DDR5 memory modules are officially announced

DDR5 – After organizing for more than three years, the dream of doubling the speed of computer memory in the world with DDR5 specifications,

and finally the dream became a tangible reality, as SK Hynix officially announced the first DDR5 memory modules in the world.

The manufacturer SK Hynix stated that DRAM memory will provide up to 5600 Mbps of raw bandwidth,

which is not the maximum 6400 Mbps that the DDR5 specification allows,

but it will become 1.8 times faster than the standard DDR4, which is wonderful by all accounts .

It will also become at a lower voltage of 1.1 volts instead of 1.2 volts,

as SK Hynix explained that this way will provide you with a remarkable energy saving of about 20 percent.

But in order to keep the news completely clear, today’s announcement does not mean much to the average computer builder or buyer,

in part because the RAM speed increases have not provided a big boost to apps

or regular games for a long time, and because it may also take several months before that Able to purchase them,

and it takes a lot of time to get them into the system.

After announcing the news, Intel announced that it would support DDR5 in future processors,

but until now AMD has not officially adopted DDR5 and may not adopt it until 2022.

According to AnandTech, the modules are likely to be 128 GB, and the server-level modules could be as large as 2 TB.

And today’s announcement has demonstrated that the company can really easily build

such a unit and engage other manufacturers in building an ecosystem around technology to support the device.

SK Hynix says companies like Synopsis, Renesys, Montage and Rambus are all signatories.

When DDR4 was first released and introduced, it took some time after the specifications it contained were first announced.

In addition, JEDEC only enables you to finalize the specifications in July,

and that seemed to be two years behind schedule.

And if you need speed sooner, you can actually buy a pair of 5,100MHz sticks

for roughly $ 900, and a neighborhood try overclocking to 5600MHz.


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