Corsair HS70BT
Corsair HS70BT



Good Stuff

  • Robust design
  • Three connections
  • Great microphone

    Bad Stuff

  • Covert interference
  • specialty

    The Corsair HS70 is a stylish and extremely durable headphone. It features two audio connections simultaneously, as well as a very impressive microphone.

    Fast Talk (Corsair HS70BT)

    The Corsair HS70 is a wired headphone that features Bluetooth connectivity that you can turn on simultaneously with the wired connection of the dual audio sources.

    Featuring a unique two-tone design, it also featured a pinch that made it an affordable feature while maintaining a high level of build quality.

    At $ 99 (£ 99, AU $ 179), the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth is the same as the Corsair charging price for the Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset and its successor, the Corsair HS70 Pro.

    The Corsair HS70 has a design that has a solid metal yolk to keep the earbuds dull and edgy.

    Corsair HS70BT: Comfortable Design With A lot of Ports

    In terms of design, the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Headset has a sleek design as it comes from a higher class of peripherals, as it has a very solid metal yolk that keeps the earbuds soft and edgy.

    On the outside of the earbuds there is a net but it doesn’t work, but it is nonetheless a step up from the flat plastic cap.

    Corsair HS70BT Design

    The headband and ear cups feature matching faux-leather covers in the same shade of black as the rest of the headphones.

    There are two hectares in yellow, one around the microphone port and the other hidden in the size adjustment sliders.

    As for the connection in these headphones, you have either 3.5 mm or USB, as the headset comes with braided cables for both, and we were happy to have the included USB-C port in the headphone.

    Corsair HS70BT Ports
    Corsair HS70BT Design

    Most of the ports are located on the left ear piece, in addition to the controls as well, where there is a volume wheel, a microphone mute switch, a USB port, a 3.5 mm jack, and a microphone jack.

    There is either a Bluetooth power button on the right earphone.

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    Corsair HS70BT Performance: Good Microphone and Great Sound

    One of the wonderful features of the Corsair HS70 headphones, as it captures our voice with exceptional clarity, is better than the Sennheiser GSP370.

    Corsair’s iCue software, Sidetone is also available with microphone volume control.

    As for the sound, it was quite good. Using a USB-A-to-C cable, this headphone provides you with high-definition audio support at a resolution of 96kHz / 24bit.

    Where when playing the beats or playing games, the sound was very impressive, but we will not rely on it for a professional sound either.

    There were some minor problems, for example the sound was subject to some noticeable interference even during the connection via USB, so we were able to hear the faint radio signals coming through it, in addition to it being hidden and easy to drown.

    And in games, the sound separation was high enough to spot enemy directions in Call of Duty quite easily.

    Although the thick cushions make the headphones very comfortable, they can get a little hot, as the leather-like material is not very breathable.

    In the end, we can say that these headphones are fairly good, but for many, being wired may be a problem.


    The Corsair HS70 headphones are exquisitely detailed, as you can use the same headset on a variety of different platforms.

    It is also very cool in games, as you can connect this headset to an Xbox or PlayStation controller, plus it will give you a Bluetooth connection to easily enjoy music from your phone.

    The Corsair HS70 also has a great microphone that is pretty impressive for broadcast quality.

    But if you hate wires, you will not like wireless headphones, as they can get in the way of gaming.

    The headphones have great sound and a good tone, but you’ll notice some subtle interference that comes through and gets in the way of critical listening.


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