Corsair HS60 Haptic
Corsair HS60 Haptic


HS60 Haptic

Good Stuff

  • very immersive sound
  • Strongly built
  • comfortable and lightweight
  • High quality stereo sound

    Bad Stuff

  • cable can get tangled easily
  • Microphone audio clips often
  • Polarized camouflage design
  • The new Corsair HS60 Haptic headphones have a great design with amazing build quality, and contain many great features such as distinctive haptic feedback.

    Fast Talk (Corsair HS60 Haptic)

    Corsair HS60 Haptic headphones are a great gift for people who spend a lot of time playing,

    it is considered the best gaming headset we have seen in a long time,

    by being not only a wireless headphone, but it is full of features and capabilities that make you overlook the wired headphones.

    The Corsair HS60 Haptic headset has a built-in rumble feature that’s meant to really bring you into the game,

    letting you feel the explosions and sound that you’re experiencing.

    Music has the tactile reactions to listening to music that push it to the limit as an experience.

    As for sound, the Corsair HS60 Haptic has sharp and clear sound in both directions,

    and the haptic feedback adds an amazing level of immersion.

    You can get payment now for $ 129.99 / £ 119.99 / AU $ 199.99.

    Keys Specifically

    Driver Type50mm neodymium
    Impedance32 Ohms
    Frequency ResponseSpeakers 20-20Hz
    Microphone TypeUnidirectional, noise canceling, Detachable
    ConnectivityUSB Type-A
    Weight(with mic) 0.9 pounds (420g)
    Cord Length5.9 feet (1.8m)
    SoftwareCorsair iCue
    Specifications Table

    Features: wired

    The Corsair HS60 haptic is a PC only USB headset, it does have two meter long cable which is pretty much the standard length although with any wired headset. 

    Corsair HS60 Haptic gaming headset
    Corsair HS60 Haptic gaming headset

    The main draw of this headset is the haptic feedback and I use this reaction technology

    which allows it translates any low frequencies or booms or things like that in game into a rumble that you can feel on your head. 

    and i think they definitely nailed this. The Corsair HS60 haptic puts out by far the most rumble of any haptic headset that I’ve used.

    and I think what Corsair does so well is the subtle rumble of lower volume events and the increasing intensity when stuff really gets going. 

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    Design (Comfort, sleek, high quality)

    starting with overall construction, the Corsair HS60 haptic feels very high quality in the hands. 

    It’s made up of quality components sporting a metal headband, aluminium yokes and metal grills. 

    The plastic on the ear cups feels solid enough and the concealed audio wiring gives it a nice finished look. 

    I was able to bend and stretch the headset without any issues.

    the only thing i would have liked to have seen at this price point are rotating ear cups for a little bit more comfort. 

    visually they have a winter camo finish that personally isn’t my favourite as I’m just not really a fan of camo in general. 

    but i think the execution of that aesthetic is done quite well.

    I also kind of like the subtle look of the Corsair logo on the headband

    and the 60 haptic branding, all nice and clean looking as far as branding goes. 

    Despite the sturdiness of the construction, Corsair was still able to keep the weight down to a respectable 420 grams or just under a pound

    The padding is made of memory foam and wrapped in a leatherette.

    I think the headband feels plenty padded and I really like the look of the white stitching as well. 

    The ear cups left me wanting more though, they’re a bit shallow which left the tips of my ears touching the inside of the headset which felt uncomfortable almost immediately. 

    and I also felt the lack of depth on the padding really didn’t seal the headset to my head well. 

    what’s interesting here is that the padding doesn’t go the full length of the leatherette, it’s actually about half or so. 

    so while it looks good on the outside, there’s actually only about a centimeter deep of padding which just isn’t enough for my big ears.

    maybe for people with smaller ears but for me the comfort department on this was seriously lacking.

    Corsair HS60 Haptic Software, Good Bass

    the Corsair HS60 haptic there’s a couple of EQ options though that you can unlock by having it installed. 

    there’s one or two microphones options but i do wish there were some more settings

    and ways to tweak the way the haptics respond because all you really get is that dedicated knob to increase or lower the intensity. 

    corsair hs60 haptic options

    and it would be cool to set thresholds for when its activities and when it doesn’t and stuff like that.

    But unfortunately we don’t have any options to tweak that.

    The Corsair HS60 haptic uses custom tuned 50 millimeter drivers.

    The audio quality on this headset is pretty good overall.

    but it’s definitely bass heavy, and that should come as no surprise seeing as that’s a big part of how they trigger the haptics. 

    in iq there are eq modes pre-co figured, and I found the default mode to be pretty muddy and undefined. 

    while the bass boost mode literally gave me shaken with the haptics. 

    The best overall audio performance for me in terms of just overall range and clarity was the FPS competitive

    or the clear chat audio presets which enhanced the mids and kind of turned down the bass a little bit,

    which even when having it toned down was still way boosted anyways. 

    This headset definitely lends itself much more towards providing just a cool gaming experience than more of an audiophile like clarity. 

    It’s also Windows sonic capable for 360 degree spatial audio,

    but I found that it wasn’t quite the same experience as something like THX spatial audio.

    Corsair HS60 Haptic Sound, Gaming performance

    i tested this headset with my favourite game for audio testing, Doom, and i can certainly say that i felt every explosion. 

    but I 100 percent believe that this is not going to be an experience for everyone. 

    and while the haptics are certainly cool, I also four it to be pretty disorienting. 

    I do like that there’s a dedicated knob on the headset to turn up or down the intensity of the haptics. 

    and when I tested this playing Doom at a hundred percent intensity,

    i literally had my nose vibrating, i felt like my brains were being scrambled

    and really wasn’t a very enjoyable experience for me. 

    but my friend loved the experience and said that it wasn’t too much in terms of vibration, so i think your mileage is definitely going to vary on this one. 

    you can also listen to music or watch movies with these, but I found that the haptics definitely feel more natural while gaming. 

    and I didn’t particularly enjoy it that much for music. You don’t actually have to have iq installed to use.


    The Corsair HS60 Haptic headphones are great in terms of sound quality,

    as you connect to a large extent the subwoofer comfortably in your head,

    you will get stable and distinctive performance without failure even with no Bluetooth connection or wireless radio.

    The headphones have the great Corsair iCue software, with which you can mess around with the speaker EQ levels as you like.

    Considering the capabilities of the headphones, they come at a high price,

    at $ 129.99 / £ 119.99 / AU $ 199.99, this is not a cheap gaming headset.


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