Corsair K100 RGB
Corsair K100 RGB
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Corsair K100 RGB Check Price $199.99 Amazon
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The Corsair K100 RGB keyboard provides you with a very impressive experience thanks to its stable keys, and this along with great features, is it worth the price?

Fast Talk

The Corsair K100 RGB is one of the very impressive keyboards on the market, it has a set of features almost reach the maximum with media controls and macro buttons,

and it comes at $ 229, 229 GBP, 379 AUD, which is definitely quite expensive, Many of our favorite keyboards cost significantly less than this one while offering somewhat similar capabilities.

But overall, Corsair has introduced a new level of keyboard performance and cool features to justify the price.


  • Maximum features are reached
  • Stable keycaps
  • Fixed


  • very expensive
  • ICue problems
  • Limited benefit to some

Corsair K100 RGB: Design and Features

The Corsair K100 RGB keyboard has Corsair OPX Opto-Mechanical switches or comes with Cherry MX Speed ​​switches.

In general, both options are design for quick operation, and we now have OPX switches with a 1mm operating point, 45g operating force, and 3.2mm travel, and these distances are slightly shorter than the common Cherry MX Red switches.

These switches are fast with a new 4000Hz polling rate design to ensure that your computer records keystrokes at an amazing speed.

Corsair K100 RGB Design
(Image Credit: Corsair)

The short distance range of 1mm is also pair well with the 45g actuation force. This is because it reacts quickly but even so it is not easy to press down so we can do keystrokes at any time.

The Corsair K100 RGB keyboard works very well in games, for example the 1000Hz polling rate is really imperceptibly fast, but jumping to 4000Hz doesn’t make much difference.

Corsair K100 RGB Gaming keyboard
(Image Credit: Corsair)

When we tested it we try Ghostrunner, which is one of the most popular games we have played recently, and it is very fast and responsive,

but with high frame rates and low response times, we will be hard-pressed to notice the difference of 4000 Hz.

But one of the really cool things about the Corsair K100 RGB is its playback consistency, as you can press the F key far to pick up loot on the ground in Pubg, and you won’t often have a problem with the occasional push-up.

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Corsair K100 RGB: Great performance with many features

And for the Corsair K100 RGB keycaps, RGB lighting that fully illuminates key legends was indeed a nice touch, but a pirate has fixed the keys in a way that we don’t often see on mechanical keyboards.

Corsair K100 RGB Lighting
(Image Credit: Corsair)

We found a bit of wobble on the X / Y axis, but no tilt, and it’s amazing the difference that makes when it comes to typing on it, and you can avoid pressing the adjacent keys when the key we’re pressing isn’t tilted a little.

And with the OPX model the shanks will appear like most other mechanical switches, but the only discrepancy we notice is that the larger Shift, Enter, backspace and other keys are crushing a little more at the bottom.

The Corsair K100 RGB keyboard is design to be of high quality, for example there is an aluminum top panel for durability, and there is also a cable on the bottom to make it easy to use a USB bridge.

Height adjustment legs provide two different levels of height and work together with a sturdy handle, plus the palm rest has been upgraded from K95 RGB Platinum, now with a more luxurious cushion.

RGB Light Edge is also include, as the K95 Platinum has this light bar along the top edge of the keyboard, as well as 44 zones of controllable light.

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Corsair K100 RGB Software

Unfortunately, the Corsair K100 keyboard has one of the worst peripherals out there: Corsair iCue, which is difficult to use, but iCUE still has one of the steepest learning curves for PC peripherals.

We found it tricky to use when it came to how to assign lighting effects, functions, macros, etc. to individual keys.

And with the Corsair K100 RGB that has so many switches and lighting regions, it’s very easy to undo a lot of customization.

ICue is an impressive 1.5GB program, burying some extra K100 RGB features, and Elgato Stream Deck integration also adds some special functions available to the six dedicated macro keys.

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The Corsair K100 keyboard is awesome, it has a mix of gaming performance and quick shortcuts for streaming devices, and it’s also pretty cool for your broadcasts.

It also provides you with a polling rate of 4000Hz, which gives you at high operating point and consistent keystrokes, reliable performance for choppy gaming.

The Corsair K100 RGB also has everything you could think of besides the analog switches.

But if you think about size, the Corsair K100 RGB is quite large thanks to the macro keys, number pad, palm rest and additional controls, so make sure you have room for this.

Keyboard Buying Link Price Store
Corsair K100 RGB Check Price $199.99 Amazon
Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Check Price $69.99 Amazon
Corsair K55 RGB Check Price $47.99 Amazon
Razer Ornata Chroma Check Price $69.99 Amazon
Logitech G PRO Mechanical Check Price $116.99 Amazon


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