Corsair Virtuoso SE
Corsair Virtuoso SE

Corsair Virtuoso SE newest family of high-end wireless Gaming headsets is called virtuoso, which is unfortunate because that’s a bad name for a gaming peripheral. 

but hiding behind that strange choice of a name is a pretty unique headset that i think is gonna find its way into the hands of a lot of gamers.


  • It looks adult
  • Powerful high fidelity sound
  • Immaculate presentation
  • Great battery life


  • The wireless range depends on the construction of the home
  • Fossil headband a little while
  • Slightly heavy frequency

Corsair Virtuoso SE Features

  • Driver Type 50mm Neodymium
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-40KHz
  • Impedance 32 Ohms
  • Battery Life 20 hours
  • Design Style Closed-back
  • Range 60 feet
  • Microphone Type Omnidirectional
  • Lighting 16.8 Million RGB, 1 zone
  • Weight 0.8 pounds (360g)

Corsair Virtuoso SE Design

Corsair Virtuoso SE Design

Corsair Virtuoso SE offers up a few extras like a premium aluminium finish, and an inclined storage pouch is pretty cool. 

The virtuoso completely ditches the traditional gamer styling for this nice sleek and impressive looking aesthetics. 

The outer ear cups are made from a brushed aluminium and have a nice gunmetal gray finish. 

The center of the ear cups have RGB backlit Corsair logos, and the RGB implementation is different from other products, and even the non SE version of this headset. 

it’s actually a bunch of little tiny holes or perforations that the backlighting shines through. 

and it results in this effect of kind of pixels on a screen if you will. 

it’s different and unique, but if you don’t like it you can pretty easily just disable it in the Corsair software. 

The Ear Cups

The inner ear cups in the headband are just loaded with nice soft padding, but Corsair chose to use a leatherette material for the contact surfaces.

that unfortunately gets a little sweaty, and can be a little uncomfortable at times especially if you wear it for a long gaming session. 

that’s unfortunate i really would have liked to have seen some cloth material, at least on the ear cups the headband less of an issue in my opinion but sweaty years not really my favourite thing. 

so a nice cloth material would have been better in my opinion but overall it’s actually still pretty comfortable because the clamping force is not too strong. 

and they’re actually pretty lightweight at just about 0.8 pounds. There’s also plenty of adjustability including rotatable ear cups, and ten steps of adjustment in the headband which includes markings to help you quickly set both sides of the headset the same length. 

Overall this is one really nice looking and premium feeling headset, that i don’t think is going to have people staring awkwardly at you of you were to use it out in public or in an office environment or anything.

Corsair Virtuoso SE Controls

Corsair Virtuoso SE Ports

all of the controls are located on the bottom of ear cups. 

on the right side there’s a volume adjustment scroll wheel and a power switch that can switch between wired and wireless modes. 

on the left we have the microphone port 3.5 millimeter jack, and a USB C charging port.

The Audio Performance

The Corsair Virtuoso SE uses large diameter 50 millimeter high density drivers with a gigantic frequency range of twenty to forty thousand Hertz, which is absolutely insane. 

you have the option to toggle between standard stereo and 7.1 channel surround sound through the software. 

as always i choose to leave mine on the stereo mode because I don’t like the sound of that synthetic surround sound effect. 

right out of the box the sound is generally pretty good and clear but it definitely lacks base-jumping in the software. 

Corsair Virtuoso SE Software

Corsair Virtuoso SE Mic

There are some presets that you can choose from to fine tune the sound, but i chose to just mess around with the EQ and I came up with a custom setting that i think sounds the best to me. 

using this custom EQ i found that everything just sounds amazing while gaming. 

I could hear footsteps and other subtle sounds even during serious battles involving a lot of movement and gunfire.

for a gaming headset the Corsair Virtuoso SE can definitely deliver some high quality sound and not just in games but also for listening to music, watching videos and pretty much whatever else. 

you’re gonna want to throw at it just be prepared to mess around with the EQ little bit to fine tune that sound. 

The Battery Life

In terms of battery life Corsair says that this thing should last up to 29 hours per charge and i actually think that’s accurate based on my experience with it. 

The Performance

if you care about microphone quality then be prepared to buy this headset because this is one of the best sounding microphones that I’ve heard from a gaming trade headset in while if not ever. 

This would make a great option for doing voice overs, creating gaming videos, streaming or anything like that. 

and if you find that you need to mute the microphone, there’s a little integrated switch that when pressed changes the light around the mic from green when open to red when muted. 

This headset uses Corsair’s slipstream wireless technology that is to offer up to 60 feet of working range from the receiver. 

To test this I just wore the headset and listened to some music and walked around my house until the signal dropped off. 


I found that it dropped off a little sooner than i was expecting a little sooner than when i tested the steelseries artist sevens which are a cheaper headset.

The range is still pretty damn good because it doesn’t actually drop off until i get to the lower level of my house and get pretty far away from the receiver. so i don’t imagine this is going to be an issue for most people.

so if you connect the Corsair Virtuoso SE directly to your computer using the USB C cable, there will be an increase in sound quality.

and that’s because of the extra bandwidth available through the hardwired connection versus. the wireless having said that it’s not a major difference but it’s in fact noticeable.



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