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The Coros Apex Smartwatch comes with a simple and smart design, is a multi-sport watch with a wide range of features to assist runners, cyclists and swimmers, and it comes with a great companion app.

Fast Talk

The Coros Apex is a serious sports watch built for data and stats hobbyists. It increases your rhythm, and looks very suitable to check your training load for the week.

But the Coros Apex is not intended to compete with the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch; it is a specially designed watch for running, cycling and swimming, but it does not have any kind of payment system, Spotify connection, or third-party apps.

The Coros Apex Watch comes on Amazon for $ 299.99, and there are two sizes available at slightly different prices.

The 42mm model retails for $ 299.99, around £ 240, AU $ 470.

The 46mm version costs $ 349.99, around £ 280, AU $ 550.


  • Long battery life
  • Good visibility to the external screen
  • Informational widgets
  • It tracks sleep
  • An excellent companion app helps you interpret data and provides training advice


  • There is no touch screen
  • Screen brightness cannot be changed
  • The screen looks dull inside
  • Huge for smaller wrist

Simple Design with Easy interface

The Coros Apex watch comes with a very simple design, cute and smart enough for everyday wear, and only has a round screen and simple controls.

The screen is good, but it will not dazzle you with its brightness, so we hope it was more bright, but in our tests it was easy to read at a glance at a glance in most lighting conditions.

The Coros Apex is available in two sizes – 46mm and 42mm, with a weight of 55.3g and 50.8g respectively.

The model we’re testing right now is a 46mm model with a white strap, but other bands are available to buy separately and we estimate the extra screen space.

Coros Apex Smartwatch design

You can tie the supplied strap tightly to the second narrowest, Coros Apex has a lot of data on display, screen space is really welcome Unless you have an especially small wrist, the bigger option will serve you well.

Unfortunately, the Coros Apex screen is not touch-sensitive. Instead, you can interact with it via a button and a dial that Coros calls the “digital grip,” and this feels more powerful than the digital crown on the Apple Watch, making it easier to control on the go.

You can also rotate the dial to navigate the menu options, as it gives the watch a satisfying sound as you do and press it to confirm your choice.

And this digital handle takes you back to the previous screen, and allows you to pause during training, in addition to that it allows you to move to the next session in interval training mode.

We liked very much the way the Coros Apex automatically locks itself after two minutes in standby mode, so there’s no risk of accidentally turning off the GPS tracking.

Coros Apex Features and Specs

The Coros Apex watch has great features, for example it comes with a color LCD screen with durable sapphire glass, and the bracelet comes made of silicone, with a quick-release mechanism for easy change.

Coros Apex provides you with GPS, GLONASS and BDS navigation to ensure the best possible coverage around the world, and has a compass, gyroscope, altimeter and accelerometer to track activity accurately.

Coros Apex Smartwatch Features

It also has an optical heart rate monitor on the back of the watch to measure your pulse throughout the day, but there is no EKG here.

The Coros Apex is water resistant to 100 meters, meaning it is suitable for both outdoor and pool swimming.

It also comes with a small package of rubber plugs to insert over the charging socket.

As for the battery life at this hour, it has a battery life of between 25 hours in full GPS mode, and 24 days for normal normal use, and this is very wonderful, as during the tests we use it for several weeks, including regular operations, and we needed to charge it once Just.

Useful App: Great for tracking fitness exercises

Pairing the watch with your phone is very simple, as it only takes a few moments, and you can also connect multiple Coros devices to one phone.

Through the application, you can set your daily goals to burn a certain number of calories, or exercise for a certain period of time, in addition to taking the fewest steps.

Also, through the app, each day’s activity is present in the form of a series of simple graphs, which you can expand with a click to provide a closer look at your stats.

What’s more, the Coros app really comes on its own when tracking your workouts, but you can’t just see detailed maps of recent runs, along with your pace and heart rate,

Finally, he follows your rhythm and estimates your stride length; This is really great if you’re trying to increase your training rhythm, and avoid over-stepping.

Coros Apex has an Intelligent Stride algorithm that is a snapshot of your running style so you can accurately measure your running in places with limited GPS connectivity.

The app also has an analysis style of how long you’ve spent in each heart rate zone – a feature that’s steadily making its way into other fitness trackers.

The Coros app also connects with Strava, along with TrainingPeaks, to help you create and stick to training plans.

And the app overall is bright, loud and lively enough to bring a huge volume of data to life.


The Coros Apex Watch is especially great for runners, thanks to features like a cadence sensor and a stride length calculator.

It is also an excellent watch for all types of sports, as its range of positioning technologies ensures that you get accurate readings, whether cycling, hiking or snowboarding.

It also comes with navigation features, which are a great option for exploring new routes, and it’s powerful enough to withstand sweat, spills, and drowning in a lake.

But if you need a watch that is primarily an extension of your smartphone, this probably isn’t the device for you.

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Smartwatch Buying Link Price Store
Coros Apex Check Price $299.99 Amazon


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