Creative Sxfi Theater

Creative SXFI Theater has made a lot of promises to improve the sound of your favorite games, movies and music, but all without Bluetooth, you unfortunately won’t wear it with your portable devices.

It also came with a different and very practical design with high comfort when using for long periods.


Works with PC / Mac, PS4, and Switch
Great sound quality with Super X-FI
Easy setup and strong battery life


No Bluetooth or TV input
Super X-Fi does not work with Xbox
The microphone is not amazing

Creative Sxfi Theater Specs

Super X-FI Holographic audio
Low-latency USB connection
Compatible with Windows PC, mac OS, PS4, Switch
50mm drivers
Output 3.5mm jack
Cable length 1.3m
Weight 339g
Specification Table

Creative Sxfi Theater Design

There is the power button on the front, which you have to hold for about two seconds until you hear it beep. We got it wrong for so long and nothing happened. You really have to wait for it to beep first before letting it go.

Under the left earmuff, you’ll find the 3.5mm jack with a rubberized jack to enable wired connections with other devices if desired. You can also exchange it for a gaming microphone. Note that if you choose the wired connection, you will not be able to use the Super X-Fi effect.

The SXFI theater speaker has great sound quality and better transmission thanks to the Wireless TX transmitter. As it is a USB dongle with built-in UltraDSP that connects via a USB connector to anything playing audio.

 The reason there is no lag in the SXFI theater is because the headphones and transmitter were already paired out of the box with a low-level or 2.4GHz signal, which is impressive.

The headband and earphone cups are well padded, ensuring comfort for you to use during gaming for long periods of time

Set Up

Like most other wireless headphones, there weren’t a whole lot of steps to get up and running.

We first tested it with the PlayStation 4 by connecting it via the USB connector and opening the receiver stick.

 And when I turned on the headphones, the pairing was done right away.

Super X-Fi can apply an existing profile on the SXFI Theater. If you don’t have one, you can easily create it using the SXFI app on Android or iOS so that you can take pictures of your ears and face.

But one important thing you should notice is that some headphones have been optimized for stereo sound effects including most of the flagship models from Sennheiser and Sony.

The headphone also offers application support on both mobile and desktop devices, as it provides an application called SXFI Air Control for Android and iOS.

Also, an app called SXFI Control for Windows and macOS computers provides some customization options.


Creative Sxfi Theater Ports and Connections

There is a 3.5mm cable included in the box so you can connect the headphones to any device. Doing so cancels Super X-Fi effect. Unfortunately, there is also no Bluetooth here.

All controls are located in the left ear piece of the headset, the power button is located in the front direction of the headphone, along with the connector with a rubber plug.

There is also a built-in microphone, there is also a USB-C charging port, a 3.5 mm jack, a volume dial, a mute button, and a Super X-Fi button that turns the feature on when you want it on and off as well.


This headphone satisfies you to have the sound technology tidy and allow SXFI theaters to run for a few days.

But the first thing we notice when using the headphones is that these are very comfortable headphones – important to the gaming environment if you like gaming and spend a lot of time.

When we tested the quality of the headphones, we saw that there is a nice balance to the sound with no part of the audio spectrum standing out inappropriately.

The dialogue is clear, the details are good and stable, and the dynamics are fun whether we’re playing or listening to music via Spotify.

But don’t expect more because these headphones are first and foremost a gaming headset, so they need a wide range of talent. The bass in Creative might be fatter than the AKGs, but this also makes it warmer, clearer, and gives you a pleasant, relaxed listening.

Also offering you a great experience when watching movies on Netflix and the like, SXFI Theaters are a decent offering.


SXFI Theater delivers powerful, clear sound that is far from distraction or noise. Technically speaking, headphones don’t support Dolby Atmos, DTS, or any third-party surround sound standard.

And when we tested the speakers in movies and TV shows they were amazingly good, giving us a wide sound range to listen to.

It also provided more depth to the acoustic engineering that went into the content. When we see a wonder woman, for example, we can feel the effect going to work with all the different sound effects coming from different directions.

When we tested the headphones for listening to music through headphones, we got the same experience we got with other Creative Super X-Fi headphones.

We also discovered optimization of operation and spatial impact. It’s much cleaner and more spread out, while maintaining that studio track feel as if it were in a concert hall.

The Creative Headphones profile is already in the SXFI app, adding further enhancement.



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