cisco 730 Ports
Cisco 730 Ports

This version also features a cited distance of 213 feet (65 meters) that can be achieved before poor sound quality, using either narrow range (8 Hz) or broadband (16 Hz) for maximum quality.

Cisco 730 headphones also contain SBC, AAC and Qualcomm aptXTM supported codecs.

The mobile application on both iOS (Apple) and Android allows you to apply more precise volume controls with ease.


The Cisco 730 headphones have 40mm drivers, and it also has limits to the range of any sound stage a 730 can generate, but it is able to mask these very effectively.

As for the sound quality, it is very great for any user who wants to use it normally.

As for the musicians, they can easily catch the gaps, but in general it is good.

It has a particularly powerful sound at mid-tones and bass frequencies,

but it doesn’t generate a level three times higher than the most expensive wired headphones can.

Cisco 730 Audio Quality

It also offers an accurate and distinctive audio profile that makes understanding

the low bandwidth call easier, for those who use it in Zoom.

It has the feature of noise suppression, but despite that it does not eliminate noise suppression on all extraneous sounds,

but it cuts high and low frequencies in a way that does not affect the user.

Battery Life

As for the battery life of the Cisco 730 headphones, they are remarkably good,

so you won’t feel any hassle about battery life during use.

The battery life lasts for about 22 hours, and upon testing we were able to use the headphones for at least twenty hours,

so there was no need to charge the headphones in that period and this is very good,

they are considered better than the Sennheiser Momentum 3 headphones, and as good as the Sony WH-1000XM3.


to the left side of the Cisco 730 which is for call control, we can see that that’s where the power button is where the Bluetooth button is. 

and then also where the mute and presence LED control,

and you can if you’re not on a call press the mute button

which will indicate that you’re busy, it will turn on the red presence LED light. 

and then also the button in the middle is for managing phone calls.

looking over at the right hand side we can see that there’s the switch for either turning ambient audio on or off, and turning noise cancellation on or off. 

when in the middle both ambient and noise cancellation are off.

and we also have in the center the ability to play or pause songs, and then also to turn the volume up or down or to skip forward or back on a music track. 

on the right hand side the button on the middle if you press it two times, you can interact with Apple Siri or Google assistant. 

as long as the mobile device or the laptop is connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network. 

and you can customize or disable voice assistance support through the Cisco headsets app. 

When you have an incoming call you can press the button on the left ear cup one time to answer the call.

Our Verdict

The Cisco 730 headphones are wonderful by all standards, as everything related to it is technically correct,

the sound quality, noise cancellation and connectivity options in the headphones are distinguished by a long battery life.

The only drop in Cisco 730 headphones is the cost,

but in return it gives you many of the features that you may need, and the Cisco 730 warranty lasts for only one year.



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